I was given a dream during the night where I saw a beast standing not far from me, it stood within a series of tall buildings which seemed to present itself as a gate. The beast had the shape of a man, and was determined to break through the walls of the gate and into the large City to cause it’s ruin. I watched as this beast broke through the gates and began to crash into the City. A voice spoke to me, not a loud voice, but a soft voice and said, “The destroyer has come”.

I awoke, perplexed of the meaning of the night vision I had received, not sure what I was being told. On my way this morning to the gym the Lord began to speak to my spirit the meaning of what I witnessed; the destroyer (beast) that I saw was Islam, it shall spread upon the world, but the world’s nations shall rise up against it. Much by the way of people will be lost, but Islam shall suffer its great defeat, for it is lifted up in pride. God shall keep America, for he still has a plan for this nation in the last days, it shall not fall under Islam, but America will see terrorists attacks on her land. The United States and her allies and much of the world shall unite in one great, world war against Islam, this war is coming, but out of the ashes shall come the final kingdom which will be darker, more wicked than all the others before it. The nations will not be able to hinder nor resist its rise, but will fall under its grip under strong delusion. Then he which has been foretold to come will come and occupy the land.

“The destroyer shall come upon every city, and no city shall escape; the valley shall perish, and the plain shall be destroyed, as the LORD has spoken.” (Jeremiah 48:8)


  1. Jen Quade says:


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  2. clinton says:

    thank u so much islam must be defeated, im thankfull islam will not take usa, what about israel, i hope islam will not take israel

  3. San Juan says:

    Who is the artist of the picture?
    Thank You

  4. John Brooks says:

    Chris. You like other ‘prophet’s sadly think the US is a major player in the end times. Please clear your head of this as it weakens your office.

    The Bible clearly does NOT mention the US or eagles, or whatever. The US like other western countries will not amount to anything in the last days.

    • clinton says:

      john brooks i disagree with u and u are in the wrong, chris is a man if God, Gods word says do not mine annointed john brooks Psalms 105:15 do i need to say more john brooks, john u are one of those people that hopes that God flattens the usa and destroys the usa and yes God could and rightefully so but i believe God has a purpose for the usa so away with the doomer john brooks

  5. clinton says:

    Gods word says do not touch mine annointed john Brooks and Chris is a man of God I trust Chris Psalms 105:15

  6. Connie says:

    Most people would already say the end times are already here that it is only the beginning of the end!!!!!! Guess what? The US still exists. Guess what else? Has it ever entered your cognition that the end times as far as God is concerned could be after the third world war? Maybe there are scriptures that dispute that possibility. Good grief. No wonder the world turns a blind eye to what Christians say when they can’t argue effectively about jack. Our only come back is don’t touch my anointed? Really? You can’t make a decent argument so you resort to that. So easy and so noble are we to do such rather than persuade someone else with the truth. That just flat disgusts me.

    • clinton alexander says:

      first of all connie you sound like ur not even saved and dont even start lecturing me capeshe goodday, and I dont care if it disgusts you

      • Connie says:

        Seems to me you are the one Clinton who was doing the lecturing before I entered the scene and when you failed to counter someone else’s view you chose the “stop picking on them” routine. You made it personal when you attacked John Brooks who wasn’t attacking anyone in what they said merely disagreeing. Instead of trying to reason with him you chose to tell him he was touching God’s anointed. Yes, I was rude because I’m sick and tired of witnessing this response by Christians. So you think I’m not saved and that is your response SuperChristianMan. That is very telling. I have no tolerance for Pharisees. But just maybe you are a young Christian and if so then I can understand your response. I guess that is why I should be more careful speaking before I know the person. Maybe comments were deleted under this post that I am not aware of as well. I hope next time you disgree with others you find it in your heart to care what they believe because you care about them versus just being right and holier than everybody else.

      • clinton alexander says:

        bla bla get saved

  7. clinton alexander says:

    thats right I have no response to a pharisee like you connie, connie u wont win with me as long as you continue to argue with me I will argue, I stand up for brother christopher

    • Connie says:

      If you read my comments Clinton, you would see that I actually challenged why we shouldn’t believe Christopher versus not to believe what he said. I didn’t see Christopher saying anything in response under this thread except he didn’t know the artist. He elected not to defend his position. Okay fine but he didn’t attack anyone for disagreeing with him either nor attack John for “insinuating” he wasn’t a true prophet. I can see how John putting punctuation around prophets could insinuate he was saying Christopher was not a true prophet upon reading his comment again. So yeah he could have had a different approach but should you not have as well? Instead of trying to talk to John your response was to attack and accuse him right back. I don’t say you shouldn’t come to the rescue of another Christian but you might stop to think about how you go about doing so. I don’t know anyone on here. Just doesn’t make any sense to me why people can’t have a discussion rather than revert to shooting first and not even bothering to ask questions later but that seems to be the Christian way these days before an unbelieving world. Good day.

  8. Connie says:

    I would just say that I’m done with this conversation truly but I still didn’t get the vibe that John was out to attack him in the context of everything else that John said. Challenging someone doesn’t always equal attacking someone and we need to further question someone before we assume so. THE END.

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