Posted: February 19, 2015 in HOT TOPICS

sister Wu

Not only did the people of this small church come to embrace me, but they have called me one of their own. The pastor (Sis. Wu- standing to my right) is an amazing woman. Sister Wu (woo) faced a past year of sickness, physically as well as spiritually. But God healed her completely, today she pastors the small Longquin China church called the “Starlight”. There, with a small handful of people, they gather in a house church the size of a large living room and have worship services. I didn’t know what I would expect when we arrived, but soon all the worry and concern over police issues and so forth were gone. For the next 5 hours we fellowshipped with one another, worshiped the Lord and broke bread, and finally Sister Wu said something that God had already spoke into my spirit and I began to preach the gospel of edification to this small tiny group of Chinese believers. Then, they all began to ask me to pray for them for healing, so many sicknesses, so many health issues, but once I started praying and laying on hands they began to rejoice as they each began to feel much better, from leg issues to throat issues, God moved mightily.

By the time it was all over and we began to say goodbye, they wept, even as I began to fight back the tears from my own eyes as I could see the love of Christ grow even more in these wonderful people whom have called me their ‘servant of God’. If there was any room left to question in my own mind my calling to China, it’s completely gone now as I see the needs of so many who desire to know Christ as I know him, as so many others around the world know him, yet I’m but one person, how much can one man do? Only time will tell, but with the grace of God, I will give it my best effort.


  1. Scarlett says:

    American “church” should be ashamed.

    I’m very happy for both you and these dear people.



  2. Jane says:

    The Lord Bless you Dear Christopher.

  3. waycross1948 says:

    Christopher, one man can move the world with God’s help and the prayers of the saints going before him. God is using you in a mighty way. It doesn’t matter how large or small the group – you are where God has called you. God bless you and be with you and may the Holy Spirit prepare the way before you. Sincerely, Judy

  4. Viktoriyah says:

    It is not the quantity, it is the quality that matters 🙂

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