Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,” (1 Corinthians 6:9)

There is a problem within the modern church today and it’s been neglected for many years, this problem, this issue deals with a subset of homosexuality but under the guise of emotional behavior which is called effeminacy. It is this behavior which I would like to deal with.

It is almost a given that at any specific time or place, one can visit a church in America and eventually see certain young men (or adults) behaving like women in mannerism, speech and behavior. Not only is this quite alarming, it’s quite disturbing when you realize that what you are actually seeing is a person who has, for certain reasons, has allowed a spirit of perversion to twist their natural genetic makeup from becoming what God originally planned – a man.

Whenever someone acts out in a way which is unnatural, (in this case being effeminate) what they are doing is replacing their natural trait (being a man) and instead, they replace it with attributes of feminine qualities which should not be apart of their genetic, nor physical or mental structure. In other words, they are acting out like a woman. This can, in some cases, lead to a more greater opening – homosexuality.

When I see young men dressing up in such a way which is a direct reflection of gender confusion, waving their hands around like a girl would, and speak in tones which are traits of female persuasion, it confirms in my spirit that another spirit is at work. Most likely the young man was raised in an environment at home which the father was not present, or maybe the young man was abused (sexually) by someone older when they were a child, or they were groomed by an older sister where they were neglected in acting out their natural masculine personality, all of this leads to gender confusion to some extent, and if not dealt with, most certainly will bring about a problem later in life.

So why is being effeminate a sin? Because it denigrates God’s natural model between men and women, it erodes the natural order of a man whom God created to be strong, determined, masculine in almost every way. God created man to be a leader, to have strong emotions, that is why men are appointed to lead and women are to follow, why? Because women are the weaker sex. That is how God created the natural order between men and women. When young men, or even older men, subvert that which is normal and begin to act out (for whatever reason) behaviors, attitudes, appearance and in speech like a female, what they man is doing is twisting their natural genetic structure and instead, are allowing a spirit of confusion to enter into their life which will unleash even greater problems in the future if not dealt with. Homosexuality being one of them.

The word makes it clear, anything which is not of faith, it is sin. When a man begins to behave in such a way which is sissy in behavior, that person is sinning not only against God, but against nature itself. This is what opens the door to ideas which are only now becoming apparent in our culture, transgenderism being one. We have little boys being told they can be little girls, and little girls being told they can be boys, it’s all a spirit at work, a spirit of perversion and God will have none of it.

The modern church ignores effeminacy and instead they admire these confused men, many of which are dealing with deeper, hidden issues which need to be taken to the cross, and instead, the church celebrates diversity. This is how Satan is allowed to promote unnatural ideas, because pastors refuse to deal with these issues from the pulpit. If the pulpits in America won’t deal with the perverted elephant in the room, then how will the souls who are weighed in the balance going to be saved? The truth is – they won’t. Our nation is facing one of the greatest spiritual plagues which it has seen in over a century – homosexuality. It is this spirit, which is deceiving many, that is being paraded throughout our nation into something the church should embrace, but the facts are, this spirit of perversion is bent on one thing, corrupting the person and ultimately forcing the church into silence.

We are leaving in dangerous times, and it is these times in which we live that we must be ever on guard to stand for truth, no matter how much society embraces it, the facts are, we must stand against the changing times we are living in and hold up the values and morals God has instilled in us all. There is but one hope for the effeminate – the cross. It is the same for the homosexual, the thief, the drunk, the prostitute, the liar and the wayward soul. Being effeminate is not healthy, it is not funny, it is not something we should ignore when we see a young man acting out in such a way that seeks to tear down his masculinity, it is sin, and sin is something we must no longer learn to accept simply because it’s culturally taboo to correct, a soul is at stake. Until we challenge the status quo, nothing will ever change. But if we challenge the spiritual corruption which is being seen overtaking our nation and our churches, we have an opportunity to change a life – for the better. That is the only solution to setting a young man free from this spiritual disease – the cross.



  1. Jane says:

    Very, very true Dear Christopher. Thank you for speaking out. WHAT DESPERATE TIMES we are living in. God in heaven have mercy on us!!!!!!

  2. Sharron says:


  3. wow,to God be the glory


  5. SP Smith says:

    A follower of LORD JESUS was given a vision by LORD JESUS about T.D. Jakes as being effeminate. After watching the YouTube video, Jakes effeminate mannerisms are more noticeable, not to say that I did not notice them before. It just makes more sense now.

  6. SP Smith says:

    I must also add that T.D. Jakes referred to LORD JESUS as a “product”. Implying that he is a salesman whose job is to sell a product. I am sure that GOD the FATHER is not too happen about that comment.

  7. Dave says:

    This post is mostly extra-biblical. Mannerisms, speech, behavior, even clothes and hairstyles, and dare I even say gender roles, are social constructs that the Bible does not mandate. Deborah was the leader of Israel (Judges 4:4). And look at Jael in Judges 4:21 – an example of Biblical womanhood? King David danced (I Sam 6:14) – was that effeminate?

  8. barry says:

    The obsession the church has with homosexuality is perverse. I would say, that at any one time, less than 10% of the worlds population is exclusively homosexual. At the same time up to 40% of the heterosexual population in the western world, is contemplating divorce. But, does the church bother to address that, does it hell. It would appear it is much more interested in gay men and their proclivities. Divorce destroys families, adultery destroys families, and liberal morality destroys families,it may not be as interesting as those men who go to bed with each other but it is far more destructive. PLEASE, cut through the bull and concentrate on an issue that, even as I write, is tearing families apart.True, it does not have the same secret appeal as the gays seem to have for you people but it is much more important.Especially to young children. If I have read one site dealing with the dreaded subject of men who are gay, I must have read a hundred, yet nothing on divorce.

  9. Reverend K.E.Bynes, Jr says:

    Great piece my brother. Pray for us this plague is everywhere.

  10. Reverend K.E.Bynes, Jr says:

    Great piece my brother. Pray for us. This plague is everywhere. It has infiltrated our families and churches. Entire congregations have fallen under this disgusting spirit.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Shortest verse in The Bible: “Jesus wept.”

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