Posted: June 25, 2015 in HOT TOPICS
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gay rights

Here’s the downfall of either tomorrow’s (Friday) or Monday’s Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage:

1. It will establish a new equality rights for all homosexuals and force upon business or non-profit establishments such as charities and churches who operate under religious freedom Act, anti-discrimination laws which will not allow any business or organization to exemption protection.
2. It (same sex equality rights) will deem any religious institution as a legal challenge to tax exemption status which will, as I believe, will end up back in front of the court justices.
3. It will allow the creation of a new ethics set of laws which will eventually include religious speech which runs counter to the lifestyle of those who consider themselves as gay. In other words, if a preacher or pastor speaks publicly in a way which deems homosexuals being portrayed as “immoral” or “wrong” by a religious standard, that individual will not find refuge under the law for “religious” freedom of speech protection.
4. It will begin to force television ministries, Christian authors or anyone who writes, produces or proclaims a counter view of homosexuality to either refrain from speaking against homosexuality or risk being removed from all areas of media outlets.
5. It will begin to force change (under intense social and political pressure) toward all evangelical Denominations and their stand against homosexual acts. We will begin to see, due to massive pressure from outside sources, bi-laws being created which will adopt and even remotely embrace the idea which says Christians can be homosexual. Those organizations, regardless how large they might be, will succumb to political correctness on the position of same sex marriages.
6. New Bibles will be produced which will not only remove all references against homosexuality, but in its place will be added new language which will support the viewpoint of acceptance as well as tolerance toward homosexuals.
7. Same sex marriage will give rise to transgender protection which will bring about new curriculum within the public education system that will not only deem homosexuality a normal, alternative lifestyle, but encourage homosexual and transgender experiences to children as young as 5 years old.
8. Homosexual diversity will begin to change our entire society to such a degree that traditional Christian principles will be seen and viewed as “outdated” and harmful to social change.
9. Polygamy and to a degree, pedophilia, will become questionable in the years to come that introduction to a new movement for equality for personal choice, even among children, will become normalized to such an extent that people will have multiple marriage partners, and adult/teen sex/marriage will become acceptable or tolerable yet limited.
10. We will possibly see or witness the first openly gay Presidential candidate to run for office and possibly attain the White House.

That is what I see coming.



  1. Louise Angrisani says:

    Very horrifying

  2. heartbroken… and with Messiah… I weep

  3. SP Smith says:

    I read a comment in an article that the reason why we are seeing so much efforts being made to pass federal laws to accept same sex marriage is to make society more comfortable with homosexuality. I am sure that the comment is even in regards to those that are non-Christians because, of course, there are non-believers that are not in favor of the homosexual lifestyle. The comment continued to state that the reason for making same sex marriage mainstream is because the Antichrist is a homosexual man, which makes a lot of sense. How else are people on a mass scale going to feel comfortable with a world leader that is homosexual. The world is being prepared for a homosexual world leader, that being the Antichrist, and one way of doing that is not just by having television programs where couples are gay, or even having a popular lesbian talk show host on t.v., but passing laws on a federal level that will force states to legalize same sex marriage. The NWO is trying to force feed the world with homosexuality.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It Would be pointless/stupid to take such a thing out of the bible. Is like woman trying to delete all those “stereotypes” and articles that disrespect woman as individuals just because the woman are able to vote and have rights. I mean we cannot just change history and whether we gays like it or not, bible stays the way it has always been, showing always how times changes, how we have evolved for our better understanding and acceptance. This is nothing but people making up stories for attention due to the fact that they couldn’t stop 50 states from legalizing gay marriage.

  5. Anonymous says:

    That is the most rediculous thing I have ever read!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good! It’s about time!

  7. ajc says:

    I am almost as concerned about legal gay marriage as I am concerned about legal strip clubs and legal prostitution in some states. As a woman I think the strip clubs with their prostitution etc. concerns me more than two people who are going to do whatever they do whether they are married or not. My only objection is when gays adopt children, Kind of selfish. Kids need a mommy and a daddy. That was the way it was designed. I don’t hear a public out cry from the pew sitters about strip clubs, filthy men magazines etc. The gay marriage thing kind of falls short for me of the filthy magazines women have to endure in stores they frequent, including military stores. Our base club used to have strip night for the men. Sin is sin. I think Heterosexual sin is and has been just as gross. ajc

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