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“Do you not say, ‘There are yet four months, then comes the harvest’? Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest.” (John 4:35)

Never before has the opportunity to reach the nation of China with the gospel of Jesus Christ has been open as it is right now. Currently I am now back in the United States, preparing for my third and final trip back into China after living in China for a month. This next and final trip will be not only my last, but one that I will then remain in China to raise up a church that will not only grow in the kingdom of God, but equip the many of believers that they too will ‘go out and preach the gospel’.

After traveling over 2,000 miles in just 30 days, visiting church after church, sitting down with not only Pastors and leaders, but also Government authorities, the reality was clear, China is ready to receive the gospel. Yet while the doors into China are quickly opening, so are the daunting task of not only winning the Chinese to Christ, but also equipping them with the gospel itself that they too can understand just what the cross means. For years, the Chinese believer has been subjected to State controlled theology, it is this control which has greatly limited their ability to understand the gospel in such a way which would bring about true liberty from religious bondage. The fact is, the Chinese church is experiencing a shift in such a way that many are becoming tired of the powerless gospel message they have been presented with, and instead, they want more – much more. They want Pentecost. They want the full power and authority of the Holy Spirit in which they too can do exactly what Christ said we would do, lay hands on the sick and see them recover, cast out demons, raise the dead, prophesy, all of these the Chinese church desires and more. But who will tell them? Who will train them?

The sad thing is, many within the United States has long wrote China off as unreachable, unable to preach the gospel due to fears of Communist reprisals, the reality is, the Chinese Government itself is not persecuting Christians as they once did for several factors, one in particular is due to the overall economic expansion China is experiencing. The truth is, the more China grows economically, the less they desire to move militarily against what once was considered illegal. The reality is, with the current President – Xi, who has become very open minded in many areas of Western influence, the change taking place in China is rapidly making the gospel message to be taken into all of China without fear of reprisal. Not only do I see China becoming more and more tolerant of Christianity, the truth is that within the next 25 years, China will become more Christian, more open and more acceptable toward that which Mao once described as an “enemy of the State”.

But let me warn you, Satan is always recognizing this trend and he is equally sending his missionaries, his false prophets, false teachers and ministers of darkness deep into China. Why? Because Satan knows we are nearing the end. Already throughout China, the church of Mormon is spreading slowly but quickly in China, ours is to recognize this warning and make haste while we can, for while China is opening up her borders, allowing bibles into the nation, permitting unregistered churches to operate without persecution or fear of jail, the reality is sooner or later a greater threat will come which will turn the world into complete darkness under the man of sin – antichrist.

So what can YOU do? Go to China. Pray for China, pray that God will send more MIssionaries into Asia and pray that God will open more doors for churches to declare the gospel to. You say “I can’t go to China” then I can offer you this offer – support this ministry who IS going into China. For the next decade, me and my wife Liu (ruth) (who is Chinese) will be spending our lives working in China developing the people, raising up churches, planting churches and discipling believers so that they too can grow and reach others. So you can help and that help is greatly needed. Already I have seen in this last trip, souls come to Christ, many hearing the gospel for the first time, and it’s all fruit which is proving God is in this work. So how can you send me? By donating to HERE, then praying for me and my wife as we seek to do his will in proclaiming the cross to all those who would hear. That is the Macedonian call that is happening in China, let us seek after it while we can.


  1. Scarlett says:

    Christopher, are you planning to build church buildings- or plant home churches? Also, do you encourage the traditional tithe to support and pay for the expenses of operating churches?

    In Jesus our Lord,

    • I am doing both, planting as well as building – and yes, I am teaching them the biblical principles of giving to the work of God. But it’s also a different culture and one that has to be handled with kid gloves.

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