Posted: February 22, 2015 in HOT TOPICS

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We started our journey to ChongQing early Saturday morning before sunrise as we hurried to the train station to take the bullet train into ChongQing which is a 2 hour journey. Arriving into ChongQing, we traveled far into the remote mountain area to TongChing where we met a dear sister in the Lord who travels into the area (3 provinces) preaching the gospel, training the body of believers the word of God. The people met with me and my friend as they instantly began to rejoice someone had come to share with them the good news of Jesus Christ. The biggest issue right now in China with Chinese believers is they simply do not have enough understanding of the word of God, in simple terms, no one is teaching them the Bible nor how to LIVE for Christ. Some would ask “What about Pastors?” the problem is, in China, there is a major divide between those who are called “pastor” and those who desire to feed the people, the truth is, much of the spiritual leadership within the Chinese church is one which only a nugget of truth (and predetermined) is given to the people and only on Sunday, nothing about how to live for Christ, nothing about the cross, nothing about walking free from sin, nothing whatsoever about holiness, nothing about living a victorious life for Christ. Basically, the people get a spoon-fed gospel and nothing more. The other sad reality is that much of the Chinese do not want this gospel we speak of, and its due to years of socialistic indoctrination.

But there is a change, and while even though the people are limited in their knowledge of the word, there is a move of God which is shaking the Chinese nation. Christians are having dreams and visions, some have told me of their dreams they are having, unsure what is going on, so I relate to them that this is a fulfillment of the words of Joel, who stated that in the last days, men and women shall have dreams and visions, some will prophesy, but it’s all because we are living in the last days. Yet something else is occurring in China – miracles. Chinese believers are going into hospitals where the unsaved who are dying of cancer are prayed for and are being completely healed, thus they then give their life to Christ. That is the gospel in action.

What humbled me more was when several told me how they were praying for someone to come to them and teach them the word of God and they said that it was me, and even more so, what struck me was when I saw a bible I brought with me 2 years ago on my first trip, where I took into China nearly 1,000 bibles and one man was reading MY BIBLE that I had brought back then, he explained that it has helped him grow in Christ. That is a reward which is far better than gold.

Saturday night, as I shared the gospel, I was able to pray for a 15 yr old young man who did not know the Lord, he allowed me to pray for him, and I could tell he quickly became convicted of his sins, so I thank God for his mercies are reaching the young people. There were a night I slept on a flat table, times where I slept in a traveling bus going up into a high mountain area, but it all pales in comparison to seeing the hearts and lives of the Chinese people being changed. This surely is my home and one that when I return soon, will be where I will establish a church as God has called me into China to reach the lost and train up workers in this final hour.


  1. Evie says:

    Hi Christopher,
    I am so moved by your story regarding the work the Lord is doing in China.
    It reminds me of the disciplines in Jesus day. They preached the gospel where ever the Holy Spirit took them and taught the people the truth of God’s word.

    It is so refreshing to hear this story, so unlike the Christianity we see displayed today in America.

    Thank you for sharing your story and may the Lord above continue to bless the work of your hands.

    A sister in Christ,


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