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It’s been said many times in the past that where the heart and desire of the people are, that’s where the spirit of the Lord will be. Today I believe I can say with assurance that the next, great move of God in these last days will not occur in America, but in China.

Since the upper room, where 120 dedicated believers gathered together in one accord and the greatest revival known to man broke out that started the church, believers have been desiring for, and praying in the hopes that the next great move of God not seen in our time since the Azusa street revival in 1906 would break out somewhere upon the earth that would revitalize the church and see potentially millions come to Christ as a result. Today that move is happening in one of the most hardline nations on earth – China.

Not since the days of Chairman Mao and his killing fields and the many dark prisons he created, could one imagine what’s happening right now within what used to be only a missionaries dream when it came to preaching the gospel to the people. Communist China is literally being transformed right before our very eyes, and it’s all because of the season in which we are living in – the last days.

To be sure, every generation has seen some move of God in some form or fashion. The revivals, the Cane Ridge revival (the Kentucky revival), the Brownsville revival, and the great Welsh revival, they were all significant revivals which literally changed the direction of the church at that particular time, paving the way for the outpouring of the Holy Ghost upon all who would receive.

Yet the church in America, as in other parts of the world, are not seeing significant moves due to many factors, in America that one factor seems to be a reoccurring theme which has hindered the church from seeing any true and genuine move of God – apathy. Never before have we witnessed a spirit of apathy as it relates to the Christian faith as we are seeing within the American church. Failure to rightly divide the word, failure to seek the spirit of God, failure to a transformed life which brings forth sanctification and holiness. These and many more, have become a significant stumbling block within the church in modern America. Not only has this led to falling into scriptural error, but it’s allowed for the growth of false doctrines and false teachers to seduce many within the American church, yet the people love it so. The fact is, we simply have no true hunger for God or his word or for the things of God, and it shows.

Yet within the nation of China there is a growing hunger, a thirst for the spirit of God like never before, and the wonderful news is, this hunger, this deep desire for God is yielding more than just a hunger for God, it’s producing the seeds of what I believe to be the beginning of the greatest move of God upon this earth, and it’s going to come from what for decades the western church considered to be as “untouchable”, and rightly so. For decades the Chinese church was under one of the most tightly controlled, oppressive countries in the world, where Christians had to gather in secret under threats of jail – or worse. Where pastors were routinely arrested and thrown into a Chinese prison cell, to suffer years in a Chinese labor camp. Until the early 1980’s, it was strictly forbidden for visiting foreigners to even bring in a Bible, those who dared to thwart the Government threats by bringing in suitcases of bibles and Christian tracts, were arrested, detained and then quickly deported. For nearly another decade the hope of the gospel seemed all but lost to the rest of the world, even the church when it came to the Chinese people, so the church world turned their focus to other efforts which were not as daunting, such as Africa, India, Russia and South and Central America. So while the rest of the church once again had to simply pray that one day the doors of opportunity to reach the Chinese mainland would have to wait until a more opportune time would arise, God had other plans.

By the 1990’s, the world was beginning to change, and China was right back in the forefront, but this time with a new purpose and a new direction. The China reform began to emerge and the people as well as leadership was beginning to understand that one cannot survive by methods of the wrongs of the past, and with new leadership and a new sense of idea, China began to change not just socially, but both politically as well as economically. Yet with this new change another change was spreading across the country – the gospel. As China began to focus more on its new opportunity to come out of its red past, the church within China was growing, expanding and coming out of their underground hiding – and to the astonishment of many within the outside world as news began to slowly leak out of this news, the church within China was finding itself at the threshold of a new dawn.

In the past 15 years much within China has significantly changed, the current political leader, the provincial Government and its ruling party have become liberal in much of their thinking and their new direction, which is beginning to include human rights. It’s no surprise to say that China today has changed more in the past decade than it has for the past 25 years, and it’s because not of the political structure per se’ but because of the spirit of God upon the hearts and lives of the Chinese people desiring Christ and the cross. The truth is this, the church within China is no longer underground, pastors are preaching openly and freely in much of mainland China, no longer are the fears of being arrested and/or thrown in a Chinese cell. Yes, in some provinces there are still rudiments of the past, but as time is changing past thinking, the overall sentiment within China is good for the church and the church within China is hungry now for the gospel. The problem? The western church world has not been told of this change.

Yet China is experiencing one of the greatest moves of God, where miracles are occurring, believers going into hospitals and laying hands on the sick and they are being made whole, where local churches are experiencing unprecedented growth in people desiring to hear about Christ and the cross, and less about Buddha. The reality is, China is where the next great move of God is about to occur, then the world.

So what do we do? Some of us are seeing this move occur and can see that now is the time to begin once again the push back into China while the harvest is clearly white and ready to pick. This next move of God will not occur within the United States, how prideful we are to think everything needs to start with America, this is a result of nationalism at best, but God is not moved by ones patriotic pride, he’s moved by ones hearts desire to be filled, and he’s answering that cry with the people of China. Then the rest of the world.



  1. Who cares where it begins brother? We just need a move of the Holy Spirit! We need Jesus!

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    • My point is, when a people desire the moving and operation of the Holy Spirit and truly desire it, then we will see it. I’ve been living in China for just over a month now, getting ready to return to stay shortly and never have I seen such a hunger of believers desiring the word of God – to put it mildly – the church in America has grown soft. I can’t say it any other way. Go to China and see for yourself.

  2. Susannah says:

    Maybe from China or maybe from here about China. A few weeks ago, I saw a preview screening (in English) of a film being produced for Chinese consumption about the first great religion in that land—one that began almost contemporaneously with the origins of Abrahamic Judaism and tends to parallel Judaism, which of course led to Christianity. Hate to be too mysterious about it, but the producer wants to get the film into China—in their language—before it is widely released here. It could be a game-changer.

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