“After the death of Joshua, the people of Israel inquired of the LORD, “Who shall go up first for us against the Canaanites, to fight against them?” (Judges 1:1)

Our world, our very nation is changing. It is changing to represent exactly what the Bible has been warning was coming, a change to reflect the values of man and not of God. These changes can be seen all around us, from a cultural standpoint where television programs reflect values never seen before, to film and music, where immorality is glorified and virtuous ideas mocked and ridiculed. Even in the political arena, traditional values are now becoming a taboo subject as the winds of change are occurring within this nation, Politicians are finding themselves reluctantly embracing the ideas of this ever changing society. The facts are, we who are in Christ are finding ourselves awakening in a world where our values and morals are no longer considered the majority, while another point of view is emerging.

To be sure, the church, the body of Christ must begin to prepare themselves both emotionally, as well as spiritually, for the changes which are coming. The future will become very difficult for the believer. Not difficult necessarily as it regards in economic terms, but mentally as well as spiritually. For the reality is, the believer in the coming years are going to find themselves living in a world which will become very hostile to those who believe and advocate a position which adheres to traditional Christian doctrine in matters of social living, morality and adherence to scripture alone.

We are now seeing some of this being played out currently on the national scene as it regards Christians, particularly preachers, who are either being forced to provide sermons to the City of Houston (source) or the case of two preachers in Idaho who are being told to either perform gay weddings at their wedding chapel or face fines and/or jail time (source).

This is just the slow start of a gaining momentum where the church will be thrown into a world where they will find themselves confronted with the genuine truth, that their values and beliefs, based upon the teachings of Christ, will not be accepted nor tolerated. How this will play out is anyone’s guess for now, however, great difficulties lay ahead for those of us who believe in Biblical truth. The days are coming when we will have to decide where we stand on the issues of the day, for it will come to the point in which we will have to decide if we will be willing to be open with our faith and what is truth and then proclaim that truth, or cower back into silence, fearful to speak out against the darkness that is creeping across the land. Either way, there will be no middle ground in the years to come, one will either be open with their faith, or they will deny their faith and risk the chastisement of God the Father.

When Joshua died, it’s interesting to note that the generation which Joshua led into Canaan would be the generation that fell into spiritual depravity, and it would take Judges that God would raise up during this period of time to rule over the nation of Israel. Such is the state of the modern church today, except that today God no longer uses Judges, instead, he has the 5 fold ministry guided by the Holy Spirit. Apostles, Prophets, Bishops, Evangelists and Teachers, they are all equipped to guard against false doctrine and spiritual error. This is the connection I see in the last days from the days of Israel past and today’s modern church. The fact is, this younger generation will be the generations to come which will face great adversity and great trials, which seem to give reason as to why many will fall away from the truth – because of the influence of the social gospel being presented in many churches the nation today.

Yet God has a remnant which he will raise up in the spirit of Joshua, who will stand for truth, stand for righteousness and denounce sin, even if it means persecution, they will rise to the occasion and meet the challenges that they face, with the spirit of God. Yes, the coming decades will reveal the spirit of the age, yet in all of this, God has a people who will not back down nor retreat under the pressures of the day, but stand opposed by the power of Christ paid for his work on the cross.



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