“For as were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.” (Matthew 24:37)


Noah set the example. He was a preacher of righteousness in a world gone mad. Yet Noah continued to build his ark for he and his family (contrary to some teachings, not one time did Noah ever suggest people come into the ark nor did God ask Noah to invite others in). There was a time where the church influenced the nation and its culture, today culture is influencing the church. The fact is, the church is changing and not in a good way.

Already I see the change taking place. Terms long held to distinguish the Christian mandate, such as “Christian” or “Sinner” or even the “Cross” or “the blood” are systematically being either removed altogether, or being replaced with a more tolerable, political correct term. Say what you will, but political correctness, I believe, is the #1 reason of many of these changes. The term “unchurched” is now the term many evangelical circles are beginning to use to refer to those who do not know Christ.

The concept of warning people about Hell is now, within many churches and pulpits, considered unpopular and unwanted. As one person stated on their Facebook page, ‘Christ would never tell someone to repent, or warn them if they did not follow him they would go to “Hell”. This was from a PREACHER. Yet this is what’s happening today in Christianity.

I have stated over and over that within the next 20 years, everything is going to change in how we present Christ and what we consider as traditional Christianity. Today, the term “Christian” means whatever you want it to mean. If a person is Mormon and they use the term “Christian” then it’s completely acceptable. Roman Catholics too, since they use the term “Christian” they too are now becoming tolerated in the faith. Recently I was listening to a particular preacher on tv, this man I have met personally and there’s no question I believe him to be a good man, but he openly labeled Catholics as Christian, which caused me to really question his wisdom. But it’s happening more and more these days.

The next 2 decades are going to be a challenge for convictional Christians and churches and their Denominations when it comes to social issues of the day. By the end of 2016, the issue of same sex marriage will have been settled, and the church will either have to re-adjust to this standing truth, or die by the sword of conviction. That is not to say we will accept this lifestyle, but the pressures of society will demand not that they change, but WE change. Then we’ll see whose really in this for the long haul and whose in it for superficial reasons.

As the culture begins to take on other forms of perversion and ideologies which will greatly counter the word of God, the church’s impact upon the world will wane in the process. The world will grow less and less tolerable of traditional Christianity and its gospel. And I stand by my words, Islam will be the first causality. Then the world will gradually turn its attention to the Christian faith, and while it won’t happen overnight, it will happen. This new concept of global individuality and humanism, mixed in with paganism, will all but assure that the church will find itself in the same position the early church did – in a corner.

Jesus wasn’t kidding, nor was he making a joke when he outlined the world in Matthew 24. Think of a world without mainstream Christianity and that’s what the generation living in that world will find themselves in. A world devoid of spiritual light. This will lead to a greater deception that we all know is coming. The facts are, if you are one of those still living in the decades to come, it’s going to cost you something to live for Christ in America, much less the world. Those who adhere to the convictions of the word of God, those who preach the truth, the cross and a demand to live right, will become the minority in the future.

This is why Jesus said that “He that endures to the end, the same shall be saved”. The coming cultural divide within the next 20 years, will do more to define those who are truly sold out to the Lord and those who are not. Yet in this coming tide of social change will come a remnant that will walk in power, great authority and great demonstration of both the love of God and the warning of God that we are near the end of this period of grace, then comes the judgment.

The next 20 years will determine much in our foundation called the “church”, and only those who have rooted themselves in the faith will make it, for I believe after we reach the 20 year mark, something the world has long been preparing for will come and change everything on this world – deception. But that is for my next article “Alien Antichrist”.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Matt. 4:17 From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, “Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

    The Cambridge Paragraph Bible: of the Authorized English Version. (1873). (Mt 4:17). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

  2. Michele Renecle says:

    Please can you email me all your propheticnews. I will be very grateful to you. Thank you very much. Michele Renecle.

  3. Nellie Matthews says:

    It’s apalling, but it has already started in Houston, Texas….


  4. Scarlett says:

    I know this is true Christopher. I’ve seen these changes during the past 25 yrs, and even in the Pentecostal community very few are operating in faith for healing, and many are following after deceptive TV preachers and lacking in the discernment to be able to tell the difference between who is a false teacher and who is preaching the truth. It has become a very lonely walk indeed to find like minded fellowship with true believers.

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