Pack of wolves

“I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock;” (Acts 20:29)

Last night (at the time of this writing) the Lord gave me a night vision in which I was watching what looked like a large movie screen which had opened up before me to allow me to see something God was wanting to reveal to his prophet. I sat in what seemed to be a movie theater, when suddenly I saw before me a large house filled with many people of all different types and races, they were families who were sitting together, some of the children were playing and others were doing what normal people do within their home. When suddenly through the main door (entrance) wolves rushed in, the screams and terror filled cries were almost to unimaginable to bear, yet I sat there frozen with fear as I could only watch in horror as these wolves, demonic in appearance, began to attack, tear apart and devour men, women and even children. I watched one wolf which I can only describe as a mixture of a large beast than a wolf, come into the house and spoke to the other wolves who too were of different sizes, yet his instruction was clear “Kill them all”. I wept as I could not do anything to help those who were within this house as no one was left to survive this demonic attack. Then the vision ended.

Today, as I was driving, I found myself questioning God over what I had seen the night before. When suddenly I began to speak in tongues, tears filled up my eyes as I felt the Lord’s presence enter my car as I am driving down the road speaking in an unknown tongue. Then the interpretation came, “The house represents my house, for soon wolves shall come in and devour many.” The Lord revealed to me that wolves would come into the house of God and begin to attack and devour many within the body of Christ, yet there shall be a remnant which will stand up against these false prophets of evil.

Now is the time the church needs to come alive and begin to warn others of the many false doctrines which are spreading within the body of Christ. We must reject anything which takes away the message of the cross and reject those who would pollute the gospel to something other than cross truth. If it’s not in the cross, if it does not point back to Christ, if it relies on self and works, it is a false gospel and those who promote it are nothing but wolves. Hear the warning God is speaking and take heart and be careful what you accept as truth, for there are wolves creeping in who are going to try and devour the flock. Stand against Satan’s lies and stand up for the cross.


  1. Tammy says:

    This is so sad and so true. Bless you Christopher for sharing! It is so hard to have visions that rip and tear at our hearts, where we can only watch!

  2. Scarlett says:

    Dear Brother, this has already been going on for many, many years, even in the Spirit filled churches. This is why the Lord had me to leave the apostate church, and didn’t allow me to go back in for any reason, even for “fellowship”. I did warn the churches I left but they did not receive the truth of the Word regarding the doctrines and deeds of the Nicolaitans and their own sinful doctrines. Perhaps this has not been the case where you are, but I was right in the buckle of the bible belt. It’s true, I have noticed it getting much much worse since then. Christians must simply stop listening to what “man” says about God and the Lord Jesus Christ, and study for themselves.

    What mere, finite man can teach you more about the Lord Jesus Christ, than the Lord Himself?. Trusting in man and man’s opinion can bring a snare if one doesn’t have a full knowledge of the Word of God and in prayer and obedience.

    Thus said the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusts in man, and makes flesh his arm, and whose heart departs from the LORD.Jeremiah 17:5

    • Tammy says:

      Amen Scarlet!!!
      The Lord took me out of churches too. I have tried feeling like oh no i cannot forsake the fellowship as man thinks of it, but none of them speak truth not a single one! The Lord through His Holy Spirit just pours out truth on me!! i cannot imagine a human being teaching me anything as the Lord does it all so wonderfully for me constantly.

      Not to mention visions and prophecies!

      I love it!!

      • Scarlett says:

        Tammy…May the Lord Jesus bless you so very much! I am so glad to hear that. as it encourages me. I am praying that some of the true remnant brethren can get together on Skype for prayer, and fellowship, just like the early church did, from “house to house” as best we can under the circumstances. Please pray about this.
        With much love in the Lord Jesus,

    • Tammy says:

      I was so excited to read your response to Christopher here that i was practically screaming my excitement. It is wonderful that the Lord is bringing true brothers and sisters together in Him. I would love to pray about skyping, i have never had very good luck with skype though.

      many blessings to you sister.

  3. Tony says:

    Scarlett, your dream is confirmation of mine. Did you happen to get a chance to read my dream of ravenous wolves?

  4. clinton says:

    Brother christopher thanks for the truth, also I am a media church member of Jimmy Swaggart ministries, and on my laptop I watch live the sunday morning and nite services and wednsday nite services from brother swaggarts church, I do not attend church in person cuz I have found most churches even pentecostal do not preach the truth of Jesus Christ and Him crucified and the message of the cross, so thus i stay home and watch services and programs of swaggart on laptop, Brother swaggarts is my home church thru the laptop and brother swaggart preaches the message of the cross same as u brother christopher, brother swaggart says most of the body of christ has left the cross, I have two Bibles with swaggarts several of his music cds and teaching cds they are are such a blessing as u and tammy are, the wolves has been in the church for years, like kenneth copeland joel osteen joyce meyers and ect they are false prophets and wolves, i will even say benny Hinn is a false prophet if im wrong God forgive me, joel osteen thinks people dont jesus to be saved

    • ajc says:

      Clinton Benny Hinn used to come to our church regularly. He married the pastor’s daughter. His healing thing was pathetic. The genuinely sick people never got pass the screening. Including my neighbor who went on a gurney. Look up some of the videos on him. His two closest associates died from drug over doses. His sons beat up a deaf man in a foreign country. You don’t remember when Jimmy Swaggert was in the news many years back saying I HAVE SINNED while doing the fake crying thing. He had been caught with a pathetic prostitute and her young daughter. He wanted the very young girl to do sex poses for him while he watched. Sorry this sounds so gross but unfortunately it is true. Look it up. He admitted it as he was caught and couldn’t do anything else. Paul Crouch and his wife didn’t even really live together. He had been in several homosexual affairs and I guess she had enough. I don’t think she was much better. Save your money. They have plenty for their mansions, fancy cars etc. They actually have millions in the bank they don’t even have to pay taxes on. Did you ever hear Jan Crouch tell the poor little widow women to send in their money. These people consciences are seared. Look at them and trust you instincts. ajc

  5. fuzzypebble says:

    Reblogged this on fuzzypebble and commented:
    I know some of these that harm others in the flock. The cross is the only definition of the gospel. The good news.

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