I was given a simple word while in my spirit last night as I slept, the voice spoke 3 times the same thing and I believe God was giving me a clear word about President Obama, that word was this, that when spring arrives, President Obama will do something which will change the course of the nation. I do not know what he will do, all I know is, 3 times it was spoken to me while I lay sleeping that when spring comes, he (Obama) will drastically change the very course and direction of this country. Before I woke, I saw runners, marathon runners going in one direction, a runner trotted up to me – a woman, and repeated the same word to me, that come spring he (Obama) will change the direction of this nation. Let Gods will be done.


  1. Well, that is happening already so I am very curious as to what he has planned next…can it get worse? Yes, we know it can. And it will.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Some One says:

    I put 3/20/2015 – 6/21/2015 on my calendar to watch for any major shift in Obama’s policy. On March 20, White House Spokesman Josh Earnest said that the US may no longer oppose UN resolutions made against Israel. I’ll include a link to a video of that statement at the end of this comment.

    The White House turning its back on Israel in the UN would be a major shift. Upon reading this blog entry a second time I see that you predicted the shift to occur at the beginning of spring.

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