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Since China has increasingly been opening up her borders to both economic as well as intellectual growth, the one thing which seems to remain the same with what I’ve experienced here while in China is the desire to imitate the west in both ideas as well as in behaviors. One of those aspects of change which is not only effecting China from a cultural stand point, but as well as a spiritual standpoint is their growth in the internet and its fundamental ability to drastically change ones behavior, for good or bad, it’s happening right now in China.

It’s no secret of China’s great “firewall” and while China still actively attempts to block some western content (mainly social media sites such as Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter) China has opened up the gates wide and clear when it comes to getting information, be it news from around the world from such sites as FOX NEWS, or CNN, China is becoming known for its achievements in social progress even at the risk of changing its very culture – which is drastically changing in ways never before seen.

In China everyone has a cell phone which grants them complete independence to not only grow socially and economically, but the overall internet development taking place in China is only limited by ones personal limits. The more one seeks information from the web, the more one desires what one is seeing, and this is no doubt causing China’s social change which can best be described as limitless possibilities. Men and women and even teens in China have been thrust into a world of the digital age which holds no boundaries for them, and since China’s economic growth is rivaling the United States, the indicators are such that within just 20 years from now, China stands to not only become the next world power in economic terms, but also in social terms, but at what cost? That remains to be seen. But one thing is clear, China’s past imagery of social Communist control over its people is losing its grip and the Government knows it and a more commonsense approach is developing.

So how does this effect the church in China? Significantly. Not only has China become open to embracing everything western society has been accustomed to for decades and grew in, China’s tolerance to faith, namely Christianity has allowed more access to worship in the open, no more are churches gathering in secret these days in what I call “New China” they are operating not just out in the open, they are building and growing their congregations to numbers the western nations have only been use to in the past 20 years. The fact is, the church in China is growing so fast and so quick that the issue is no longer “Where can we meet” but WHEN. No longer is the church in dire circumstances, but the church in China is fastly outpacing the western church and for good reason – they have a hunger here far greater than the west. The fact is, as China changes in social norms, so is the church, what was absent 20 years ago is now becoming sought after today – teaching. And the internet is paving this change in the church as well.

Yet while the internet is playing a significant part in China’s social advances, so it is playing a part in China’s religious segment as well, and not for always the better. Lately I’ve preached in churches here in China that are being indoctrinated by false teachings which have been damaging the western church for the past 15 years but through the world of the web, podcasts and internet chat rooms where content can be freely downloaded and emailed out to potentially millions of Christians, so comes the destructive seed of false teachings and their false prophets. I won’t name names, but many of these snakes and wolves are Charismatic preachers who are the top line within the American Charismatic circles, their imprint into mainland China is becoming well known now, and 2 of these popular teachers (and one prophet) is shaping the Chinese church in such a way that it’s going to take a year in me trying to guide these believers back to the cross.

There are so many changes happening in China, some good, some bad, but all in all it’s yet another sign that we are indeed living in the last days, and how we deal with these changes which are happening throughout China will determine the church in China’s long term growth or it being swallowed by the evils of another gospel, another Christ. I might be only 1 man, but I for one will do my best to stand in the gap for my Chinese brothers and sisters in Christ.


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