And she named the child Ichabod, saying, “The glory has departed from Israel!” because the ark of God had been captured and because of her father-in-law and her husband.” (1 Samuel 4:21)


There is no question that there is a division (much less confusion) within the body of Christ today when it comes to truth – scriptural truth, and part of that division is the result of the fruit of false teachings which have been laid at the foot of one of Christianity’s most powerful instruments in our world today – Christian Television. To be clear, I am not making a judgment against the personal life of one of Christianity’s leading media founder – Paul Crouch, instead, this is an examination of one of the most powerful media network in the Christian world – TBN. Let me equally state that there is no question in my mind that God selected Paul Crouch to create what would later become one of the most powerful tools to reach the world for Jesus Christ. Yet what started out as a genuine desire to do God’s perfect will in bringing the gospel to the entire world has not only resulted in spiritual confusion, error and greed, it has seen the results of what occurs when the Spirit of God is removed – apostasy. I believe without a doubt, that TBN is now in complete darkness, spiritual confusion, scriptural error and is leading many astray with not the gospel, but another gospel.

When God entrusts within us a particular mandate, he does so with the intention of seeing his will (whatever that would be) accomplished, even though he uses vessels which are not perfect, God understands the measure of a man (or woman) and he instead sees not our frailties, but our possibilities. Yet, men who have feet of clay will often times come short of that perfect will, either morally, or spiritually, either way, God’s servants are proven through the trials and tribulations that they face attempting to fulfill that work God has placed upon them to fulfill.

In the story of Eli, the prophet of God and one who was given charge over the ark of the covenant, Eli witnessed the power of God, he knew the power of God as he was chosen by God to fulfill his perfect will. But Eli failed to keep his house in order with his sons – Hophni and Phinehas, who were wicked, evil men, who took advantage of the people of Israel by robbing them of their sacrifice in the temple, squandering the things of God which were of great value, and corrupting themselves sexually with the temple virgins. Eli ignored his role as prophet and voice of the Lord when it came to his two sons and the results were the deaths of not only both sons, but the ark being taken by the Philistines. Yet the judgment was not finished, for Eli himself fell over dead upon hearing the tragic news that the Ark of the Lord had been taken. Here we see the results of one who was entrusted by God to fulfill a role in God’s eternal plan and instead, ended up in spiritual failure and ultimately physical death.

When Phinehas’ wife (who was with child) heard the tragic news of her husband’s death, she went into premature labor and produced a son, who, just before she too would die from the pain of losing her family, named him Ichabod, to which she proclaimed his names meaning – “The glory is departed from Israel“. Thus ended the great tragedy of God’s prophet Eli and his failure to obey and follow the leading of God in what he was mandated to do.

Since his departure from this world to the next, Paul Crouch has left a legacy that, for good or bad, must be taken into account when we examine the overall depth of what led Paul in his spiral into spiritual error. The influence in the early beginnings of TBN were strictly Pentecostal doctrine, and while there was some influence of a more liberal position that departed away from the traditional Pentecostal holiness movement, the Crouches still focused on the core central message of early Pentecostalism – Christ and the cross, with the addition of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. Yet as time progressed, the fledgling network began to grow and what was once a small, tiny Christian channel, grew out of it an Empire.

They say money is the root of all evil, but that’s actually not true, it’s the love of money that is the root cause of every problem known to man. Money, by its own merit, is neither good nor bad, it’s a thing. But money did begin to come into the small Christian network known as Trinity Broadcasting Channel and that money, which first a small trickle, began to grow from a few hundred, to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and before the Crouches knew what was happening, they were seeing the rewards of service begin to come. But once again, feet of clay know no measure in a person who desires to do the will of God, and with money came corruption, and corruption brought forth spiritual blindness.

With a net worth close or over 1 billion in revenue (and growing), TBN stands as a prime example of what occurs when money becomes the focus and no longer the word of God. When TBN switched its gears to the word of faith movement and Kenneth Copeland with his teaching that we are “little gods”, it set the stage for a new departure from the truth, and instead it set the tone of false teaching within the body of Christ, and that mandate began to become corrupted whereby Paul was losing sight of what God had called him to do. He was being blinded by “yes” men and not the Spirit of God. Yet not only did money began to corrupt this powerful medium to preach the gospel of Christ, but then came the inner turmoils, secret immoralities, adultery, homosexuality within the house of God in his servants, sexual immorality, alcoholism, all began to swirl around the house that Paul built and it was not long before the truth was finally being removed, and in its place came a gospel of many voices: Catholicism, Mysticism, New Age, the Prosperity Gospel, it was as if the gates were literally opened up and a flood of false teachings and its prophets had invaded. Today we now see the end result, another gospel that centers not on the cross, but upon other mediums such as; works, entertainment, false prophets, false signs and wonders. TBN has now become the voice of another spirit and not the spirit of God.

Some will claim that I am touching God’s work, but to be clear, God has left this foundation long ago when the central theme of Christ and the cross was no longer the central focal point, but fleshly desires. Even within the core family of the Crouches, the secrets which were never meant to be revealed and kept hidden, are being revealed for all to see through Brittnay Koper (Crouch). (source)

From the drug overdose and death of prominent TBN preacher such as Zachary Tims, to rampant adultery and alcoholism among its own messengers, TBN is reaping from what happens when the glory of the Lord is departed. Yet it all stems from the fact that when the center of our faith is removed from the cross to something else entirely, the end result will always be apostasy. To be clear, no one is perfect, many a genuine servant of God has failed the Lord in their own life and purpose, but when a rejection of correction is never met, then God has to ultimately bring judgment against that man or woman in the hopes that his hand of correction will bring about repentance. But unfortunately we can see today that TBN is a shell of its former self, and while I rejoice in the fact that the name of Jesus Christ is in fact being mentioned, the spirit of God has long departed from Trinity Broadcasting Network, and in its place has come a spirit of deception, and to those who would sow into its work will come a future great disappointment.

Let us remember the words of the apostle Paul found in 1 Corinthians 9:27 “But I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified.


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  1. Jane says:

    Very Dear Christoper. You are 100% correct. I stopped watching Christian T.V. as I realized that the Word of God was prostituted. God in Heaven have mercy!

  2. Michele Renecle says:

    I am in agreement with you. I used to watch TBN but no more. Thank you Christopher and God bless you.


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