black crow

“The wicked shall return to Sheol, all the nations that forget God.” (Psalm 9:17)

Since the U.S. Supreme Court decided for all Americans the most challenging argument of this decade, is marriage a traditional covenant between a man and a woman? Or is it something much more open minded such as a man marrying a man, or a woman marrying a woman? The court sided with the changing culture and ruled against traditional marriage, and instead embraced the point of view which said marriage is whatever a person determines it to be. The court declared that same sex marriage should be the rule of law, and by doing so it sealed the nation forever in the pages of time which said God’s ways were not its ways. So not only have we, as a nation, changed God’s very idea of what marriage is, but it (the nation) has rejected God’s commandment of keeping to his laws. The end result is we’ve ruled God out of the nation and in his place we’ve chosen hedonism.

Every nation which has turn its back upon God and his word has fallen into some sort of decay, both moral as well as spiritual, and in each case, that nation never recovered. Such is now the case of the United States of America. So the question must be asked, has America reached a point, or crossed a point of no return? I believe so. To be clear, no other nation besides Israel can boast of God’s hand of protection, guidance, blessing and longevity such as America. We have been the light in a world which has seen nothing but death, oppression and tyranny. Yet now, 239 years later, America stands at the crossroads of destiny, and that road it has decided to travel has been not only well planned, but well executed. America, the once great nation of freedom, who boasted of her ample waves of grain, whose shores where marked by those who made their way from other lands of oppression, has been lost to the spirit of the age, that spirit being Antichrist.

I contend that what this nation is facing today, extreme weather patterns, violence in its streets, civil unrest and moral decay, this nation has went the road of Sodom, and its future sealed. In 2012, at the Olympics, the American flag fell to the ground during the National anthem (video) to the shock of all who watched while in attendance. Now, nearly three years later, a same event has occurred whereby a black crow, which has always represented death symbolically, made its way upon the back of a flying eagle, which is in fact the national symbol of our nation. I contend to the reader that in the age of instant communication via the internet, smart phones, ipads, and television, that this was no mere coincidence, but in fact a warning to the nation God has had enough. Our sins have reached the cup of trembling and our iniquity overflows.

It is my belief God is choosing our nations own symbols to tells us he is about to judge this nation, especially in light of what has occurred with the Supreme court legalizing perversion such as same sex marriage. The only thing I believe the church can do right now is pray, pray that whatever comes will not only shake the church from its spiritual apathetic slumber, but also give us the only message which matters – the cross. Yet I fear a trembling in my spirit for what is coming to this country, and one which has been overdue for a long time, with the only thing holding back God’s judgment being the church, yet with so many pulpits today accepting false teachings and their prophets, the nation will go as the church is going – apostasy. God give us time to prepare for what is coming – judgment.


  1. Dan O. says:

    For Gods servant it will be his word being fulfilled apart from the persecution and judgment they have had to endure over the decades such was that of the prophets, Jesus, and his followers. And such must and will happen. As for time the prophets warned us, Jesus warned us, and the Bible warns us. So how much more time “do you” think we should be granted if time is all hes been giving us? This is not a message of him needing us, but us needing him. The only thing keeping us from a collapse are his faithful ones and the message that has been the same through the ages “Repentance”. Repentance has been the one and only thing that has drawn us closer to God and it is the only thing that can save us now not solely from physical destruction but eternal damnation. And so i must ask, where are his children? Do they hear the call? Do they notice the events taking place? Do they know the times?

    • ajc says:

      Apparently, people are blind. We know the enemy blinds our minds. There is a false religion out there that requires no repentance. People are following people. Following the rock stars of the churches that rely on fear, superstition and mysticism. It makes them popular and rich. ajc I am not looking for the antichrist that the churches teach about. This spirit has been operating since Christ. Christ said it himself.

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