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for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” (2 Timothy 1:7)


Seems like every other day there’s a new “Breaking news” about something, be it Obama’s coming martial law, or Israel is about to be invaded by ISIS (which is untrue) or that North Korea (let alone ISIS) is about to set off a EMP across North America, even though our nation has the most sophisticated iron dome from Alaska to Miami that nothing remotely from a struggling third world rated nation like North Korea could penetrate our defenses. Yet, if we believe the current internet rumors about the latest “invasion” and how it will come about, it would make most scared to death to step outside their front door.

Are we living in dangerous times? Yes we are. Are we living in the times the bible tells us will occur just prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ? Yes, in fact we are. However, does this mean we take every latest or current word of fear from the latest prophet of doom, who by their own right are not even born again? It astounds me that not just regular American citizens are believing much of what is being circulated on the web, but many Christians are believing them as well. My question to many who listen to those such as Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck is, why are you gleaning from sinners to begin with?

I recall when in the 2012 Presidential elections came, how that many were already planning on President Obama’s Government order to start herding Christians into FEMA camps, (have you noticed that there’s hardly any more discussions now about FEMA camps?) and how the President was going to start WW3 and become dictator. That was three years ago and still President Obama has not declared martial law nor even hinted at a third term (which is unconstitutional to begin with). Yet rumors and gossip began to circulate around the nation among patriots, conservatives and even Christians that they better start hording food and gathering up weapons for we are about to be shipped to some mysterious camp in some vacant and isolated American concentration camp. And still the world continues to spin and people are continuing their daily lives.

I often get asked in recent weeks about the current “secret” events taking place in the south with the Jade Helm 15, one which some within the patriot movement, along with Glen Beck, are suggesting that the military is scheming to overthrow the U.S. Government. My answer remains the same – who says? I’m not suggesting that there is not an underlying theme taking place within our own Government, but let’s keep things in perspective, it was the Government itself who leaked this information, not some insider who wanted his 15 minutes of fame, but the Government. Can we honestly state for certain that the Government is not planning something for the future? Of course not, but what can we do? Even if our own Government is planning on something in the near future, can we honestly do anything about it? I think not.

The problem I see with some within the church is that they would rather cling to fables, myths and conspiracy theories which literally have no impact upon the gospel, when in reality we need to be focused on preaching the gospel. Should we take interest in the affairs of men and their evil plans for this world? To a degree. Yet that is not our commission nor should it be our concern. That’s not to say that we should totally ignore these things when the world begins to turn on the church, for even Joseph was awakened in a dream by an angel telling him to leave with his new wife (Mary) and flee to another City, why? Because God knew the heart and plan of an evil King, but God was in control.

To the Christian it should not matter the plans and schemes of wicked men and the reason is ours is to confront the evils of this world which are being influenced by Satan, we are to confront, not flee. We are to reveal, not hide away in fear. We are to warn and not shy away from the gospel. But it is the gospel that we are to concern ourselves with and not the latest internet rumor. The apostle Paul stated his warning in Ephesians 4:14 “so that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes.

Paul was making it clear that we should be rooted in the cross of Christ, firmly planted in the word of God to such a degree that when another teaching (or conspiracy theory) comes upon the scene that it should not move us nor shake us, for we who are in Christ should have no fear of what will come. The truth is, dark times are indeed coming, 2 Timothy 3:1 gives us an account of this “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

Yes, the world is racing toward its reckoning with judgment at the hands of an angry God. Yes, the rise of Satan’s army is mounting upon their steeds, and soon the world will become overshadowed by the powers of darkness. But for the believer who has placed their faith in Jesus Christ, this is our greatest opportunity, our greatest moment, not to fear what is yet to come, but to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and him crucified. Let fear no longer have a hold on you or some latest news release of secret meetings, but instead take peace in knowing that whatever may come, we are overcomers through Christ our Lord.



  1. Christopher great article and I agree. However, i take exception to you putting Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck in that category of pushing fear theories. Yes, Glem gets into stuff that shine the light on the government and has proven to be more right than wrong but he has said that Americas only hope is to tun back to God. You must not listen to Rush but he is the most positive voice in America saying there is always hope if we the people get back to the traditional conservative values of our founders. He has spoken eloquently many time over the years how this nation has been and still is blessed by God. I wish more Christians would be half has positive as Rush. If Rush is not a Christian he sure talks and gives like one should.

    • Rush was asked once if he was born again, he said he was not, but he admired the Christian faith – that simply won’t cut it. He’s operating in the carnal and while he can be right when it comes to the world’s system, to the Christian it means little because this is not our home.

    • Art says:

      You are correct about Rush. I’m always feeling better about our current state of affairs after I hear him. Those who criticize Mr Limbaugh are NOT regular listeners. Yes, he doesn’t spout or tie in religion, but in fact, he comes across as the best friend you could have in these darkening days.

      • Here’s the problem – Rush is not a believer. So whatever he might say, as correct as it might be relating to the world, is a earthly solution, but since we who are in Christ are not of this world, then nothing he has to say has any true relevance to the believer. That’s the real issue.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow this is what I needed to read at this time!!! I will remember my obligation as a Believer!

    • ajc says:

      Rush was a druggie and has how many divorces? He’s sarcastic and sophomoric. ajc Beck is just nuts and has very few followers now,

  2. If God can use a donkey He can use Rush

  3. SP Smith says:

    Yes, “admiring the Christian faith” is simply not going to “cut it”. Stating that Limbaugh and Beck’s shows are those of sinners are kind words. I would just refer to their shows and other similar programs as garbage. I commend Limbaugh for not dodging the question on whether he is born-again or not, unlike some celebrities. As far as the comment that was made that it is unconstitutional for Obama to have a third-term, in Matthew 19:26, KJV, LORD JESUS said “With people this is impossible, but with GOD all things are possible.” My point is this, Obama is GOD’S will, and if Obama is GOD’S will, it is absolutely very likely that he will have a “third-term”. The calamity that will fall upon the American nation will set things in motion for Obama to continue his presidency. GOD is using Obama to punish America and possibly even the entire world. There are a slew of untruthful information that is being circulated on the internet, television, and radio programs, but if one abides in CHRIST, HE will inform you of which information has veracity. It is important that as followers of LORD JESUS, we should seek HIM for the ability to discern untruthful information.

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  6. I have come across this article only recently but just wanted to say it is nice to see a voice of reason in a world that has gone mad. It frightens me that people so readily accept conspiracy theories and cry out in terror at obvious fabrications and then seem to leave real matters, of caring for the poor and broken as though they have not got time for such menial tasks. It doesn’t really matter when our Lord returns, it matters that we live today as though He will. Thank you for your words.

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