Ice Storm, Kingwood Township- February 2, 2011

“And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock.” (Matthew 7:25)

Last night I had a dream I believe the Lord gave me to warn of a coming storm in the U.S., not so much a literal “storm” but one of a spiritual storm brought on by the spirit of antichrist. In the dream I found myself walking along a familiar street, I quickly began to notice that all of the trees were covered in thick and heavy ice. There had been a storm, a massive winter storm on this particular street as much of the trees were falling and crashing all around me, even the telephone lines and electric lines and poles had been laid on the ground from the effects of the storm. I walked another block, turning going north when I saw the same affects – trees, covered in heavy ice and snow had brought the trees down. I then noticed an unusual site, for down the street was a series of dark clouds forming, it was a terrible storm which was occurring at the end of the street and I could tell that it was the very storm that had just came into this area. I then saw that the storm not only brought with it ice and snow, but as I stood and watched, the scene changed to summer, I cannot explain it other than where I was standing was winter, but less than 1,000 feet from me was summer as I began to literally walk toward the storm. The dark clouds produced a massive tornado, this tornado was fierce and destroyed much of whatever was in its path. Then the storm moved on, further and further away from me. I walked down the street without fear for the storm had moved away from me, yet now I saw all the trees that had been uprooted by the power of the cyclone – except for two trees. I walked up toward the two remaining trees, these trees were like massive oak, they were thick and wide, with their tops full with green. They remained even after the terrible storm I saw that spawned the tornado, yet these two trees, unlike all the others, survived. The dream ended.

Today while in prayer I heard this phrase speaking into my spirit, “When the storms of life are raging trust in me.” Then the Lord began to reveal the interpretation of the dream and its meaning. There is coming a great trial upon the church, the trees are the saints and MANY are going to fall away under the extreme power of the storms of trials and tribulations and the cares of this life. The two remaining trees which survived are those who have remained rooted and planted firmly in the word of God, their faith planted in Christ and his work of the cross. Those who remain faithful in their faith shall endure the coming storm of the last days, which shall be great. This, I believe, was a symbolic glimpse into the coming falling away from the faith. We must not fall away, but remain faithful to the things of Christ and his work on the cross.


  1. rebeccaannenedwards says:

    Very insightful. I too have had a dream. It was a dream that was the same twice within a couple of month of each other. There was a big tornado and I was right there but watching it between two dead trees. I’m not sure if it a literal or symbolic meaning but I like the way you described the trust in the Lord. Very good.

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