Posted: February 26, 2015 in HOT TOPICS
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A Christian man asked me, “Had Paul come into China…China would not be so hard to win for Christ.” My friend asked me over and over trying to find the answer as to why the apostle Paul did not come into Asia as he had wanted to, only that for whatever reason the Holy Spirit would not permit the great apostle to venture into China. We don’t have all the answers as to why God allows some places to have virtually no knowledge of the Bible, and why he will send others with the word into places to preach the gospel to other areas, those questions will never be answered until we stand before him and all questions will then be finally answered. Until then, all we know is that the gospel needs to be preached where ever possible.

Today I felt the leading of the Lord to go into certain districts as this evening I will be going to another church to edify my brothers and sisters in the Lord. But what occurred to me today was how that there were times where I wanted to share the gospel in tract as well as with giving someone a DVD of the movie “Jesus”, but the Lord began to speak to me and said “Not now – be patient.” It’s so difficult to know that one has the answers to lifes problems and yet one cannot fully express to those around them the gospel in such a way which would produce a response. The fact is, even though China is rapidly changing to tolerating Christianity, the reality is, one simply cannot stand on a street corner and just start preaching – it’s still illegal. So what do we do? I can only imagine Paul’s grief in knowing he could not venture into China and all of Asia as he desired to do, but I’ve come to learn one thing – trust. We have to learn the recognize God’s voice and his leading for even though we desire to reach many with the gospel, the truth is, in some situations, it’s best to learn when to speak and when to remain silent, especially in a Communist nation where every action and behavior is monitored. The truth is, we must trust that God knows best and that in time God will give us the avenue and opportunity we seek to preach the wonderful news of Jesus Christ. It might not be as we would have it, but sometimes we just have to learn to trust in that he knows what’s best when we do his service.


  1. Scarlett says:

    It’s starting to be very repressive in America now, with our freedom of speech and religion being attacked on every front.

    God bless your work in China….

  2. waycross1948 says:

    Christopher, as I’ve told you – this is the very reason I pray daily for God to give you wisdom concerning every situation – every move you make. But, itsn’t it great when we’ve learned to listen to that “still, small voice”? God continue to be with you. What could you accomplish if you were arrested or asked to leave the country. So, keep on listening!!! God Bless YOU!!

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