This is a first – even for me. Last night I had a night vision where I stood within the great hall of Congress. I watched our elected Representatives gather in the great assembly, when suddenly I saw a group of men walk around the outer area carrying chains. These men (which were few) started to bind the doors and windows so that no one could escape. These men were dark figured as they continued to bind the House with these great chains. The Representatives took noticed that they were now trapped within the great chamber and could not leave. They scattered like rabbits, trying to find a place of escape, but there was none. They were locked inside their House. Then suddenly the main entrance of the House of Congress was opened by an unseen figure (spirit) and it stated that HE was in control – not them, this SPIRIT began to speak to the large elected officials and told each one that he controls what this House approves of.

The door was opened and one by one the frightened and bewildered group of men and women walked out as I stood there in this great hall, troubled by what I witnessed. The Lord, I believe, gave me the meaning to what I seen last night. The chains represent the spirit of the god of this world, he has chained this House of Congress as his domain, I believe that we will begin to see the House of Representatives (Congress) begin to slowly conform to the spirit of antichrist. They are becoming bound to the spirit of Satan who is binding our Government to prepare it for the coming kingdom. It is my belief from what God showed me last night in this night vision, that our Government is now bound to the dark spirits of Satanic influence in such a way that we are being prepared for what is coming – the kingdom of Antichrist.


  1. Jim says:

    Would that be AIPAC?


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