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“You shall have no other gods before me.” Exodus 20:3

Anything which takes the place of the cross, the focal point of Christ as the object of our faith is sin. Such though has been the case of many in the American church presently as many are becoming swept up in the sin of American Patriotism. Make no mistake, there is no sin in being born in a country or nation which allows one to have particular freedoms, nor is it sin to honor such leaders who formed a nation that the people would be free. However, where sin comes into play is when we attempt to place our faith, our allegiance to anything other than Christ and the cross, not a flag, not a Constitution, not a political agenda, regardless how wonderful it was written, unless it was rightly and divinely inspired by God and blessed by God (which neither the American flag or the Constitution was) it must be rejected simply because it does not set men truly free, nor can these things which were made and created by man are able to do – only the cross sets men free. This is why, as difficult to many to consider, especially Christian, that we who are in Christ do not pledge an allegiance to anything outside the cross. This is the problem with American Christianity.

Such is the case with the life of Chris Kyle, an American veteran who was considered the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history. I will not speak of the late Kyle’s acts during war time, that is not my call nor can I make any judgment on his actions, yet let me say that there is a spiritual law which says if one lives by the sword one must die by that same sword. Mr. Kyle was ironically killed by the same vehicle he had been famous for – at the hands of another killer. Thus, the words of Jesus in Matthew 26:52 were fulfilled.

Yet this is not about Chris Kyle, someone who has now went into eternity, and by all accounts had no personal saving faith in Jesus Christ. Although Chris mentioned he had a strong belief in God, although Chris carried his Bible with him into dangerous territory, he openly mentions that he never read really the Bible. His “faith” (whatever that was) unfortunately was superficial as his widow (Bailey Kyle) states herself in a recent interview (source) where she stated that her husband (Kyle) did not consider himself a genuine “Christian”. How tragic that men have a form of religion, but at the heart of it they deny him in word and in deed. It’s not enough to simply say “I believe there’s a God” for even Satan believes, even the demons believe, it takes a genuine act of faith, repenting of our sins and then walking in the path of Christ that one is saved, not by works, but by faith alone. (Romans 10-9-10)

Yet the church has found a new hero in the life of Chris Kyle, similar to the past worship of another American “hero” John Wayne. It was Wayne who literally became the face of America, yet Wayne, a non-follower of Jesus Christ, who only two days before his death of cancer, converted to Roman Catholicism, made his life’s work of the religion of American Patriotism. And sadly the modern church bought it hook line and sinker. Today many Christians (when asked) view themselves both a Christian and a patriot. They call themselves a follower of Jesus Christ and a Nationalist. But what does the word say? Jesus answered it in Matthew 16:24 “Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”  Part of denying oneself is denying the things of the world, its ideology, its philosophy, its beliefs. This is why that for a Christian, it is impossible to pledge their allegiance to anything other than Jesus Christ and what he did on the cross, for to take a vow of allegiance goes against the teachings of Christ. This is why following Christ puts us at enmity against the world, because we do not follow the path of the world but the path which leads to the cross.

The world celebrates its patriotism because it cannot attain the same level as the way of Christ, but Christ would have none of it for those who would follow him. It’s all or nothing. A young man came to Jesus and told him he kept the law perfectly, was there anything else he could do? Jesus told him to go and sell all he had and come back and follow him, the young man, saddened by the response given by Jesus, turned and walked away never coming to the truth Jesus so desperately wanted this young man to have. Why could this young man not pull himself away from the world to such a degree and follow the one who could give him back all in return? Because his heart was captivated by “things” and not Christ. Such is the case in many a Christians life. That is the problem. The modern church accepts everything except the cross completely. This is why we find false doctrine in the pulpit, false prophets running from church to church – because many Christians have tried to add something to the finished work of the cross and not Christ alone.

It must be understood that when we come to Christ we are a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17), old things have passed away, behold all things are brand new. To bring into the realm of the finished work of the cross, such as Nationalism, Patriotism, and anything else for that matter is idolatry. To worship at the altar of Patriotism is an affront to the gospel message, it is false for one cannot claim a national belief or motto and claim Christ, it’s one or the other. It cannot be both. When Christ calls us OUT from the world he calls all of us, even our allegiances. Can a Christian live and work within a country such as America? Of course, but it should be only to dwell peacefully with others, but never to follow the masses. Some would say those who fought for our freedom should be honored, but I tell you that there is but one in whom we must honor and that is God the Father – all others who died did so under the spirit of this world, not the spirit of Christ. While God has most certainly used the United States to help those who are hurting, God uses nations to get his will accomplished, even sinful nations – and we (as a nation) is sinful. To date America has killed 57 million children on the altar of abortion. This nation continues to approve of perversion through the means of same sex marriage. The nation continues to reject the cross and instead embraces false religions. God’s patience with America is coming to a close.

God is calling a people out of this world and its system. There can be no room for Patriotism in the life of a Christian, for there is only room at the cross for one, he (or she) who is willing to be crucified unto Christ and that crucifixion must allow everything that is not of Christ (Nationalism, Patriotism, dogmas and creeds) to also be crucified unto death so that there is nothing left other than that which Christ can use. To try to live another way is not dying to self, and that includes the worship of so called American heros.


  1. Scarlett says:

    That’s why we are just pilgrims passing through this land, not our permanent home, looking for a city made without hands, who’s builder and maker is God. Amen.

  2. Richard says:

    Excellent point.

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