There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.” (Proverbs 14:12)

(This is a piece I wrote concerning a dream I had on April 20th, 2010. Since that time I put it aside, waiting until the right time to publish for all to read. I believe this is the time and the reason for the dream I had about Mr. Trump)

Last night I received a dream, a vision of the life of one Donald Trump. In the dream, Donald stood before me, he was dressed in a black tuxedo, very well shined and polished, all the way to his shoes, which shined in their black leather. He wore a white scarf around his shoulders and it appeared that he was going to a party. I followed him in my dream when he seemed to enter a mansion and then we found ourselves going into a cellar, what for I do not know. Within a split second I saw a young, beautiful woman appear from out of nowhere. She was beautiful to look at, her face was very attractive. She paid no attention to me whatsoever as it seemed to once again appear to me that I was just “seeing” what was taking place.

She told Donald to follow her and began to lead him into the cellar, when the floor seemed to open up and a series of steps emerged from below. Donald followed her, I was right behind them. She led him further and further deep into the ground, as he seemed to be highly interested in going with this young attractive woman. I felt despair, fright and concern as I did not feel as though I wanted to go with him, but I felt in my spirit I was to follow, I had no choice, for something I needed to see was in store. The girl was speaking to Donald about many things, but I cannot honestly remember all that she said, for I was paying attention to the fact that as we moved deeper into the Earth, the steps were gone and we were now moving into a place of deep darkness.

Donald had a torch and I drew close to him, remember, this was a vision/dream I was seeing and even though I could not be harmed, I felt frightened as the darkness grew thicker. But what was so interesting was, there were times when Trump would stop and question about going any further, but she would become very seductive to him and she would entrance him to continue to follow her deeper into the dark cavern. And that was what it was – a cavern.

The walls became tighter, more closer together, then there appeared creatures, the further we got deep into the earth, the stranger the creatures became, very evil in appearance and as I grew closer to Trump, we stopped. She told Trump something and he wanted to leave, to go back, but she told him that he could not and as I looked around, I saw that the place where we were at was complete darkness and an overwhelming sense of dread came over me and I began to pray. The young girl then suddenly and without warning, laughed and literally walked thru the wall of earth and was gone and as Donald became afraid, he looked around and I tried to yell to him to follow me back, but he could not hear. I was literally pulled away from what I was seeing, leaving Donald Trump to the darkness. It was a powerful, dream in which I was given and very disturbing. ### end of dream



  1. Clinton says:

    Some republicans believe that mr trump is a plant by democrats to make sure hillary wins, I’m not sure but my gut feeling tells me hillary will win and be the next president, I’m going by my gut instinct maybe I’m wrong, maybe brother Christopher u can share what u think I just post

  2. Judy H. Strickland says:

    I just read a disturbing article in Charisma Magazine SUPPORTING Donald Trump fo president – not just supporting him but it was a glowing review of his “high moral standards”???!!! Have you read it? Please comment – it’s online. Thanks, Judy

    • clinton alexander says:

      donald trump is not a godly man and he will not win white house, trump may win nomination but he wont win general election

      • nick says:

        God does not always use godly men to fulfill his purpose if that was the case we’d have a billy graham clone in the white house. Read your bible remember king nebacanezzer or king Cyrus?

      • clintonalexander2016 says:

        Trump will lose november whether u like it or and ur not my pastor and ur not my god or boss so stop lecturing me

      • deb says:

        How do you know Trump is not a Godly man? who died and made you God? You are not the Holy Spirit that looks on the hearts of men!! I believe God has chosen him for President at this time in history!!

      • Anonymous says:

        trump won hummmm God uses whom he wishes and trump is called by God ….pray pray dont trust all your feelings read pray seek listen we sometimes hear what we want ..

    • I believe that God is using Donald trump to expose oll the fake christians,

  3. cynthiagee says:

    I saw this comment on , by a fellow named Gene Jarr :

    Isn’t it funny how no matter HOW offensive Trump gets, his popularity continues to rise….His comments about Megyn Kelly would have put anyone else’s numbers in the toilet, but not the Donald…He no regard for women or for the dignity of womanhood itself (he says that breastfeeding “disgusts” him, too)…. he doesn’t give a hoot about religion…..he doesn’t even respect our POWs – “they got caught”: Trump values winners and winning, because his only “god” is power/force (god of forces?), and, of course, himself…..
    …but, hey, at least he’s NAMED well!
    Donald sees himself as a “trump card”, and he trump-ets that “fact” all day long to anyone who will listen, and brags and blows and puffs himself up, but no matter how great he grows, he’s just a little tin-Horn:
    Dan 8:9¶And out of one of them came forth a little horn, which waxed exceeding great, …..

    Dan 8:10 And it waxed great, even to the host of heaven; and it cast down some of the host and of the stars to the ground, and stamped upon them.

    • You are wrong about Donald Trump. One of his main priorities is to help the Veterans. He is always trying to help them–I should know since my Sister and Brother-in-law have been in the Service. Trump is always helping the Vets and the Wounded Warriors. The woman that Megyn Kelly spoke about was Roderick. She came out in the open the next day after Megyn said what she did about Donald Trump and she said that Donald Trump always treated her like a Gentleman and that he showed great respect to her and other women. There was one woman that Donald Trump had a feud with and that was Rosie O’ Donnell. Rosie O’ Donnell was the rude and crude one–she picked on Trump’s Wife and Children by calling them names, so Trump stood up for his family. I do not see anything wrong with protecting your wife and children. Your description concerning Donald Trump is really wrong!

      • clintonalexander2016 says:

        And trumpster will lose november and dems will take us senate back

      • clintonalexander2016 says:

        Ur wrong mary he is a fraud insults people rude and his wife has posed nude not sure if she still does but his wife is not a good role model but what bothers me is ur decieved to vote for him well thankfully trump will lose november goodday

      • deb says:

        The democrats denied God so don’t even play the Christian card. not to mention Hillary has a membership in the witches church in bohemian grove.. Now that is a real model for young girls isn’t she…. Go TRUMP!! PRAISE the Lord!!

      • ajc says:

        You mean the new first lady who has done porn for money and possibly worked as an escort How come Trump didn’t protect and look after his first wife if he’s such a family man He cheated on her

      • ajc says:

        Protecting his wife??? Are you joking? He cheated on all of them. He didn’t stand up for his wife, he took offense that someone would say something negative about something he OWNS and is associated with. You must not have a t.v. or must only watch fox news. ajc

      • ajc says:

        No one helps the veterans. The veteran hospitals deny medicine if it is expensive. My dad was a veteran. No one really helps the veterans but their families. ajc

    • ajc says:

      You are right Cyn The grosser he gets – the more popular he is with his crowd. Strange. I would say almost satanic (not being dramatic but it is the strangest thing). Almost like Hitler’s popularity. ajc

  4. alex mills says:

    Donald Trump is a decent man who has the courage to stand up for what he believes, a rare quality in this day and age. He speaks the truth about the issues, and I’m behind him 100 percent. Only the wicked see him as a threat.

    • Clinton says:

      Just cuz someone is against trump does not make them wicked alex also are you saying alex that christopher is wicked since brother is the one that wrote the article hmmmm, also i believe brother christopher to be a man of God and the only way trump will become president if it is Gods will

      • Clinton says:

        Since brother christopher wrote the article about trump i believe christopher is a man of God

      • Clinton says:

        Since brother christopher wrote the article about trump and i believe christopher is a man of God, brother christopher was simply sharing what God showed him

      • 2nd Amendment says:

        You’re truly misinformed. It’s sad how ignorant you are.

      • clintonalexander2016 says:

        No ur ignorant not me and trump will lose and hillary wins now get a life misinformed

      • sparkle808 says:

        To those who think it’s the right thing to vote for Hillary Clinton, consider her abysmal
        record so far: She lied about Bengazi, she lied about the email situation, then through
        manipulation she got out of being indicted for it. At that point there were even liberal
        democrats who thought that was wrong and said so. She is all for abortion in any and
        all situations, all the way through the pregnancy. She is all for “gay rights” and gay
        “marriage”. Two things the Lord calls an abomination: The shedding of innocent
        blood and homosexuality. (Of course forgiveness is available for anyone who has had
        an abortion or engaged in homosexual activities, as long as there is genuine repentance)
        The people who have worked closest with her have seen her dark side and have
        written books about it. One in particular wrote a book to warn people against
        voting for Hillary. Remember, the people who see you every single day, day in and
        day out, in different situations, are the ones who know you the best. These are
        the people who work or worked closely with her and know more than we do about
        Hillary. Many of them have reported that she is mean and unkind. Her true colors.
        We know Donald Trump is not perfect either. But at least he listens to the concerns
        of the Christians. To vote for Hillary is to vote for continued and accelerated
        “gay rights” and abortion, the shedding of innocent blood, among other things
        too lengthy to mention here. (As for as her comment that Trump is “anti-women”…..
        because he is against abortion, is ludicrous. Many of those aborted babies
        are female, who would have turned out to be women had they been allowed
        to live). Don’t the babies have rights, too?

    • Only the wicket see trumpler as a threat? You trumpsters are so delusional that you can’t see that black is black and white is white, let alone put you self on a throne of being able to judge anything, not anything at all! You have no idea the danger the world’s economy faces in the hands of a man who has gone bankrupt 7 times, 3 personal, 4 corporate. He currently has 168 law suits lodged against him, he has had to pay millions in fines for employing illegal workers.It wasen’t until his sons took over the business that things improved a little! As I said, you people are DELUSIONAL! WAKE UP!

      • clintonalexander2016 says:

        Apparently you been off ur meds ur the one that is delusional get back on them he will lose november and dems will november why The gop is torn apart over trump I read articles that 30 of republicans will refuse to vote trump but for hillary then u got the ted cruz guy anyway gop is in turmoil fighting one another the old saying is true a house divided cannot stand but will fall perfect of gop i also read that trump supporters will riot if trump is not nominee i say bring it on cuz most of the country is not for trump so if they riot lock up time awaits and the fema camps remember the other part of america that is majority that is against trump knows how to fight to in the streets

      • clintonalexander2016 says:

        The gop house is divided and a house divided will fall and that will happen to gop november

      • Edith says:

        People thought Trump wouldn’t make it as far as he has and now he’s going to win the nomination. So, as for you thinking with your whole heart that Clinton is going to win don’t be so sure of that. He could very well pull it off. All he’s been doing is win, win, and win. And now he has more popular votes than Hillary. Sorry, but I think Trump will be our next President.

      • ajc says:

        I personal know a person who trump refused to pay because he went bankrupct on the property He’s rich, he could have still paid them he is a crumb bum as we used to say I hope all the women who voted for him, have a husband just like him ajc

    • Anonymous says:

      What issues does he speak about? The man is a liar, and a fruad.

    • ajc says:

      Decent men don’t cheat on their wives, don’t talk filthy and gloat over the mean things they do. Decent men pay their taxes.

    • ajc says:

      Yeah alex He stands up for adultery, not paying taxes and molesting women

    • ajc says:

      Yeah he believes in adultery, lying and molesting women. ajc for Alex

    • ajc says:

      Alex You are an idiot. He is a pig. I guess you are a bit adultery fan. ajc

    • ajc says:

      Alex define your take on decent. You must be using the dictionary for idiots and republicans. ajc

  5. Ellysheva says:

    Christopher your dream describes the scene of one who had a horrifying near death experience in hell I read about before. He is being seduced to hell. Wherever he is being drawn into he must stop now and ask God for clear directions and guidance. Politics is a kind of hell. Terrible compromises. Some sell their souls to Satan to get power. Pray hard for him. Donald seems to be saying the right things but he is entering a dark world where world powers aren’t necessarily for and of God.

    • clinton alexander says:

      and I believe brother Christopher that trump running for president were hillary clinton wins and I believe that to be true, now whether trump intentionally running to help hillary I dont know but I agree with brother Christopher trump is just to have hillary win and I do believe that is trump stays in race I believe november 2016 hillary also I do believe that the democrats will win back the us senate november 2016 and im not one of trumps supporters im not fooled by trump, now trump has been trying to bully israel

      • Yeah, I honestly do not know how this will play out, it’s so hard to say. I would think that if the American people votes for Clinton, who would publicly state she would continue with the Obama plans, she would not be elected. But I don’t know. All I know is, Trump is rising, and there is obviously some reason I was given this dream 5 YEARS before this current political season came. Something is happening, still not sure what..but we will find out soon enough.

    • I had this night vision 5 years ago, I’m only now releasing it to the public simply because of the timing with Trump rising in power.

    • Vid says:

      Ellysheva. Your country America is under judgement for turning her back on GOD. America is today a godless country. Abortion and same sex marriage are abomination. You Americans should all repent. Most Christians in your country are mostly fake. More than 10 millions illegal immigrants entered America are from Asia, Africa, South America and middle east very easy with $$$…through a big highway underground built by the drug leaders. No politician dare to speak up, only a non politician from outsider Donald Trump, and you call him racist??. The enemies are in your house, still use race card to destroy America from within? GOD built this nation and HE will take it away in a second.

      This dream was not from GOD, but from JEZEBEL, the spirit of Satan trying to manipulate people.
      You should vote for WHAT but not for Who. You should pray GOD unceasingly and stop sins against GOD.

      REPENT or you will be perished.

      • clintonalexander2016 says:


      • Vid says:

        It does not hurt me, no matter what u call me. I trust GOD and I keep praying HIM to send DT to the Whitehouse. Amen

      • ajc says:

        Vid Trump ‘s lovely wife with all the plastic surgery and porn pics entered in illegally. Think he will deport her. Only if he can buy a younger wife. Even with all the plastic surgery, she’s beginning to show her age. He can probably buy better. She might be getting too old for him. Also, the co. that paid her for the porn pics also had a escort service. ajc Picture gets prettier and prettier. He’s even cheated on this wife. Wow being rich is amazing and the love of money makes people do vile things because they are vile.

      • ajc says:

        Jezebel was a real person She’s dead There is no spirit of Jezebel This is meant for you Vid You are one ignorant person Do you read your bible THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL I bet you really go for the touch not my anointed that Benny Hinn is always saying after he gets caught in something gross that he has done

      • ajc says:

        Vid You just don’t have a handle on the bible at all do you? It is believers who have repented. Abortion has been going of since the 1st century. It’s wrong but so is the politicians using it as their battle cry when most of them are dishonest and have done even worse sins to their wives and children and the poor.

    • ajc says:

      Saying the right things? You are joking. He has one filthy mouth which as we know comes from his heart.

    • ajc says:

      Why does saying the right thing always involve the F word His favorite word and apparently his favorite activity with women other than his wife ajc

    • ajc says:

      Is the F word the right thing?????? ajc ellysheva

  6. Jewels says:

    Does anyone think that [possibly this dream is to have us PRAY for him? There are and have been presidents before that were not born again and knew God . I dont think that is a absolute must necessarily for man to be chosen by God. Perhaps He is chosen by God and we are to pray for him top keep him from going down a dark place. We have to choose somebody. All of the candidates have things about them im not sure about and dont like. At least Trump seems more honest about things.As for the man that gave the charisma prophecy and then became ‘disillusioned ” with Donald i ask this… Why does that matter? If the word was from God then its Gods word on Trump. What the messenger thinks about it should not be all that important unless he has backtracked and says he now believes he missed it. Something to think about…

    • Vid says:

      You should trust GOD not polls. If Clinton is your GOD, you have Jezebel spirit of Satan in you.

      • clintonalexander2016 says:

        Go on looney trump supporter and when he loses talk to me then

      • Vid says:

        Whatever u want to call me, I can careless. I trust GOD, and I keep praying HIM to send DT to the whitehouse.

      • clintonalexander2016 says:

        Leave me alone child of satan and trump loses

      • Vid says:

        I am a child of GOD, bcoz I have compassion, love others, no hate.
        You have so much hate and u falsified others.

      • ajc says:

        vd there is no such thing as the spirit of jezebel There was a real person who was named jezebel but there is no spirit named jezebel. You must have gotten that garbage from the nutty church that teaches that and all the other totally unscriptural things. Do you also say touch not my anointed? I’m guessing you use that one to. There are evil spirits but none of them have the name of jezebel. Clinton has a different take on things than you do. Name calling is cheap and stupid. ajc the anointed was of course not Benny Hinn or Paul Crouch – it was Israel

      • ajc says:

        Vid there is no jezebel spirit Clinton is nobody’s god she was a woman running for president Jezebel was a real person There is no spirit called jezebel you are really off and Trump is a monster

      • ajc says:

        Vid You are a simpleton. Trump is more wicked than any of the politicians in Washington. ajc

      • ajc says:

        vid you are so blind and ignorant I don’t care if this comes off rude you are just a simpleton ajc

  7. clinton alexander says:

    and a well respected org Moody’s Analytics which has a perfect prediction record on elections since 1980 is predicating a dem landslide november 2016, and again since 1980 Moody’s Analytics has not been wrong once they been right everytime and I do keep up with this im what un call political junkie and no im not saying im for dems im just stating my research and it showing for now gop is losing november 2016

    • Vid says:

      There is no well respected human being/sinner can know the future unless that person is GOD’S Prophets. A lot of self claimed well respected people reside in an eternal hell seen you NDE people.

  8. clinton alexander says:

    but I do believe gop is gonna lose november 2016, donald trump in the race is helping the dem party

  9. Robin Johnson says:

    I think the beautiful woman in the dream represents what Mr. Trump wants, which is more power — or in this case, the ultimate, since the POTUS is seen as the most powerful leader in the world — Mr. Trump’s rhetoric has opened a can of worms and it’s open for good. The spirit leading him is very base and evil — he is sowing great discord, demonic entities, that encourage primal racial hatred — I’m still surprised at what he has gotten away with — people who are asked why they still like him, despite what he spews, say that Mr. Trump says what they think or feel — that’s scary — you have to listen to what he is saying and not just dance blindly to the tune of this piper. Mr. Trump will most certainly reap what he has sown whether he becomes President or not. In the dream, he was left in darkness with no where to go — the torch he was carrying is certainly man-made — it will go out.

    • Clinton says:

      Trump will lose november 2016 end of story

    • clinton alexander says:

      here is proof by moodys anylatics in usa thats been predicting us elections since 1980 and moodys has never been wrong on elections perfect prediction record and there saying that trump is helping hillary and the dem party, also I checked the other day moodys updates there election map once a month, they updated this month december already and I checked them moodys is real and well respected by gop and dem parties cuz of always right on there predictions and according to moodys is not looking good for gop on novemeber 2016, there saying dems will rewin white house november 2016 and take back us senate, there predicting a landslide for dems november 2016 heres the links >>>>>

      • Vid says:

        Proofs, proofs…. u can’t handle the truth that u r being possessed by JEZEBEL The Spirit of Satan.
        Lie, cheat, and hatemonger are ur name “Clinton”.

      • lisa says:

        Seriously, you should get in the real world. By the way, President Elect Donald Trump won.

    • Anonymous says:

      What he’s saying is we are being ripped off by other nationsand apparently you don’t understand that politics has always been that way lots of discord its been WAY worse than this in the pastbut unfortunately people’s history only begins the day they were born

      • clintonalexander2016 says:

        I dont need u lecturing me trump will lose november period and I got the proof to prove it so deal with it, come talk to me when trump loses and dems win

      • Vid says:

        Your proof is not from Jesus Christ the Living GOD, but from Jezebel.

    • Vid says:

      Robin Johnson. You are Racist, sexist toward Melania Trump. The woman in that dream represents JEZEBEL the spirit of Satan who tried to manipulate pple. Bcoz Satan is scared that if DT wins the Whitehouse all dirty politics by Bill Clinton past and Hillary past and present and by OB will be exposed.
      In that dream was not real DT, but Satan’s deceiption.

      • Donna White says:

        What did Mr. Johnson say about frump’s wife in his text? He was telling the truth. This man frump is a maniac bigot. The religious leaders who stand behind such a man should be ashamed of themselves!

      • ajc says:

        Vid I bet you think Mrs. Trump’s porn pics are pretty and her coming into the country illegally is really patriotic. ajc

    • ajc says:

      Robin His behavior and his words show how bad and cruel his heart is. We’ll see what God does with this. ajc

    • ajc says:

      Amen Robin The pew sitters and the KKK voted in a dictator A really unclean dictator

    • ajc says:

      Why do we have to go off into mysticism? Judge Trump by his fruit. All rotten unless of course you are a man who thinks about adultery, has committed adultery or a good “submissive” Christian woman who accepts this behavior in her pew sitting husband. So many of the vile t.v. pastors who told their sheep to vote for Trump have committed adultery. He’s one of them. ajc It must be wonderful to be able to buy women for wives. Just like some of the countries that are against everything we stand for.

    • LaVerne Wright says:

      Good interpretation.

  10. john smith says:

    i believe our votes dont count and have not since j.f.k they put in who they want.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I believe he is exactly what he seems to be, a rich, proud Carnal human being that cares enough for his country to do what he can. But he needs God’s power and is convinced that he is smart enough and rich enough to do it himself. He is Vain and conceited and believes everybody loves him. His confidence is in his wealth and his support from the people that say they love him. He is very easily flattered. I believe his intentions are good.
    He is more like King Saul than he is King David. He is being picked by the people. David was chosen and anointed by God.
    If he is not devoted and dedicated to God eventually he will do something wrong. If he becomes president we don’t know how far he will make it unless we look at Bible prophecy. To see we must pray for revelation!

  12. Johanna 0 Zamora says:

    It just a dream, nothing significant about it nor true. The dream means nothing. The only thing that comes to mind is that you desire wealth = Donald Trump is wealth…but relate wealth and riches to sin, bad things, bad women, etc…. Let me assure you that the dream had nothing to with Trump but your own inner desires.
    Next time pray before toy go to bed.

  13. Vid says:

    Watch “The DONALD TRUMP Prophecies” on YouTube

    May GOD protect and bless him, and put the words of wisdom in his mouth. Amen

  14. dn1000 says:

    Dream from God
    Showing prayer needed
    To help Donald Trump escape evil

    Only evil wants the dream to happen
    And condemns Donald Trump

    This dream is truth
    Truth is Good
    Just like God

    The good dream of truth from God
    calls us to pray for Donald Trump

    Other dreams of Donald Trump:

    1) “Donald Trump will lead the United States into Triumph”
    2) He was sincere and honest…wanted to save the US…not some fake ploy to woo the Christians”

    3) Many more good dreams of Donald Trump

  15. justahouseelf says:

    I believe that God has a choice, and satan has his choice, to put a jezebel in power, and that trump is a decoy to lead people away from God’s choice. Whether Trump wins or loses is irrelevant (which the polls say he can’t), either way, the result is the same. I think the Trump supporters need to get off the Trump train, and pray, not my will, but Your will be done as leader for our nation. God won’t answer witchcraft prayers, but there is a god of this world that yearns for Christians to agree with his plan.

    As believer, I can’t support this man, or the other two liberals that actually have a D after their names, so I pray that God will wake up the fast-food church.

    Christopher, has God revealed to you yet who the woman is?

    • Vid says:



      I understood that this blog may be belonged to the Left. But as I am a centrist, I wish to share my opinions.

      I knew that million true Christians in America and outside of America (France my native country) have not stopped crying out to GOD to free them from these powerful evil entities(NWO). I think you are confusing about GOD(the Creator), and SATAN(god or the destroyer). May be the most evil men known as Anti-Christ like George Soros and his Zionists(Rothschild, i.e.,) are right. George Soros, the master of US politicians on DEM side said he is not Evil, but the evils work for him, and said his plan for “open society or borderless” must be finished by 2016. The communists, socialists and extreme or liberal or Leftists such as yourself should ask George Soros about that. You know he claimed he is god or messiah in his interviews. George Soros said his followers are evils. Why’do you want us to pray to your god (Satan)?

      Watch “Trump Chosen  by God To Stop America’s Destruction – Astounding 2011 Prophecy” on YouTube

      “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness ess, who put bitter for Sweet and Sweet for bitter.” Isaiah 5:20.

      • raintree667 says:

        Obama is a beast, not the anti Christ. Look for AC to come from house of David, possibly British royal family. Obama does not have enough wealth or sense to qualify.

      • ajc says:

        what are you on do you read the bible do you know how God feels about adultery and a filthy mouth and bragging about lusting after women

      • ajc says:

        Vid Your mind is not well Get help

      • ajc says:

        who is that man in the picture with Trump’s head on it? Can’t be Trump as he is old and fat but more importantly never served in a war as most Americans. I guess being rich and having a selfish black heart has it’s perks.

    • Vid says:

      There is only one woman who runs for President and her namen is Hillary Clinton.
      Why did you even ask Christopher ” has God revealed to you who is the woman is?” She is a suspect criminal. I hope that you and all her supporters should pray for her. You know why president Obama, VP Biden, Al Gore, and many more Democrats have not endorsed her? If Hilllary indicted for her crimes (emai scandals, and corruptions), VP Biden will take her place.

      Btw: Christopher can be defined as “bearer of Christ”. I pray and hope that Christopher won’t fall to temptations. Killing the unborn children is a great sin against GOD.”

      Watch “Hillary Clinton supports late term abortion” on YouTube

  16. raintree667 says:

    I have read psychic predictions saying he brokered his own deal with the devil to be president. Selling one’s soul, in other words. This place sounds like a DUMB which then connects to hell. Once you are in…

    I have dreamnt of being in a underground domed cavern and having strange reptilian, dino things shaped like Felix the Cat on steroids poised to attack me. I knew the creature would kill me. These things will be brought forth in end times. All sorts of mutants will be unleashed on us. Even giants.

  17. Anonymous says:

    How going to be presideny

  18. Anonymous says:

    I dont get it is donald trump christain does perry stone vote for him is hilary c;inton the devil was trmp chosen by god?

  19. rnjmcduffie says:

    Thanks for sharing this dream! I agree it was from Yahweh – as my spirit bares witness!

    Trump is a modern day Cyrus – 100% confirmation below! Providence is using him to fulfill end-times prophecy and usher in the end of the age!

  20. […] do not know what this, as well as the former dream of Trump [dream of Donald Trump]  means, only this, on November 8th, near midnight, the world will know the direction of the […]

  21. godfrey says:

    Im not American but i know this; Trump will win this election and will go on to win a second term four years later. its just that.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Donald trump in himself is not the antichrist but he will be seduced by power through politics because he will be the president and eventually will be possed by lucifer, baal himself then he will become the antichrist. Poor guy just a tool.

  23. Anonymous says:

    hes not antichrist ……antichrist will be jewish

    • ajc says:

      antichrist means anything that opposes Christ or instead of Christ There are many antichrists That other stuff is a fable that churches teach now Only came in about 150 years ago Takes your eyes off what is real

  24. ajc says:

    where do you all get this stuff? It would make a good movie but it is not good for the mind. Let’s get back into the real world. The antichrist thing started way back in Christ’s time. It means anything or anybody that doesn’t believe in Christ or tries to substitute itself for Christ. It means instead of Christ. Like the roman leaders that said they were god on earth and if you didn’t bow down to them, you could not buy or sell or marry or own any property and sometimes you were killed. You had to have their seal on all documents. Yeah there is real evil in the world and I think there is something bad about Trump becoming president. But God will work it out. What if you were married to Trump and he cheated on you because he could (money, certainly not personality or looks). And power. So many people succumb to the power thing. ajc

  25. Joseph says:

    I had a dream of Trump. In my dream he was the opposite of Godly. He was the Antichrist.

  26. LaVerne Wright says:

    What fo you think the dream meant?

  27. LaVerne Wright says:

    What do you think the dream meant?

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