fall prophecy

Last night while in prayer, the Lord began to speak to my spirit of what I believe is coming this fall. Here is that word:

“In the fall I shall move against the nation of plenty. I shall shake the land, what can be shaken will be shaken, for the people are in rebellion and turned against my ways. So I shall turn them over to another spirit and it shall devour them.”

I cannot say what is coming, but in my spirit I fear for this nation and what we have done. Let God be true and every man a liar.



  1. clinton says:

    i know its long overdo Gods Judgement on america, God has been mercifull and kind to america including i for Gods mercy on the nation and Gods mercy on me, but I know america deserves Gods judgement, please God in Jesus Name show mercy please not so we can continue in sin but to turn to u, i pray for ur mercy on my life cuz u know me God i have much sin and wrong in my life but i need u so please show merc

  2. clinton says:

    brother Christopher I recieve what God tells u I dont reject it I recieve it, cuz I know eveytime i breath is cuz if God, God could take me out in less than a second, yes years ago in teenchallage i was born again saved thru Jesus and his blood no other way, im 54 brother christopher much in my walk with God I pray for Gods mercy

    • clinton says:

      i struggle daily in my walk with God, I do not understand why God puts up with me cuz im eveil no good, yes im Born again saved i have honestly been saved only thru Jesus and and the cross but God knows my sin which is much, there are times i ask God if im realy saved, as i said I have asked Jesus in my heart years ago and I meant it, if I was God I would taken out clinton years ago, I dont know God puts up with me and my evil wicked ways and im being honest

    • The church will always find safety in Christ. The nation has to undergo a transformation from what it once was, to something more in line with the spirit of the world, which is antichrist. Yet for the believer, we should not fear, but rejoice.

      • clinton says:

        i understand prophecy and scripture has to be fulfilled brother and i understand what ur saying i wonder about my walk with God, there is so much sin in my life and yet im a believer in Christ, again why does God put up with me, anyway thanks

  3. clinton says:

    i struggle daily in my walk with God, I do not understand why God puts up with me cuz im eveil no good, yes im Born again saved i have honestly been saved only thru Jesus and and the cross but God knows my sin which is much, there are times i ask God if im realy saved, as i said I have asked Jesus in my heart years ago and I meant it, if I was God I would taken out clinton years ago, I dont know God puts up with me and my evil wicked ways and im being honest, mercy

    • Brother ELD says:

      Clinton, The Father made you for Himself. He knows how you got broken and He wants to bring you to him. Then He will fix you and all will be good. Grace is all, accept it.

  4. Tammy says:

    The Lord gave me a vision that my family thought I was dying from. But i was not dying what i saw had me reeling. It was the antichrist claiming himself god in the temple in Israel and the demons that poured out onto the earth on that day was insane there were billions upon billions of demons which makes sense since angels are absolutely uncountable, and satan took 1/3 with him.

    But that was for later in time, as soon as Michael and his angels kick satan and his out of heaven, is when that happens, but the beginning of sorrows the Father said and showed me is coming very soon. He did not say time at all but showed me it is very soon.

    He showed me war for about 5 years after the economic collapse. Earthquakes beyond anything ever seen before. So much, one thing after another after another. Those who are truly His, walking in His shadow, (psalm 91) as soon as anyone lost trust in Him and tried looking right or left, they were picked off by satan and his minions.

    I also had a vision 2 years ago in july, of Obama being killed by isis, whom in my dream he had helped create, but they hate him as much as they hate everyone, and they threatened in my dream to kill him which the news reporters were like no way not possible, but in the dream the next morning the news was all about Obama being burned alive at the stake before the whole world. I have no idea of the dream but the vision was so so clear.

    He said three days ago to my heart a Reset for America.

    • clinton says:

      what do u mean by reset, also I do believe this year God is gonna judge America and also I have read some things about obama helped create isis how did obama do that

      • Tammy says:

        Reset like remove all our money and all our things from us. Making us depend upon Him. Time and again the Lord has done this reset thing. He reset the world through the flood. He reset the nations around Sodom and Gomorrah by destroying them for their homosexuality. Thus making Sodom and Gomorrah as examples of what not to do.

        He reset Israel each time they all moved so far away from Him His will and ways, and worshiped other gods, which were demons. He removes everything from us showing us that dependence on Him is the ONLY way to live.

        Clinton the Lord wants your 100% devotion to Him, and will help you to stop sinning, and learn how to please Him rather than yourself. You have to study His word and fast if you are serious about His taking over your life and helping you to live for Him and hidden well in Him.

        Study the book of Acts Clinton study it not only read it, study and pray over it. Fasting does not have to be days and days long. At first start off with fasting something you just love. Then go without a meal or two for a day, then go a day without a meal, and build it like that, it makes it easier. Then you can make it a habit.

        Good luck i will pray for you!

      • Clinton says:

        Thanks Tammy u are so right thanks for Godly advice I will do my best I do need God’s help

      • Tammy says:

        Your welcome Clinton. Not one of us can do any of this on our own it is not i who lives but Christ who lives through me, we just need to be willing vessels who are repentant and dependent upon Him to see us through and to give us the ability to hear Him and know what is His perfect will.

        None of us has arrived at perfection we are being perfected through trials and troubles and tribulations. We are purified by going through the fiery trials coming upon the world. Praise Him He does all of this when we love Him and are thankful and seek Him with all our might.

        I personally am very hard on myself always because i cannot afford to be wrong in Him. My prayers are Lord help me walk as the apostles walked. Show me truth help me see and hear what the Holy Spirit would show me and tell me. But i still slip once in a while it is my absolute worst thing is to let slip a swear once in a while and then i feel like oh man back to the drawing board Lord.

        When He tests me i always feel like I have failed miserably. But one day when I said to him in absolute tears and frustrations Lord how can you put up with me? I fail every test you give me. He shocked me by saying but did you leave me? I said what? as though I had not heard but was so surprised. He said did you leave me? I said no Father i could never imagine the thought let alone the action? He said then you have not failed.

        I cried my heart out! How amazing and merciful our Father is.

      • clinton says:

        alomst everyday I ask God why he tolerates and puts up wth me cuz im no good and evil and sinfull, i even think God is upset with me and ashamed of me, and I tell u this i do get upset eaily at people and when I do I cuss, i wonder much if i am realy saved cuz im no good useless to God, yes I have asked Jesus in my heart but I wonder, cuz I feel God dont want anything to do with me, i think God has given up on me :-((((

    • ajc says:

      Next time, don’t eat spicy food before you go to bed or watch fox news. Obama didn’t create Isis. Christ is stronger than Satan. You are living in fear and superstition.

  5. clinton says:

    thanks tammy but that what I said about me is how i feel, i am no good junk

  6. Tammy says:

    Clinton if you still care rather God is upset with you then I can promise you He is not done with you Yet. When God has given up on someone they could care less about offending Him and or how they live their lives. I am willing to bet that god chose you before the foundations of the world were laid and is now waiting for you to just give up everything in your life for the treasure that He is.

    I am talking about fully surrendering your hopes dreams desires and all of that for Him, in all of those things place.

    The Lord our God rushes to those who are repentant and contrite. You just have to decide Clinton once and for all that He and eternity with him is so much worth more than your sinning and those mere moments of worthless satisfaction that comes from either drinking or drugs or women or all of that and then some.

    If God can forgive Jeffrey Dahmer then He can forgive anyone anything. Ask Him to see yourself through His eyes, and marvel that despite our filth of the world that stains us, and the many many doors between us and Himself, He can love and forgive you and wash you in the cleansing blood of Jesus!

    I made a video of my repentance I am toots4jesus on youtube, and the video I made of my salvation unto repentance I want you to go watch please. That is the name salvation unto repentance. It was actually a vision I had and I will never be the same.

    This world and its short lived pleasures are worthless to us. All this life walked in sin gets us, is eternal damnation. But a life of self sacrifice and serving the Lord and bringing Him honor and glory gets us eternity in His love that Humans cannot come close to fathoming.

    He says no eye has seen no ear has heard no mind has imagined the things God has for us who love Him. I dream and ponder on that constantly and I know my imagination cannot come near to what is in store for us who love and live for Him and in Him.

    Give up this life of worthless endeavors that pays you nothing but instead robs you of life. Build your treasures in Heaven, so that for eternity you have many treasures but more importantly you have God and His glory and grace and mercy and most important of all His love.

    He has not given up on you yet!

    • clinton says:

      sis Tammy thanks i will watch on youtube, also I am a media church member of jimmy swaggart church, i live in missouri but i am a member as a media member, brother Swaggart preaches the same thing the message of the cross, also the video of yours on youtube what is the complete title of the video

      • Tammy says:

        repentance true repentance unto salvation. toots4jesus. I saw you added me to your circles on G+

      • clinton says:

        ok thanks, and Tammy what do u think of me being a member of jimmy swaggarts media church and yes I know salvation is only thru Jesus and the cross not church membership, I love Jimmy Swaggarts preaching teaching and his music is so annointed so is donnie swaggart and gabriel swaggart

      • Tammy says:

        well Clinton i would say that your in the wrong place. I personally do not see Jimmy Swaggart as a good preacher. He should not be preaching at all after having done all he had done in the past. i am sure the Lord forgave him but that matters nothing to me. He brought down condemnation upon the Lord’s head when he did all he did in the past.

        I never ever listen to anyone on television it is satans greatest tool to bring in sin slyly right into the hearts of peoples homes. The Lord showed me all media is evil and the huge demons that stand over the writers of anything television and or hollywood.

        The Lord told me not long ago this very simple thing, the united states has a hollywood mentality and it is far removed from who God wants us to be. I do not do television preachers at all nor do i do church it is so off from the truth of the word of God.

        But that said you need a job and if that is your job then hey have at it, but I would be very careful of these preachers who have bad past records and check every word they say against the bible. If they drop a part of a verse then it is not the complete context and needs to be thrown out.

        If they add to it then throw it out. The word of God for 2000 years or more, has been doing the job the Lord had in mind with no help from men or women. Those who add to the word or remove word need not be teaching anyone anywhere.

      • clinton says:

        thanks Tammy

    • clinton says:

      Tammy I want to say this i respectfully disagree with you on Jimmy Swaggart, yes he messed up but God has forgiven him annd still uses Jimmy Swaggart, I follow Jesus, Jimmy Swaggart and I love him and I know he preaches the truth, anyway I dont want to use brother Christophers website to debate about this thanks and Godbless

  7. April says:

    It is the spirit of sexual perversion.

  8. alex mills says:

    Deliver me, oh Father in Heaven, from the coming wrath with you will surely pour out on the nation, for we have fallen into evil. Give me the spirit of repentance, so that I may escape your vengeance, and deliver me to a place of peace and tranquility. I come to you, oh Father with great faer and trembling, for you are the author of the universe, thy merciful father

  9. Simon says:

    It’s 03-Jan-2016. What was the big thing? Did we miss it? I haven’t watched the news much, so I don’t know if everything got shook up. Is everybody still OK?


  10. Caleb Cassel says:

    It’s well past fall, now. Christopher, what happened here?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I believe the judgement that came upon our nation was Trump. He is the manifestation of the many evil thoughts and feelings that Americans have towards one another. God help us all…

    • ajc says:

      I too think there is something about Trump getting in. It is strange. He is a monster and most of the people that go to church voted for him. I don’t go to church anymore because of the type of people in church. They say his character doesn’t matter. Why doesn’t his adultery and lying etc. matter. All they talked about with Obama was character. Most church people are frightening. They want to control what people think and if they were in control, normal people would be in danger. I am serious. ajc

  12. revelationunveiled says:

    To begin a journey into truth see: https://revelationunveiled.wordpress.com/

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