Posted: February 24, 2015 in HOT TOPICS
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china friend

Today, after my morning devotion and prayer, I headed out of my hotel and into the streets of Chengdu as today marks the beginning of back to work day for much of China since the long week holiday (New Year) is now passed. I walked for several blocks, when I passed a large building that people were gathered in, mainly eating and drinking. When all of a sudden I heard a pounding coming from the window, it was a man, yelling and pounding fiercely all while he was pointing directly at me! I attempted to walk on because my Chinese is very bad, even though I do have my iphone which has a voice translator app that I use from time to time, yet I knew that whatever he had in mind was I’m sure not going to be good. Then he came out of the building, a short, stalk of a man, old and loud – very loud, when he said to me in a very loud voice, “I’m police – you come with me!”. I tried very hard to say no, thinking what am I to do now? My mind didn’t even have time to think as he grabbed my arm, put it into his arm and off we went, he guiding me directly into the building. He sat me down without a blink of an eye and sat next to me….he looked directly at me…he was a Chinese police officer and there was no question he had the authority in this matter. I silently asked the Lord in my spirit to guide me with the right words to say, and I felt the Lord say “it’s ok”, then the policeman yelled out “America #1!” I smiled a half-hearted smile, then he put his arm around me and called to his other friend from Beijing, another official and he told me “I….believe….in JESU (JESUS)” I smile and I quickly wondered, is this a trick? What’s the deal? But in my spirit I knew that God was in control as this man began to tell me his love for Jesus. He opened up his pack of cigarettes and pulled out one and began to light it, I realized that I needed to trust him because he was Chinese and not everyone has the teaching or knowledge about life choices, so I didn’t judge him at all, as he began to tell me in his very broken english that he was a believer in God and Jesus and that he believed the Bible, but more importantly, he told me in his own words, “Mao is dead, judged before God and Jesus lives!” I smiled and he then got me a coca-cola as I began to share with him how Jesus did love him and that I would always be praying for him. After about 30 minutes, I thanked him for the kindness he showed me, especially when I did not know how this was going to go down, but it dawned on me that once again there is a hunger in China for the gospel of Jesus Christ among the Chinese people. How tragic it is for me, an American, to see such waste of hunger in my own nation, a nation which has been blessed abundantly by God with the gospel, lose all interest in the Christ, yet in China, a nation which was for decades, under the control of a brutal regime such as Mao and the Communist party. Yet now, after all this time, China is becoming more tolerant, more interested in the gospel than ever before. If that doesn’t say about the hour in which we live, I don’t know what would. I pray for more laborers to China, for God is doing something here among the people.


  1. Scarlett says:

    Today you were apprehended by the police, and the police were apprehended by Jesus. Wonderful story, but I must admit that heading title gave me pause until I read what happened because I knew I had prayed for your safe passage and protection and I was sure that others were as well, but even so, I knew the Lord is always in control no matter what the circumstances.

  2. Karen Traa says:

    Hi Chris, we will pray for your safety AND that your knowledge of Chinese will increase so that you can continue in preaching the gospel there. Thanks for writing your experiences for us. 🙂

  3. Christopher, you are very fortunate, but for the grace of God that could have turned ugly quickly. You are under His covering. God bless you and your trip. Jeff Wingo

  4. kas1981 says:

    Awesome, Glory to God! I also,escaped from a communist country, reading this makes me happy to,see that a sister of my former country (Russia) is coming in to the kingdom of God.

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