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“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 6:12)

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. – Arabian proverb

I have an enemy in China. He is tall in stature that might reach 8 ft tall in height, yet on other days he might stand only 8 inches in height. This enemy of mine is not only popular among the people, to many he is a god. His fame is only outdone by his enormous appetite to be the center of every home and every workplace throughout China. His name? Buddha. And he is a powerful foe.

Gautama Buddha lived between 563BCE or 480BCE in India. Most believe Buddha died around 400BCE (80yrs). Buddhism is a direct branch of Hinduism. In and throughout China it is almost impossible not to see a small or large statue of Buddha along the many street venders or shopping stores one might venture in. The reason is simple, although China is for the most part Communist and adheres to a form of atheism, the truth is, even atheists believe in a god of sorts. In other words, many claim there is no “god” in speaking terms, however, they are and do participate in praying to Buddha or one of the many idols found throughout China. When asked if this is a contradiction of ideology, they have no answer. The truth is, the power of the Buddha within China is a stronghold that is only masked by the real source of this idol worship – Satan.

Currently (at the time of this writing) I am staying at my present hotel in one of the most powerful spiritual areas in Chengdu, for within just a mere 5 minute walk from the hotel I can venture to one of this areas most oldest and known Buddhist temples in China. I have actually been inside this large temple, and it is indeed impressive, with over 12 different types of idols, all covered in gold, are placed within this large complex of idolatry as people regularly go inside and worship the temple gods. The problem is, what they are really worshiping is demons.

I recall sitting in the hotel lobby Sunday morning waiting for my friend to arrive to take me to the church I would be speaking at that morning. Before Alec had arrived, I was seated next to a small table, when suddenly there was a knock on the table itself, as if someone (or some thing) had walked up and simply tapped it. 3 times this occurred and 3 times I felt in my spirit “ignore it” come to mind. The word says if we resist the enemy he will flee from us. There is no question in my mind and spirit that what was occurring was a spiritual contention being waged, it was as if a spirit was informing me “I am here too, this is my area.” Yet the truth is, and while it is true strongholds of demonic activity do have certain “rights” when it comes to territories, still, we as believers have the full right by the power of the word to bind  those same spirits as Paul explained in his word to the church, that because of the cross, what Christ did, we have the authority to bind and even cast out demons (Mark 16:17-18). The problem is, not enough Christians either want to or know how to.

That particular morning I preached a message God had given to me for the people, and as people came up for prayer, many were bound by spirit beings (demons), when pressed for understanding, the fact is, many were all once Buddha worshipers. They practiced the worship of Buddha and his idols. This led them to become spiritual victims to the enemy, thereby giving Satan the spiritual legal right to come into their lives, and if desired, even possess them. Yet how great is was to lay hands on many of them and literally speak to those demons and in the name of Jesus, cast them out and off the people.

The power of the cross, the work Christ did on the cross is a powerful thing and one the church needs to re-claim if they are ever going to move within this world as the early church did. Too long the church has rejected the anointed preaching of the word and instead, focused on gimmicks, intellectualism – everything  but the cross (the gospel). The church has sadly done more to defeat itself than anything Communism could ever do, all because for the most part, the church has found a way to substitute the gospel for man made theology. Friend, man made theology will never save anyone, it will never heal anyone, it will never deliver a single soul from the bondage of sin and the power of the occult. The only answer to the world, to the power of idol worship, the worship of Buddha or any other worldly attraction is the cross. We’ve written enough books, we’ve got enough degrees, we have reached great intellectual heights, and the result is that the church has become more powerless, more prayer-less, less anointed than at any other time in our history since the formation of the early church. The reason? We have forsaken the cross and instead, replaced it with foolishness that will never touch a single life today.

But there is good news. That good news is, Christ is raising up a new generation of believers who have realized their mistakes, realized that without prayer, without a steady diet of the word daily, without the anointing, we will never make a difference in this life, but they have realized the true meaning of their power source – the cross. It is by the power of Christ and what he did on the cross which will challenge the spiritual darkness of this world, put demons to flight and heal the sick and set free the broken hearted. The only answer to the idolatry in China, the blindness in Islam, the foolishness of Rome is the power of the cross and what Christ did there. That is the answer, that is the source of our strength and the only thing we can ever present to the rest of the world – the cross. Anything other is another gospel, another way and another Jesus.


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