This man will come to do the work of Satan with counterfeit power and signs and miracles.” (2 Thessalonians 2:9)


From the time of Adam and his wife Eve, Satan desired to bring about a great deception. This first recorded act of deception against mankind is found in Genesis 3:1, when Satan, desiring to tempt humanity in the form of a serpent,  asked a simple question, “Did God really say you must not eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden?” With that came the world’s first act of disobedience by God’s creation – man.  Yet it also gives us a glimpse how determined Satan is to thwart the plan of God.

Throughout the word of God, in both the Old Testament into the New, we can see very clearly of Satan’s full desire to deceive mankind, which, by the very nature of man’s current rule of this planet, it seems Satan has clearly been successful in deceiving men from the garden to the current present. Still, even with all that Satan has played upon the world, from the first deception that resulted in man’s original sin, to the temptation in the wilderness with Christ, to our present world, one would think that Satan would not attempt yet another grand scale illusion upon the world. However, that is indeed what Satan will attempt to do, and for good reason, he desires to conquer the world not through fierce wickedness and evil, but through subtly and deceit. That subtle, appealing shroud that the world will fall prey to, will not come in the form of a world menace, but from one who will be “other worldly”, the false Messiah to the world.

For centuries, man has desired to gain eternal life thru the means of self efforts such as paganism, intellectualism and science. Man worships the god of science, the god of discovery, the god of self. If it points back to man, man will not only praise it, but he will lift it up and worship it, and Satan is the very one pulling the strings, never to let a good opportunity to pass by to bring sinner man under his domain. This includes the use of deception.

Jesus, in Matthew 24, warned his disciples three times to not be deceived. What Jesus was referring to was a glimpse of what was and is to come – deception on such a global scale that it will boggle the mind to even think that what I propose is coming will seem unthinkable, yet the facts remain that this deception has been well established since the beginning of time, and actually it was prophesied by God himself to Satan in Genesis 3:15 “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.  God spoke a prophetic utterance to Satan, that one day in the future, he (Satan) will produce an offspring which will attempt to strike at the heart of the lamb of God to his church, yet Christ shall conquer the man of sin – the antichrist. In other words, Satan, desiring to imitate God, will desire to produce his own likeness, his own “Messiah”, his own son – the Antichrist.

In Genesis 6:1-4, we have a glimpse of this first incursion of the attempt by Satan to destroy the bloodline by the means of genetic manipulation, this was brought about by the infusion between fallen angels and human beings sexually. Yet this did not just occur once in the past, but it occurred once before the flood and twice (possibly a third) after the flood. The agenda of Satan is to deceive the world into captivity in the last days, promising mankind that if he would but take a bite of this new “fruit” which will come in the form of a man, promising eternal life, wisdom of the universe, the promise of knowledge far superior than he has ever known, without the worry or need of God or Christ, then he will live forever.

That form of fruit which will promise the world answers to his inner most questions will come from a supernatural source – a demonic source. This source will be foreign to anything we have ever known before or ever again. It is the deception Christ was warning us about in his word and one we need to be watchful for. For this deception will be alien.

For over a century, man has been occupied with the notion that his answers are not found in the earth, but in space. Is it any interest that NASA as well as every other scientific endeavor spends more money and resources in space exploration than those venues working in land here on earth? Why? Why are every financial resource, educational development and teaching resources more focused on our solar system, planetary exploration, planned man explorations from the moon to Mars, the central focus? It’s because there has been a divine, but unholy allure to the realm of space than any other aspect of our world today.

From the dark pages of history, where men, who rejected the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, sought the forbidden arts of the occult world, were then guided by Satanic means, had been given information from the dark world of Satan’s spiritual kingdom, an understanding, and that understanding was that what, or whom, they were seeking for, the answers to the questions of who man is, why is man here, everything he has ever hoped for, would not be found on earth, but in space. All it takes is a simple trip into your local library and into the manuals of Archeology and Anthropology to see that at the core of man’s learning and understanding rests one common theme – the quest for truth. This quest however has consistently left man with a void for the truth found in God’s holy word. This in turn has left man blinded by his own lust for power and self achievement.

It is man’s attempt to seek after his “god” outside of his own surroundings, which brings us to my main point, that in man’s search for knowledge, that Satan will once again use to tempt mankind just as he did in the garden, nothing truly has changed with the enemy, just the players, but the plan remains the same – deceive by flattery and lies. The Prophet Daniel said concerning the end times and the one who would rise in that time of the end that, “Thus shall he (Antichrist) do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory…(Dan.11:39). Now here is where we see something unique about what Daniel had to say concerning the term “strange god”. The phrase “strange god” is the Hebrew word “nekar ‘elowahh” which means “alien god!” The alien god Daniel is referring to is Satan, who is described in Scripture as an alien form as “the” Dragon, which is in fact an alien.

When Daniel and even John wrote down what they saw, they were in essence describing something with the mindset of someone living nearly 5,000 years ago. Today, we have to take the events as described by both of these prophets and interpret them in 21st century understanding. What seemed foreign to Daniel, would make more understanding today in the times we are living in now. What Daniel and John foresaw in their day, is only now being revealed in these last days.

The truth is, when revealed, is that there is coming a strong delusion beyond anything we have come to understand, it will come in the form of the one thing man has centered on, that which draws him continually – in space. This is part of what the apostle Paul was referring to as the strong delusion mentioned in (2 Thess. 2:11). Man’s desire to be as god, his desire to manipulate the sciences with other explanations than God himself designed and orchestrated, will condition his heart to one day believe the lie. That lie will be found in the image of a false god, promising false hopes, false dreams, false salvation, and worst of all, false signs and wonders. This deception comes from the very source man is currently exploring today, in the outer realms of our universe, the same universe where Satan is currently ruling from, so is it any wonder that man’s attempt to contact some form of life in hopes of gaining knowledge that will place man upon the throne of deity, be given in return for his complete devotion a message or discovery that man has been looking for? I believe so. Again, deception. It began in the garden and it will end with the nations in the form of the antichrist.

This “man” will be unnatural, unholy and conceived in the bowels of hell. This “man” will come with promises of hope and the offering of knowing the secrets to life – eternal life, he will make himself god and in return, will demand worship, the price for partaking of the forbidden fruit he has to offer. Yet the world will give in to his demands, his false hopes and false promises, and become seduced by this angelic messenger of Satan. He is the deception Christ warned us about, and why he will not come in a manger, but through a message. When that day comes, unless we have the word firmly planted in our hearts, then we too might become deceived, for this deception will sweep the world, and it will come in the most unusual way that the world will worship it, for he will come as a man of world peace, speaking great things, boasting of great lies, yet his heart will be filled with violence, darkness and hatred for the very ones kneeling to his image. For he is the coming Alien Antichrist.




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