When the serpent tempted and deceived Eve under the guidance of Satan, he did so not by a accusation, but a question – “Did God really say?” It is an age old question that has brought more departure from the written word than anything else conceived. It has created confusion within much of the body, causing many to become blinded by a clever deception and that deception goes back to the original source – Satan. It was Satan who was the first to challenge God and his holiness, his righteousness and his throne. It was Satan’s desire to unseat the most high in his own pride which led him to rebel against God, thereby taking with him in his attempt to wage war in heaven, one-third of the angels. Yes, the first liberal was Satan.

What is Liberalism? In its truest form, liberalism is the philosophy of personal liberty without need of personal responsibility. That man is the sole end to ones own particular view, if it feels good to one, but not necessarily to another, to each their own. There is no absolute right nor wrong. That is classical liberalism in a nutshell. The departure from conservative social values which would garner the individual to align themselves to a greater collective thought that is rooted in both social and religious belief.

But classic liberalism has been actively infiltrating the modern church since the radical 60’s sexual movement. When liberal professors began to be placed within our nations Universities and Colleges, it was to begin the process of social liberal indoctrination to undermine the past values and beliefs which were all based on traditional Christian values. It’s the age old question, “Did God really say?”

Now we have another form of liberalism and it’s called Liberal Theology. Liberal theology is the belief which states that the bible is not the final authority, nor is the bible to be taken literally, nor is it to be deemed relevant to man’s current place in society. The belief which says the miracles which occurred in the bible, from the creation event where God formed man from the dust of the earth, to the great flood which covered the earth are not to be considered believable. That is in fact Liberal theology. Liberal theology states that Christ was not born of a virgin, that the resurrection did not occur, that Jesus was not God in the flesh, but just another man whose teachings, although good in its principles, are not to be taken completely as sole authoritative. Liberal theology.

Yet liberal theology doesn’t stop there, it can be found in many popular teachings that are rampant within the church today, such as man is not a sinner, man is not lost in sin and is not doomed to some future judgment without a relationship with Christ through faith. Man can help himself; no sacrificial death by Christ is necessary since a loving God would not send people to such a place as hell and since man is not born in sin. Liberal theology states that Hell is not real but just another creation by the Catholic church to control the people, that ones own existence or mortality is simply determined by the quality of life one lives while they are on the earth, did they do good while they were alive? Did they help others? Were they kind to nature and the planet? These are attributes of Liberal theology and they all stem from the original question which was asked so many ages ago, “Did God really say?”.

In many churches today we see Liberalism raise its ugly head whereby it questions the role of the pastor in the church, or the need of assembling together in unity. This form of liberalism rejects the cross, it rejects the infilling of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. This spirit of deception which comes under the banner of Liberalism suggests that human relationships such as same sex marriage can be mutually acceptable in this new Christian philosophy where the idea of homosexuality and traditional Christian beliefs can be compatible with one another. Again, “Did God really say?”

Today modern popular pastors and preachers find no problem associating with secular teachers and new age proponents who by their own admission discount the authority of the written word, yet the people come by the thousands to hear what the latest buzz word or slogan, all under the guise of a “prophetic word”, will say to them. Liberal theology. This is the deception which Jesus warned us about many times throughout the word, that in the end times, people would fall for the lies of the enemy, rather than accept the words of God, they, like Eve, will harken to the question, “Did God really say?” Hear the words of Paul on this matter – “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.” (2 Timothy 4:3-4)

Liberal theology gave us teachers who now tell us that we can have grace without repentance, Heaven without Hell, the resurrection without the cross. These liberal teachers who are now occupying our pulpits openly dispute the word of God and instead embrace evolution, false religions such as Mormonism and Catholicism all under the guise of religious unity. But God calls it a fools endeavor. Liberal theology has not only its preachers, but its own bible, from the NIV to the popular Message Bible. Liberal theology has done more harm to the modern church than anything Communism could have done. But where is it leading those who embrace such teachings? I can point to one person – the coming man of sin. For it is Satan’s goal to produce his own image and that image will be found in a counterfeit representation of Christ, and he will need a foundation to stand on, and it will have been paved by liberal theology.


  1. Reblogged this on A Mom Looking Up and commented:
    “Did God really say?” So many Christians have no clue what His Word says. This is why it is so important to read the Word and test all spirits against it.

  2. Dave says:

    This isn’t very convincing given what’s happened over the years. Gallileo said the earth goes round the sun. Others suggested that slavery is wrong. They were labelled as “liberals” who were doing exactly what you condemn here, saying “Did God really say?”. Whose side is history on?

    The issue here is one of authority. Church leaders like to claim they have the right to tell us what God says. They don’t like being challenged, especially when their vested interests are threatened.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Amen Dave!

  4. Michael says:

    Amen truth!

  5. ajc says:

    I don’t think Christ spoke of conservative social values. That’s the old testament and being under the law. And a lot of people don’t believe in a literal burning hell. There is a strong reason for that. The meaning of the original words. Some people believe the horrific and unclean burning in hell forever came in with the pagans and the catholic church to control by fear. The bible was composed so many years after Christ was resurrected and by so many different scribes. I did not know the history of the bible until recently. And we all know that the original churches did not have the same system we have of a pastor and pew sitters. Everyone was equal.

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