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There is no question today that the #1 threat to our world is not Communism, Socialism, economic hazards or mad dictators. The #1 threat in our world today is a religion, to be more precise – religious hate, and that hate is representation of the one thing which has become the world’s problem – Islam.

By the end of the 6th century A.D., two great empires dominated much of the Middle East: the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire and the Sassanid Persian Empire with its capital in Ctesiphon, near modern day Baghdad. Throughout the following centuries later, the world saw major transformations, social as well as political growth in not only economic development but also in science and inventions which played the part in the world’s transformation from primitive sustenance growth and development, to advances which brought with it social standards by which people could live their lives with some comfort and ease. Life was beginning to rapidly change for the world – except for the Middle East – namely Islamic countries.

The evolution of the Muslim world has been more complex as well as productive, its rigid theocracy intertwined with a radical worldview, or “Caliphate”. The last true Islamic revival took the form of the final Empire – the Ottoman Empire. Yet within decades, the ideology of the religious Muslim leaders drove Islam into the ground. Islam’s rejection of science, technology, individual liberty, national sovereignty of other nations puts Islam back where it found itself under Ottoman rule – extinction. Why? Because the world as we know it today will not change, nor will it bend to Islamic order, irregardless how many radical factions rise up in this hour, the truth is, Islam is the last remaining stumbling block to a world order, but eventually Islam’s desire for world domination, just as Nazi Germany found out much too late in 1945, all paths to tyranny lead to ruin.

Within the past 5 years the world has seen the removal of men such as Libyan ruler Qaddafi, Egyptian ruler Hosni Mubarak and Iraq leader Saddam Hussein (*2006), all of these men were removed due to the influence and might of the United States, the void we left was quickly filled up with radical Islamists who adhere to the fundamentalist form of Islam – Shiite theology, these consist of the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS (ISIL), Hezbollah, the Iranian Revolution and Hamas. It is the Shittte’s who demand Sharia law upon the world. They are the radicalized form of Islam, while the Sunni’s themselves refrain from demands of war and hatred against others. Fundamentalist Islam denounces rights for women, it rejects Capitalism, it removes all rights and instead dictates a more theocracy form of rule by one ruler – the supreme Ayatollah. The reality is more clear to the rest of the world that Islam is fighting for its very survival, and it’s a losing battle.

The steps being made now with the world Governments are clearly beginning to take notice and soon the prophetic events as outlined in Psalm 83 as well as Ezekiel 38-39 will eventually begin. Why? Because in order for a world system to emerge, the last remaining stronghold (Islam) is standing in its way, and many Muslims know it. The balance of power is beginning to shift once again.

Russia is currently doing everything in its power to prevent jihadist groups from spreading into its territories, while China, France and even Europe are now quelling the tide of radical Islamic growth by regulating entry into its perspective countries. China has a zero tolerance toward Islam and even restricts Muslims to traveling throughout its vast nation, not to mention its monitoring of said Islamic groups to a large degree. The world is about to deal with one last great war, not a war on economic, political issues, not even about Communism, those 1950’s cold war era ideas are a thing of the past, instead the world is about to face a more darker war, a war which will finally end the radicalization of Islam, a war of beliefs, a religious war.

Everything the world is desiring is beginning to form, a U.N. form of world religion that not only the Roman Catholic Church is pushing, but the evangelical church is backing as well. Russia, China, India forming economic agreements. The world stage is clearly heading toward the day when every single hindrance will be removed, including Islam, and out of this final move will come the global push for world stability, one which this coming world war will bring, for the people will desire peace and safety. This will then give way to the greatest deception known to humanity – world peace. How this will arrive is anyone’s guess, but we know this, the foundations are now being put into place, the building blocks are being established, the sentiments are clearly rising across the world, and the religious tolerance is giving rise, the only thing keeping this from occurring right now is Islam. Remove Islam and we begin the march to a World Order. So too shall prophesy be fulfilled. ” While people are saying, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.” (1 Thessalonians 5:3)


  1. Anonymous says:

    Just this morning I was reading that same verse, 1 Thessalonians 5:3, and false peace. It has also happened a few times now that when I wake up in the mornings the only thing I can remember about what I dreamt is Ezekiel 38.

    • Just this morning I was reading that same verse, 1 Thessalonians 5:3, and false peace. It has also happened a few times now that when I wake up in the mornings the only thing I can remember about what I dreamt is Ezekiel 38.

  2. Jane says:

    Excellent Dear Christopher. EXCELLENT!

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