“Film-makers must decide what story to tell and how to tell it.” — Jack Valenti
Film can be a powerful medium when used in the right way, yet even in the worst way, film can do as much damage than good when someone has an intent to do harm. Films such as Schindlers List, The Hiding Place, The Passion, made an impact not only upon the viewer, but upon the culture as well. Yet it is this intent to undermine the gospel message that is clearly becoming the norm with many Hollywood producers as of late. With films such as Noah, Son of God, Heaven is Real, and now Exodus: Gods and Kings, it’s becoming all too clear that an unspoken agenda is occurring within the film establishment to not only paint God, as well as Christ, in another light, but to dismiss the accuracy of the written word altogether. Make no mistake, these films are not being produced just for financial revenue, they are being produced to undermine the central message of the word of God to make it less divine and more myth. That is the assault that Hollywood seems to be embracing, but worse, many Christians are ignoring.
For the past decade, there has been a rise in the level of attacks against not only the Christian faith (source), but its principles not seen since Madalyn Murray O Hair took on Christianity and the entire church establishment by kicking God out of the public education system. This current attack represents an ideology to dispel not only biblical facts which pertain to actual events of the past as it relates to scripture, but it also represents the rise of Gnosticism in such a way that the films being released convey another gospel message entirely different than what is already understood to be fact. In other words, these films and those who would produce them are aligning with even prominent evangelicals who by their own admission are giving their stamp of approval to many of these films being released to deceive Christians, even though much of the content distorts or even refutes the word of God altogether.
Two of the leading evangelicals who are board members of several prominent films which by their own right that undermines the gospel and even promotes another version of the word are Rick Warren and Joel Osteen, the third of that esteemed group is none other than T.D. Jakes. (source)  These three well known evangelical pastors have lent their influence as well as their stature to the movie The Bible, a complete distortion of The Bible, who Roma Downey and her husband (The Apprentice) Mark Burnet produced. Both of which are active members of the Roman Catholic Church.
So why should we be surprised when Ridley Scott (Alien, BladeRunner) gets a sounding applause from some of the top leading religious leaders in the Evangelical church today when he presents a different type of Moses which not only refutes God, but question’s God altogether? Could it be that Scott knows the shift that is taking place not only in the film world when it comes to portraying God, whom Scott wanted a Buddhist type of God to be portrayed and not the Jewish or Christian God? Ridley Scott stated in an interview with the Times of Israel that he wanted a child to represent God, a nine-year-old “Dalai Lama” who could project the almighty. This is what we have reduced God down to in our culture and our society – a Buddhist deity and not the great I AM. (source)
When less than 26% of those who call themselves “Christian” or “born again” actually read their Bibles (source), when those aged 18-35 no longer consider themselves “traditional” Christians, but instead have adopted a more liberal form of Christianity which includes same sex marriage, when half of today’s graduates out of many of the top Seminary’s across the nation who are entering the pulpits in America no longer believe in the miracles of God, the Genesis account, or even the virgin birth, it sends a signal to the world that the time is right to begin the full assault against the word of God and traditional Christianity.
This is why Christianity – traditional Christianity – is under attack. Because it sets opposed to the spirit of this age, which is antichrist. This is why films such as Exodus: Gods and Kings and every other sort which run counter to the will and plan of God are occurring more and more, because it is part of the spiritual dumbing down of society. Water down the gospel to such a degree, then one can replace that which has been watered down to include concepts and ideas (such as God being a Buddhist) that will challenge the mindset of those who have not been rooted and grounded in the word. This is all part of the great plan of the kingdom of darkness, the spiritual deception we have been warned about that is coming in the last days, to distort the word of God to such a degree, be it in a film, or sermon, or even a book, that it will confuse the reader or listener that they will eventually believe the greater lie. That is the purpose of Hollywood’s attack upon Christianity, it’s establishing a foothold in the war against Christ and the cross, and paving the way for the greatest deception known to man – the Antichrist.
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  1. Jane says:

    Very Dear Christopher. You are 100% correct. Thank you for your article.

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