Don’t be so easily shaken or alarmed by those who say that the day of the Lord has already begun. Don’t believe them, even if they claim to have had a spiritual vision, a revelation, or a letter supposedly from us.” (2 Thessalonians 2:2)

Concepts and theories will never replace the word of God. Yet once again, the church finds itself mesmerized by myths and fables under the guise of prophecy, and what’s worse, people are buying it hook, line and sinker. There are a great deal of fear-mongering going on right now by preachers, self proclaimed prophets who are supporting the view which says that come September, due to this being a Shemitah year, that God is going to judge America by bringing down the global economy, ushering in the final 7 year tribulation, ending the Presidency and ordering marshal law. The proof that these people have for their reasoning? The Shemitah.

People often ask, “What is the Shemitah anyway? And why does it have any bearing on the church?” The simple answer to the last part of that question is that it has absolutely nothing to do with the church, but Israel. So what is the Shemitah? The Shemitah, in simplest terms, is a Jewish Sabbath year which God implemented specifically and exclusively to the nation of Israel. The Shemitah, as some want to refer to, is a time of Jubilee. It is during this time that the ground rested, debts were forgiven, prisoners were set free, in other words, the Shemitah was a time of renewal, hope and blessing. Not one time was the Shemitah ever used as a time of judgement – ever. So why are people using an old Jewish period that God purposely designed only for the nation of Israel? The truth is worse than you might realize, and that truth is simple – for profit.

When God implemented the Shemitah, he did so to symbolically mirror the coming Christ. Everything in the Old Testament, the feasts days, the high holy days, the Sabbath – the Shemitah itself, were all types and shadows of the coming Savior, Jesus Christ. When Christ went to the cross, when Jesus said “It is finished” Jesus not only satisfied the sin debt, he ended the law, fulfilling it on the cross. Yet he went further, the cross ended the Sabbath, it ended the cycles God used to correct Israel or even bless the nation of Israel, including the Shemitah. In simple terms, God ended the way he measured his instruments of correction or blessing to the Jewish nation because of the cross. Actually, the Shemitah was to bless Israel:

…for the Lord will greatly bless you in the land which the Lord your God is giving you to possess as an inheritance—only if you carefully obey the voice of the Lord your God, to observe with care all these commandments which I command you today. For the Lord your God will bless you just as He promised you; you shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow; you shall reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over you.” (Deuteronomy 15:4-6)

When Christ died, that death nullified everything from the past – including the Shemitah. Let me take it further, at no time in our world now (the church age) does God require any nation to observe the Shemitah, or even the Sabbath. Nor does God wield judgment from the Shemitah.

So why are many people advocating that economic destruction is coming in September? Because they have been deceived and are being deceived as well as deceiving others. There are no recorded facts which anyone who advocates that there is a economic judgment coming to America, or China, or the UK, or Britain based on the Shemitah – none. They can’t produce it, they can’t provide it, they can’t convince anyone with any significant scripture knowledge to believe such nonsense. Yet once again, the church is being duped by a few sorcerers for one purpose – financial gain. Peter said it like this, “And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep.” (2 Peter 2:3)

Friend, it is always about money, but not just money, it’s about distorting the body of Christ to remove the cross and instead, lead the believer into the practice of the law, this includes observing the Shemitah (which the church is not obligated to do). The cross ends this completely as the cross is the end of the law and the beginning of liberty (grace). So what about September?

The Lord spoke to me about this by referring to John 3:8 “The wind [Holy Spirit] blows wherever it wants. Just as you can hear the wind but can’t tell where it comes from or where it is going, so you can’t explain how people are born of the Spirit.” [emphasis mine]. The meaning is simple, the Holy Spirit comes and goes on this earth, there is nothing which happens that he is not aware of or permits, God continues to oversee the affairs of men, including corruption. But to suggest that September 13th is the date which God is going to judge the world is simply put – date setting. It is just shy of fortune telling. To be blunt, nothing is going to occur on September 13th, 2015.

To suggest that God will impose a Shemitah upon a nation other than Israel has no scripture backing whatsoever. To suggest that Jesus is returning on the Shemitah is myth and has no scripture backing. Once again it is fear-mongering to strike fear into people to control people. The fact is, God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, of power and a sound mind. So while it is true that God has reserved a time in the future that he will indeed bring judgment upon not only America, but also the world, that is future and we clearly see when that time frame is by the word of God, “But because of your hard and impenitent heart you are storing up wrath for yourself on the day of wrath when God’s righteous judgment will be revealed.” (Romans 2:5) That day of wrath will be during the final Great Tribulation, when God will shake the world and those who have rejected his son, that is when grace has been terminated, when God’s delay of judgment will come to a close and all of humanity will see and understand that his wrath is not only good – but just.

Economic cycles where either great losses are endured, or great reward given, are simply based on the law of averages. Sooner or later great debt will reap great loss, great prosperity will reap great economic growth, it’s a cycle. People who advocate the Shemitah and the economy never state that Israel has never once, since 1948, has been observing the Shemitah cycles, but yet Jonathan Cahn and others are quick to point to America and not to Israel – why? The truth is, they can’t. But again, the Shemitah was fulfilled in Christ because of the cross. So why are they trying or attempting to cause fear and panic today? It goes back to money, they are selling books, DVD’s, conferences all in an attempt to reap a financial wind fall.

But therein lies the more sinister point to all of this, the proponents of the coming “disaster” set for this fall are attempting to make America the second Israel, they are trying to make the church a law keeping church and in the end, reject the cross. That is the ultimate betrayal. The word makes it very clear, that if a prophet declares something and it does not come to pass, that person is to be marked and ignored. (Deut. 13:1)  Yet today there are no accountability for false prophets and their words. Yet I also believe that it goes to something bigger, that being God is testing his people to see if they will accept something which is rooted in falsehood and not Holy Spirit inspired. It is my belief that is what is occurring now, the church is being tested to see if they will listen to something which is false, or reject it. I fear they are eager to embrace anything which tickles their ear. Yet this is what is I believe part of the whole Shemitah teaching, it is not only seducing the church, it is conditioning them to accept something greater and far more worse – the antichrist.

If the church is able to embrace a proven false doctrine such as the Shemitah and what is supposed to come in September, then by that logic, the church can accept another gospel altogether, and one which will damn the hearer forever. That is the real issue at hand, are we going to accept something which is false, or will we stand faithfully on the written word and reject that which is contrary to the gospel? Come September we will know.


  1. Very enlightening post! Thanks for posting.


  3. Great article, but not all who say that the “end” is coming or September will be the month of USA’s doom are doing it for money.

  4. America will face God’s judgment and wrath, wether it is in September 2015 or not remains to be seen.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have read both books and Johnathan Cahn does not say what you are saying. Hr is just sharing what the Holy Spirit is showing him. His first book the Harbinge broght on the 2nd book. I noticed you did not mention that book and what he shared in that book. His books just confirm what the Lord has been shping me and many others. You seem to be very judgmental with other teachers and writers. Are from a Baptist background by any chance? I think if you would actually read both books cover to cover you might get the real message from Johnathon Cahn.

  6. clinton alexander says:

    i agree with brother christopher, i also believe Gods will come to America and the whole world on his time table not cuz someone set a date in a book, brother Chrisropher is right its for money only and i will not fall for it and be duped by it with Gods help, I put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ and the cross not fear mongering

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am so happy that you wrote this post. I have been waiting in the spirit for the Lord to use you to clarify all these prophesies. This what I received in the spirit when I got fear in my heart about the upcoming doom. Jeremiah 29:8-10
    ” Yes, this is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says: “Do not let the prophets and diviners among you deceive you. Do not listen to the dreams you encourage them to have. 9 They are prophesying lies to you in my name. I have not sent them,” declares the Lord.

    10 This is what the Lord says: “When seventy years are completed for Babylon, I will come to you and fulfill my good promise to bring you back to this place.”

    Please humble yourselves before a good and almighty God. We should be more into His word than reading other people’s written books. The Holy Spirit is here to guide us but we need to put Him in operation ie stay connected. God bless this ministry, you speak the truth.

  8. Dianne says:

    The post about TD Jakes and Hillsong…right on! This one…dead wrong! Woe to him who calls himself a prophet and speaks for the Lord. Has the Lord called you or have you called yourself? This is a serious, serious thing and if one calls himself a prophet and says, “thus saith the Lord” he will indeed be judged for his words that he spoke.
    I will only use scripture to refute a few of your statements, hopefully, you and your readers will ponder them and be like the “bereans” and study to show yourselves approved unto God, rightly dividing His Word.
    1) The Sabbath and Feasts in the scripture are GOD’S; not the JEWS. Therefore, they are for all of His children. Lev 23:2 Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, Concerning the feasts of the LORD, which ye shall proclaim to be holy convocations, even these are MY FEASTS. ; 2Ch 2:4 Behold, I build an house to the name of the LORD my God, to dedicate it to him, and to burn before him sweet incense, and for the continual shewbread, and for the burnt offerings morning and evening, on the sabbaths, and on the new moons, and on the solemn feasts of the LORD our God. This is an ordinance for ever to Israel..
    2) Do you as a Christian obey the 10 commandments? Have you done away with the fourth one? Or did Jesus do away with them all as well?
    3) ISRAEL…Please do a study on this. Actually, it is fascinating! Did you know that Abraham was not a Jew/ Did you know that Jacob, whose name was changed to ISRAEL was not a Jew? The term JEW was simply the identifying term of one from the tribe of JUdah. Abraham was a HEBREW, as was JUDAH. The comparison would be just because one is an AMERICAN does not mean he is a CHRISTIAN. As a Christian, you must get these terms right or you will miss out on everything since the Bible was written to “Hebrews and Israelites” not JUST Jews and not JUST Christians. If you are a descendant of Abraham, and you believe in Jesus as the Messiah, YOU ARE AN ISRAELITE! You are no longer gentiles! When you get this, it will change the way you look at the Bible and realize what your inheritance is.
    4) Jesus did not come to do away with the law (Matthew 5:17-20) He came to show us how to obey them. He did away with the CURSE of the law. Before Jesus came and died and rose again, we were all on our way to hell. As Paul says, though, do we nullify and make void the law? GOD FORBID! The difference today is that Jesus save us…not works of the law.
    The reason TD Jakes and Hillsong and others are making statements as they are now is simply because they, too believed that Jesus did away with the law, so now let’s just make up our own. GOD FORBID!
    Even though the Apostle Paul’s life was all about teaching people that Jesus is the only hope of salvation, he did not ever say that we are to throw the law away. Don’t get caught up in that!
    5) Many people get hung up on Peter’s vision as well. Remember the one where God told him to rise and eat, saying what I have made clean to not call unclean? Well, that vision was no more literal than Joseph’s dream of the wheat bowing down to him, or Pharoah’s dream of the 7 leans cows, and 7 fat cows. God was using Peter’s vision to show him that God had now extended His grace and salvation to the gentiles (Cornelius). It had nothing to do with telling him, “Hey Pete! Get up and go get you some bacon and ham! That law has been done away with!” Crazy! Remember, Paul would say, “If you eat the bacon, God will not send you to hell, but, it will probably make you sick, because it is not food. God told us not to eat it for our own health.” You might want to do some reading up on pork. Today doctors are saying it is one of the worse thing you can put in your body.
    6) So, about the Shmeta, well, God indeed does do things on HIS FEAST DAYS. One really good example is FEAST OF TRUMPETS…”And the trumpet will sound and the dead shall rise…” GUARANTEED…JESUS WILL RETURN ON FEAST OF TRUMPETS. Question is: What year and what time of the day?!?!
    Better do some research. September is destined to see some very turbulent times. But then, you may just want your ears tickled by hearing someone tell you, “Everything is going to be OK. Relax!”
    Just my thoughts…

    • clinton alexander says:

      u are in bondage Jesus fullfilled the law at the cross for us and i eat bacon its meat, food peoplle eat is not going to send anyone to hell, i wonder if ur involded in the hebrewic movement d brother christopher is telling the truth, if ur saved u need to focus on Jesus and the cross the law will not save and not keep saved, and as of september issue its to make money and fear monger if anything happens it will be cuz of God not cuz of so called book writers

    • Good luck with all that.

  9. Dianne says:

    Clinton, in what part do you not hear me saying, “Obedience to the law will not save you. It is ONLY JESUS that will?” Maybe you will understand this example. If your father has a set of rules and he is wanting you to obey them fully, not just the ones you like, so, he wants to show you how to do them. He begins with the first one on the list, going through each one and teaching you, by His example showing you exacly how to do that. When he reaches the final one, does he say to you, “There! I have fulfilled them all! I no longer want you to keep any of these. Watch me as I tear up the list. Now all I want you to do is whatever you THINK would be a good thing. Don’t worry about anything. I love you!” That is an example of “fulfilling” and “abolishing”.

    The father completed each rule perfectly. In doing so, his goal was to teach you and show you how to do what he was asking, not to cancel his rules. To fulfill means to complete. To abolish means to cancel. Let’s replace those two definitions in what Jesus said in Matthew 5:17-18, “Think not that I have come to [cancel] the law or the prophets (the first five books that Moses wrote, which is all that they had when the New Testament was written.) but to complete. Until heaven and earth pass away. For verily I say unto you that until heaven and earth pass away (has this happened yet??) one jot or one tittle (that means even the smallest stroke) shall in no way pass from the law until all is [complete].” The “ALL” here is referring to all of the “prophecies” that have been written. There are still many, getting fewer and fewer everyday, prophecies that have still not been FULFILLED.

    Did you know that there are over 1200 commandments in the New Testament that Jesus, and His apostles repeated, that were commanded to HIS PEOPLE. I don’t understand how this “prophet’s blog” can question Hillsong and TD Jake’s actions. Is he, and those of you who believe what he is saying, not “under bondage”? Every commandment in the New Testament is birthed out of the first five books of the bible. Jesus and His Apostles are just expanding them…JUst like Jesus said, “You have heard don’t murder, but I say don’t even get angry!” Does this sound like Jesus was giving a thumbs up to murdering now?? Of course not. Again, Jesus DID AWAY WITH THE CURSE of the law. The curse immediately sent one to hell. There was no grace/forgiveness/empowerment. Today, there is grace only meaning that when we break a commandment, in our heart’s effort to please our Father, we ask for His GRACE/forgiveness through the blood of Jesus and we are forgiven. We die to our flesh’s desire to break all of the commandments/rules when we are baptized into Jesus. When we are raised up from the water, we have been given His Spirit-HIS GRACE/empower that now desires to control and take over our flesh. This is where obedience to the rules comes in. If you know what’s good, you will obey the rules.

    Question: Are you under bondage when you put your seatbelt on, or when you pay your taxes? These rules were made [for Americans] for one reason, the same one God made [for HIS PEOPLE], for their protection.

    Which brings me to my final question: Would you not consider yourself to be in the group of HIS PEOPLE? If so, YOU ARE AN ISRAELITE.

    Regarding Christopher’s reply, according to Jesus, “LUCK” would be considered something that is not of Him but rather WITCHCRAFT, Jesus said we are to have nothing to do with. Instead, we are required to have FAITH. Bondage??

    Please study these things. Prove for yourself that I am right or wrong. Thank you for your time.

    • Clinton says:

      Jesus full filled the law so we don’t need to its not required as I said u are bondage, what saves us and keeps us saved is Jesus and what he did on the cross and we must put all of our faith and trust in Jesus and the cross and pray worship praise and read his Word cuz we love him, brother Christopher is a man of God he speaks so listen to him

    • Sam says:

      I believe you are incorrect! While we do not trust in the Law and the Commandments, nor do we keep them in order to be righteous before God, which is not the gospel, and is the religion of the Jews, the Muslims, the Catholics, the Hindus…and many others who do not KNOW Jesus Christ, the truth of the gospel is that when we ARE born again ‘from above,’ at that moment the Spirit of God dwells within us. Then, we no longer seek to keep the Law, either for salvation, or to please God. You know why? Because we are the children of God, and we now ‘live by the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus.” This means, as i understand it, that we are now led by the Irit of God Who now dwells in us by faith (unlike when we were not born again, and were sinners living for our own lusts and pleasures ONLY, in our blindness and lost estate). This is taught by Paul and i believe it us Jesus’ teaching also. If you think you are a Christian, but still believe you ‘need’ to keep the Commandments to please God, then you are in bondage. Not eating certain foods is ‘another gospel’ and WILL DO NOTHING BUT MAKE YOU A SELF-RIGHTEOUS PHARISEE. You need to be BORN AGAIN, you need A NEW HEART and A NEW Spirit, which GOD has promised to give to you! Please prayerfully consider what i have shared here. I truly believe it is for YOU; and from the LORD.

      • Clinton says:

        Exactly Sam u hit the nail on the head Diane is in bondage, u did way better than me Sam explaining

  10. Dianne says:

    Thank you for your time, Clinton. I would appreciate hearing from Christopher regarding these things. Christopher, Surely you hear what Clinton is saying and what I am saying are the same thing. All except for the part about being in bondage. You see, what you are asking TD Jakes to do and Hillsong to do, judge the sin of homosexuality, whiich was first commanded in the “Old Testament Law” , and what Clinton is describing to me what he is “commanded” to do, worship, pray and read His Word (which were also first commanded in the Old Testament Law), is all what you both describe as “bondage”. Please read and understand and ask God to give you understanding of this unfulfilled passage in Isaiah. You and Clinton and myself would be considered the foreigners, that God is speaking to. This has not been “done away”. It will happen again and as a matter of a fact is happening all across the world at this day and time like never before. God is gathering all of His People from the four corners of the earth! What an exciting time to see prophecies being fulfilled before our very eyes!

    Also the foreigners who join themselves to the Lord, to minister to Him, and to love the name of the Lord, to be His servants, every one who keeps from profaning the Sabbath and holds fast My covenant; even those I will bring to My holy mountain and make them joyful in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be acceptable on My altar; for My house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples.” The Lord God, who gathers the dispersed of Israel, declares, “Yet others I will gather to them, to those already gathered.”

    Isaiah 56:6-8
    Thanks again for your time…

    • clinton alexander says:

      if u want to put urself under the law u go ahead, anyway im done talking to u about it cuz its getting no were, i understand the law does not save us or keep us saved, but ur saying we still have to keep the law and the feasts and thats not true, anyway i love brother christopher he is a man of God but my Pastor is Jimmy Swaggart not christopher anyway God bless, it does not matter what others here say i obey God then Jimmy Swaggart my Pastor

  11. clinton alexander says:

    i understand Jesus saves not the law not works

  12. Dianne says:

    One last reply to you, Clinton. You are right. We do not HAVE TO KEEP THE LAW or the FEASTS. We GET TO. If you are married, perhaps this illustration will help you. God sees His church as the bride of Messiah/His Son. In a wedding the husband and wife agree to certain things. This could also be called a “covenant”. During their marriage, they have a choice of whether or not they will keep the covenant. Sometimes the “in sickness and in health” is a tough part, but because of the committment, they choose to do it. Unfortuately, many have thrown away the “OLD COVENANT” as they have also thrown away their marraige covenant because they did not want to be in bondage. In other words they wanted to be free.
    Many are making their own “covenant” and this is why we now have legalized homosexual marriages. If we would go back to the original covenant of our FIRST LOVE, our nation would be healed, we would be healed and we would then be the Spotless Bride that Jesus will soon be returning for…
    Be a follower of God, not of men. Their words must line up with God’s.

    • Clinton says:

      Thank u Jesus for what and the message of the cross Grace

      • Clinton says:

        Thank u Jesus for what u did for me and all of us and the message of the cross and thank u Jesus for fulfilling the law for for cuz u no we can’t keep the law I love Grace

    • Sam says:

      I will repeat what i shared above. I do believe you are seriously mistaken. Salvation and the Christian life is an abundant and grace-filled life. It is NOT a life of more law, added to the 646(?) approximately, commandments (there are not only ‘ten commandments’ you know) which God required His people the Israelites to obey, in order to receive His blessings. I believe you are incorrect! While we do not trust in the Law and the Commandments, nor do we keep them in order to be righteous before God, which is not the gospel, and is the religion of the Jews, the Muslims, the Catholics, the Hindus…and many others who do not KNOW and love Jesus Christ, the truth of the gospel is that when we ARE born again ‘from above,’ at that moment the Spirit of God dwells within us. Then, we no longer seek to keep the Law, either for salvation, or to please God. You know why? Because we are the children of God, and we now “live by the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus.” This means, as i understand it, that we are now led by the Spirit of God Who now dwells in us by faith (unlike when we were not born again, and were sinners living for our own lusts and pleasures ONLY, in our blindness and lost estate). It does NOT mean we reject or despise His commandments; but, that we walk by the Spirit. To me, this means we who walk in the Spirit, and trust continually in the work of Christ and His sacrifice and love for us, will please God and become heirs of God, children of God by faith; and the inheritors of the Kingdom, by our faith. Yes, we will obey the Commandments; but by the Spirit, not by the Letter. This is taught by Paul and i believe it is Jesus’ teaching also. If you think you are a Christian, but still believe you ‘need’ to keep the Commandments to please God, then you are in bondage. Not eating certain foods is ‘another gospel’ and WILL DO NOTHING BUT MAKE YOU A SELF-RIGHTEOUS PHARISEE. You need to be BORN AGAIN, you need A “NEW HEART and A NEW spirit” which GOD has promised to give to you! Please prayerfully consider what i have shared here. I truly believe it is for YOU; and from the LORD. If you say, as a Christian, we must keep Saturday as the Shabbat, i want to ask you: do you consider a Christian, serving in ministry and getting paid in a church on Sunday, as obedient to God? How about a Christian who buys groceries on Sunday or Saturday? Should he or she not do so? Is his salvation, or right standing before God, conditional on his obedience to refrain from shopping on Saturday? Or even Sunday? What if he needs petrol, to take his lost sinner colleague to a gospel meeting?

    • Sue says:

      Dianne I will spend 1K years with you & with sweet Jesus, because I kept all 10 Commandments.
      The last battle will be a war of worship: obey & serve Jehovah or obey man (pope-man of sin). Only a remnant, a few, are called. That is why my family, friends, Clinton, & Sam, etc. don’ have ears to hear the TRUTH. Paul is a false prophet. Go to “in Jesus words” to see who Paul is. The Catholic Church thought to change worship day to Sunday. The pope is coming to congress this September to try to implement a Sunday law.
      The mark of the beast is Sunday worship. The mark of Jehovah is Saturday worship. Easy 2 keep
      Be a doer of the Sabbath, and He will seal your forehead & your hands will do no work on Fri at sundown to Sat at sundown, believe Jesus died for you, wear the white clothes of righteousness & go thru the narrow gate to Jesus for IK years. If you don’t “get” this U are not called by Jesus.
      God Bless & keep you all. Love yourself & your neighbors all over the universe. Don’t have to like them but you do have to LOVE them. Sweet Sue

      • Sue says:

        Believe The Shemitah or not, but buckle your seat belts on September 13, 2015.
        Come Jesus come quickly. Jesus’ message was about The Kingdom of God to come.
        My King Jesus will be a great King ruler. I am overwhelmed by Him. I will make Him laugh.
        Is anyone having a lot of fun on this earth? I want nothing this world has to offer any more.
        I am watching & waiting & unafraid.

      • Clinton says:

        Im thankfull that ur not God, but keep trusting ur works and the law see how far that gets u, ur in bondage

      • Clinton says:

        If there was a way on this blog i would block u

      • Clinton says:

        Ur wrong keeping the old law will not save u or keep u saved only Jesus and the message of the cross will save u and keep u saved, u must put all ur faith and trust in Jesus and the cross daily


  14. Sue says:

    Clinton, there is no need to block me. You will not hear from me again. Those who have ears should listen. and were very enlightening for me. Oil in my lamp.
    Dianne. Thank you for being awake.

  15. Sasha Smith says:

    The economic cycles that have been occurring in the U.S. that have been spoken of as taking place during a shemitah year are not due to the “law of averages”, but a test on the church by GOD.

  16. clinton alexander says:

    now ben carson thinks christians have to put the us constitution before there christian beliefs i read tonight, ben carson is so wrong so i wont be voting for ben carson for president, i got news for him ben carson the Bible comes before the constitution

  17. deirdre chilton says:

    My friend I think you have lost the plot ! To say that Yashua did away with the Sabath tells me you don’t have a clue !

    • Oh really? Jesus is now your sabbath, he is your rest. By the way, the sabbath was for the nation of Israel – the jews. Do you go to Jerusalem? Because if not, you’re breaking the law already. How foolish you must be to continue to try to work out your salvation by works, and the law, when Christ finished it all for us on the cross.

      • clinton alexander says:

        amen Brother Christopher

      • deirdre chilton says:

        So you are saying that somethings are applicable and other not ? Sounds like you like to pick and choose ? Show me the commandments you keep and I will tell you what god you serve !

      • Clinton says:

        U are bondage to works and the law

      • #1, love thy God with all thy heart, all thy mind and all thy soul. #2 Love thy neighbor. That’s all there is.

      • deirdre chilton says:

        So when Yashua said ” if you love me keep my commandments ” which commandments was HE talking About ???? So where was Yashua when YHVH gave Moses the Commandments ?? And my friend I think you had better go back and check what the 10 commandments ARE ! Then tell me what is the first Commandment ? Are you actually a Paster ???

      • We keep the commandments perfectly thru Christ. The sabbath was a ceremonial law for the jews to rest on a particular day for health reasons, that “rest” was symbolic of the coming Christ. Your ignorance to what Paul says in Galatians makes it clear you don’t know the word. If you keep following the law, you’ll end up in a ditch.

      • Clinton says:

        There already decieved Brother Christopher

      • Clinton says:

        Jesus fullfilled the law so we dont have to rest in Jesus

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