For several long and trying days I had been going under great adversity from the enemy, it was consistent of the attacks Satan had brought in the past, but until recently, the attacks were not as severe. But recently it seemed as all hell had broken out in my life. Irregardless, I pressed on and continue to press on. Last night I had a powerful night vision in which I saw the Lord – my savior Jesus Christ. Let me state here and now that I have never had an encounter that I literally saw the Lord or an angel, but last night I did. Here is what took place:

In the vision I found myself standing in a darkened room – a church. There were many people circling around me and they were saying very ugly things, they were filled with darkness, yet as I said, this was in a church. I knew in my spirit that I was going to die, how I knew that I do not know, even now, as I type this out on my keyboard I am still not sure how I knew – but I knew. Within seconds I could feel the first of a series of bullets hitting me, I could feel them piercing my body as I felt the pressure of the flesh piercing metal of steel attack my body. I said to myself  “I’m going to die.” I fell to the ground, my face hitting the wooden flooring – the attack stopped.

It was then that suddenly the doors to the church opened and a bright light filled the room, the crowd was literally shaken and fled, that’s when I saw him – Jesus. I looked up and saw his white robe, his shoulder length hair flowed somewhat as he approached me, yet I could not see his face for the brightness of his presence. I reached up with my left hand extended, when he reached with his hands and grabbed hold of me. It was at that moment when it seemed as though all the weight and care of this world seemingly disappeared as I softly spoke “Jesus!”. I felt something begin to fill my spirit, then I noticed that a soft, blue tinted light seemed to come down from his body as it began to cover my hand then my arm and up my body. It was then that I felt a difference within me, I felt a renewed spirit within me and as Jesus stood me up, we began to walk out of the church and the vision ended.

Since the night of that encounter something has been very different in my life as well as my spirit, as if something has changed, a sense of a more deeper meaning of Christ has engulfed me and I desire to do more, not that this experience surpasses my faith salvation experience, but that it was God appearing to me in such a way to bring me comfort for the work ahead. Yes, I believe the religious of the world will come against me as they will all those who proclaim the cross. But regardless what may come in the future, my work in China, India, Iran, Russia, wherever God leads me, there is a calmness which has been settled in my spirit knowing that everything is alright for Christ is with me. That is the greatest promise Jesus has made, that he will never leave us nor forsake us.


  1. Thank you Christopher for sharing this beautiful message; oh how I long to have that close a relationship with our Lord. May He richly bless you in your service for Him!! MARANATHA !!

  2. waycross1948 says:

    Dear Christopher, I have no doubt whatever that you had a visitation from the Lord! I had a similar experience when I was standing with a friend in the ministry who was being asaulted at every hand. I believe that God comes to us like this when the need is great. You not only feel persecuted, you are being persecuted and as long as you continue to take a stand against sin, you will continue to be persecuted. Any time we take a stand against sin within the Church, we are persecuted. You have taken a frim stand against sin and against those who perpetuate untruth with the Body of Christ. I firmly believe that God’s message to you is to “Stand Strong!!” He filled you with a fresh anointing to fight the evil that will come against you in the days ahead. Christopher, don’t hesitate to ask us for prayer when you are under attack – we are here for you. Much love and I will be praying for you. Judy

  3. Very interesting article Christopher. As you know, there are two churches–the true church and the false. The members of the false church are rising up and attacking the members of the true in these last days. In spite of this the Lord will protect those who are His.
    God bless and keep you.
    Jeff Wingo

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