“For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy.” (2 Timothy 3:2)

In 2009 I was given a dream of the coming future, this future pertains to how the world will become very dark to the things of God and that in much the same way, it will have nothing to do with organized religion or those celebrations many today partake in. In this case I refer to the long held tradition of Christmas. What God was showing me in this night vision was that there is coming a day in which the world will not be participating in the Christmas holiday. The day is coming in the future where there will be no merchandising of Christmas, or people lining up to buy the latest toy or electronic gadget, instead, the world will become so spiritually neutral that they will have nothing to do with this holiday, not even the church will support it out of fear of being ostracized any further. Here is that dream I had:

“I dreamed I was in a mall, a large shopping mall that I am familiar with and I was playing a video game, I decided to leave and go and get some quarters to finish playing and so, going inside the local drugstore, I began to take notice of certain things being promoted. I also realized that my motivation had changed from getting quarters to something more. I felt in my spirit that I should take note of what I was seeing, it was Christmas, but something was out of place which I could not put my finger on. I knew it was Christmas because there were Christmas candy being sold on the shelves, my favorite, chocolate covered cherries, a holiday favorite, was also being sold and I was going to get one but something compelled me to keep moving. I then took notice of several more things being sold in relation to Christmas, but there was something odd, out of shape, out of character. Anyway, I went to the counter and I decided to buy a toy, I grabbed a bb gun, which I thought would make a good gift for a young boy, growing up in the country every boy had a bb gun, although most mothers hated this fact, still, it was in our part of the country, a right of passing for boys to own a bb gun.

I bought the gun and began to ask where do I drop it off? the woman at the counter gave me a very strange look as I asked again, where do I drop this off for the local needy? The reason I found it odd was because that during every Christmas time the salvation army and other charities had what was called “toys for tots”. But there was no toys for tots being offered, again, this seemed strange to me.

i then found myself walking through the store hoping to find a business that would take the toy for a needy child. I then seemed to be motivated to look at what was going on. Every store was promoting Christmas but here’s the thing, they were NOT promoting Christmas like you would think today or years past. There was no santa’s, no rudolph, no reindeer, no Christmas trees, no decorations, yet there was no emphasis on Christmas as a holiday, a celebrated holiday. Not even a mention of a manger. It was as if Christmas had become a post era celebration that was nothing more of a remnant of things past, they only mentioned Christmas sales in passing like, “Oh, by the way, here is some Christmas sales if you celebrate it.”

I spoke to a man, he owned a business and I asked him would he take the toy, but he became angry at my insistence that he take the toy to give to a child. He would have nothing to do with it, but he told me something else, no one celebrates THAT holiday, it was like the holiday had become a thing of the past! I thought I had literally been taken into a different world, like George Bailey, I too was grieved at what I was seeing. I found myself driving, searching for a place to give this toy to, churches, charities, but in my spirit I knew the answer, no one celebrated this holiday any further.”

The interpretation.

I believe what I saw in my dream is what is coming in the world, especially here in America. I believe that what I had seen was that Christianity and Godliness will be so removed from this nation and its foundation that we will not even celebrate the most glorious season of all, the birth of our savior. I believe what I was given (dream) is a warning that not only times are going to change, the love for Christ will no longer be acceptable nor shared by men. This is the end of the age and if what I have seen is going to come to pass, which I believe it will, I can only now say, come lord Jesus and come quickly.


  1. TLA says:

    December 25 is not the birthday of Jesus. He was born some time in September. By any definition that is a lie. If you warn against catholicism then you should know that this holiday was their creation, a compromise with a pagan celebration. The bible warns against mixing the holy with the profane. Around that time of year is the winter solstice in which sun worshipping pagans celebrate (as they do with Sunday). There are many sources that teach about Christmas and most our holidays as pagan or occultic. Even the bible gives us clear indication that many of these customs of Christmas existed long before the birth of Christ. Jeremiah 10:3,4 speaks of those who cut down trees and adorn it with gold and silver. It is idolatry. Even our pilgrim forefathers knew of the evil of this celebration and outlawed it. In this season we see all kinds of evil fruits such as holiday depression where many end up committing suicide. THAT IS NOT OF CHRIST!. It is the enemy
    that seeks to steal, kill and destroy. Same thing with the
    commercialism and greed, such as this vile BLACK FRIDAY nonsense. I have also noticed one great hypocrisy in all this. What is this doubletalk about having the spirit of Christmas, not the spirit of Christ? For the true believer charity is constant all year long. These holidays fall under what Christ himself condemned as the traditions of man that people observe over obeying God’s word. The bible does not tell us exactly when Christ was born and so whatever the bible omits is not important. Such observances is like Cain doing his own version of sacrificing to God. I’m sure in his own reasoning he thought he was doing a good thing, but he was in rebellion. So quite the opposite, these holidays will not disappear as it is all a part of the religious deception of the antichrist, with which Jesus warn might deceive even the elect, proving the religious nature of his deception. The bible says that people will be exchanging gifts when the Two Witnesses are
    killed. Christmas is going nowhere. When you even examine that very title of “Christmas” you can realize that it is catholic blasphemy, “Christ Mass.” Mass literally means death. So when a person says “Merry Christmas” what they are actually saying is “Merry death of Christ.” I have noticed many inconsistencies in religious hypocrites. Even those who have had these near death experiences (which I don’t buy into) say nothing of Christmas in heaven. Having said all this I do not go to extremes and say that anyone who observes or celebrates this or any other holiday are going to hell, but they most certainly will if they make an idol out of it. I know because I have been born and raised in all this myself and is hard to break away completely, but I have managed to ween off of it a great deal. That doesn’t mean I stop giving, I just don’t attribute my charity to “the Spirit of the Holidays.” I just obey Christ’s commands to give always, and not just on
    hypocritical occassions like the holidays. The same catholic church that has created all these holidays is the same one that has caused the majority to forsake the sabbath, the fourth commandment which the bible clearly states as the seventh day of the week, not the first. James 2:10 warns that the breaking of one command is the same as breaking them all. Those who forsake the sabbath will not enter his kingdom, which is made clear in Hebrews 4:1-11.

    • We do not keep the sabbath any longer, actually, the sabbath was a ceremonial law, not a moral law. My salvation is not a work, or doing something or not doing something, it is about believing.

    • Gayla says:

      Wrong!! Already the very mention of Merry Christmas, is already a thing of the past. It started in the schools, removing every manger scene, and replacing it with anything that is different from the Christmas of the past. NO LONGER CAN WE HEAR THE BLESSED SONGS OF THE PAST, LIKE SILENT NIGHT, we now have a generic variety of holiday music, that has nothing to do with Christ or His birthday, neither can you find a card that says Merry Christmas anymore, it is happy holidays, and I simply refuse to purchase one of these cards. Hallmark still plays shows about Christmas, but rarely anyone else.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with TLA on this one. as I grew up in a normal American household that celebrated Dec25th as a time to remember God’s gift to mankind, and the hope that Jesus’s birth represented.
    I have heard that some Christians celebrate the conception of the Jesus at this time which would put his birth around September. So as to justify that they are okay to keep this day for the celebrating of his conception,.. I think this is probable ..but unlikely. Otherwise Jesus would want us to remember it.
    At some point after I became born again .I believe the Holy Spirit convicted me and opened my eyes to the utter pagan day this has become in America. Most people are so caught up in the “spirit ”
    of the holidays and getting and receiving gifts especially making sure their kids are getting ALL they want, but really don’t need, they end up going into debt . Another thing I would like to share is that one day I was driving in my car around that time of year and thinking about all the things we really celebrate other than Jesus Christ. I was shocked at how much of it really is not about Jesus at all., but rather covetousness, greed and Santa Claus. I then realized that people are worshipping SATAN, not Jesus at all! The devil wants to be celebrated and worshipped any way he can and if you don’t believe me, then this Christmas tell your kids they can go to the store and pick out one present each and then…give it away to a an orphan child, or a widow ,or a homeless person.
    I would like to see the look on their faces IF you tell them that, OH and then tell them there is no such thing as SATAN CLAUS ,and there never was . If you need to confess that you have lied to your children about this character that does not exist you need to confess it to God, and your kids no matter what age they are, otherwise you are perpetuating this pagan day, and the belief and worship of satan claus. What am saying may come across kind of harsh, but put it to the test and you will see.
    Most of us don’t give much thought as to why we celebrate these traditions of MEN. I really believe if we did study the scriptures we would see more clearly that they are deeply rooted in pagan idolatry
    not JESUS at all. This also goes for ISHTAR, which many of us Christians celebrate it as EASTER
    a rose by any other name is still a rose…. just saying. My belief regarding these things is not really well received amongst nonbelievers, yet what shocks me is Christians get all up in arms when I try to explain these things to them. They would rather be ignorant of these things ,rather than give up their precious celebrations.

    • Some times we put religious chains on others when we should instead allow every believer to walk according to their own convictions. It’s not a sin to celebrate Christmas any more than it’s a sin to celebrate a birthday. If you do not wish to celebrate Christmas, that is your right, you are free to do so, but remember, we are now under grace, and grace covers a multitude of sin. This is not a salvation issue, this is a personal one.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like the world when the antichrist regiens. We’ll be gone brother. Amen to that.

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