end times1

Today the Lord quickened me about something, something which deals with the church, both the evangelical church, but mainly the Pentecostal/Charismatic church. I believe God gave me five (5) things which will come in the next 20 years (or sooner) yet I believe within the 20 year time frame it seems to allow time to fulfill that which I heard in my spirit – and they are:

1. The church will see a dramatic shift occur away from traditional teachings and the result will be spiritually catastrophic. I see the rural churches closing due to the loss of the former generation before it. Many will close due to several factors, namely, the lack of desire of believers to attend church. Even the larger churches will see a vast decrease of attendance, which will cause the leaders to go further into compromise in an attempt to draw people to church, forsaking the preaching of the cross and instead allowing the things of the world to cloud its purpose.

2. House assemblies. I heard in my spirit that in the next 2 decades, due to several factors, there will be a rise of religious as well as social persecution against the church, this will cause true Bible believing churches who cannot meet in the traditional setting, to form house gatherings. I believe God was letting me understand that in the coming decades, the remnant of God’s people will not gather in the mainstream churches – they won’t be welcome. True genuine believers who believe in the message of the cross, stands against sin and social ills, will not only be welcome in the coming society, but also in the mainline religious system. A weeding out is coming.

3. The rejection of the Holy Spirit and the gifts. I heard in my spirit today that in the coming decades, that the gifts will no longer be associated with the mainline evangelical church, even in the Pentecostal churches as well as the Charismatic circles, they will have moved away from the teaching and presence of the Holy Spirit and instead, the church will have a form of Godliness, but it will not have the power. We are seeing already the seeds of cessationalism being planted in the church today.

4. Scoffers. At some point in the future, a large number of the church will rise up and reject the teaching and promise of the second coming. They will scoff at the notion Christ is returning, instead, the church (mainline religious system) will replace the teaching of the rapture with a teaching of “this life now”. Those who still believe and are looking for that blessed promise will be scoffed at, ridiculed, persecuted, laughed at, mocked and rejected.

5. Tent gatherings. I see a day coming in the near future where the congregation will gather in tents for a season or period of time because of the rejection of the mainline Denominations to those who hold to the truth.

These are the things I heard in my spirit this morning that the Lord desired for me to know to what is coming in the coming future of the church.



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