satan encounter

Luke 10:19 states, “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you.” This scripture immediately came to mind last night when I contended against a strong demonic encounter.

For nearly a month now, Ruth and I have been traveling throughout the south eastern region of China where we live in YongChuan, a province of Chongqing which is the larger city. For close to a month now, we have traveled many highways by bus, walked dirt and muddy roads in mountain regions, trekked up hills and valleys to preach the gospel to the local churches. Not to mention the weekly bible studies I teach to many desiring to hear the gospel. As I have stated recently, I heard the Lord speak to my spirit to build the first church in Chongqing/YongChuang area, it would be the first evangelical church and so far God is meeting the need financially as we are continually raising funds to buy a building to make it our first church in this area. Yet, for the most part, the enemy has been silent – until now.

It was only a matter of time that Satan would begin to show his face against the work we’re doing here, and last night he made himself known in a more direct and forceful way. At the time of this writing, it is now 9am in China. Last night when Ruth and I went to bed, all seemed okay, I told my wife I would study a bit as she had already went to bed, and after spending some time reading the word, I went to my prayer room and began to pray, what a wonderful feeling to know one can touch the throne of God all because of the cross. So eventually, as I made my way to bed, I immediately fell asleep as Ruth was already sound asleep. That is where the spiritual battle began at first, in my dreams.

There is no question that for whatever reason, Satan and/or demons have access to our dreams, and it is my belief that there are times when a believer will contend with bad dreams as a direct result of a evil spirit entering into their room and waging a more deeper spiritual battle in the mind. Remember, Paul said, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 6:12) This not only includes the world around us, but also the spiritual world around us that we cannot see with the natural eye. It is this dimension that most Christians ignore simply because either they have come to ignore it, or they have altogether wrote it off as simply the human mind emptying out the previous day’s events – nothing could be further from the truth and here’s why. We are spirit beings, we are spirit, soul and body. It is this unique combination which allows us to not only walk in the natural, but also the spiritual realm.

The dreams I was having the night before were horrible, and grew worse with each tossing and turning, until eventually I awoke from my sleep and sat still for a moment. I immediately remembered the scripture of Luke 10:19 and began to bind the source of the bad dreams – Satan. That is when things began to take a new, darker, more spiritual encounter. For as I took authority over my dreams, I attempted to go back to sleep, when suddenly I heard a voice speak very quickly and very loudly, yet my wife did not hear it, it stated, “GET OUT…OF CHINA!” I immediately opened my eyes, my heart beginning to beat faster at the sound of the hateful voice (God never speaks in such a manner to his children, so I knew it was not of God because my spirit immediately knew what it was and whom it was of).

What came to my mind immediately, to which I do not fully understand even to this day, is that the spirit had a Chinese accent. I’ve encountered such before when I returned to China earlier this year, when, upon entering my hotel room I was met by a evil voice which spoke to me very clearly that “We do not want you here” and it was in Chinese. Now, I can only think that it is a territorial spirit which has been for centuries been given the legal right to occupy this area, so in my belief these demonic stronghold has been so use to working and deceiving the Chinese people with their pagan customs and beliefs through Buddhism, that it has simply naturally taken on that aspect of the society for its own wicked purpose. Yet when I questioned the voice this time when it spoke, I laid back down on my bed, when immediately I heard the same voice speak to me, this time however it chose to speak to me in my own national language, confirming exactly what my spirit already knew, it was a demonic spirit sent by Satan to hinder me, for as I attempted to ignore it, it said in a loud, audible voice – “Hey!” and it was most certainly using perfect english.

Immediately I sat up, my bible resting next to me on the chair next to my side of the bed, I recalled the words of Jesus to his disciples (Luke 10:19) and I began to take authority over the room and most importantly over that demon spirit, rebuking it in Jesus name! The spirit left and I fell quickly asleep, for the remainder of the night I slept with perfect peace and tranquility. That is the power of Christ given to us thru the power of the cross. Yet it reminded me yet once again that we who walk in Christ must understand that Satan is fighting those who are steadfast in proclaiming the gospel, and why we must be vigilant in our war with him, for souls are at stake, as the gospel must be preached unto all nations, then the end shall come.


  1. watching says:

    You’ve been challenged by a principality of the power of the air. A territorial spirit that has a profound stronghold. It is an ancient spirit dating back to the formation of China. It will not go quietly but with prayer and prayer of the church (I sense you must tell your congregants of this) you can prevail and make an inroad against this strong man.

  2. Bruce Olson says:


    Bruce Olson


  3. Anonymous says:

    I had a similar experience last night as I jumped to my feet, startled by what seemed to be a deep loud voice yelled at me. It disappeared after I jumped to my feet. I thought it was anxiety… But now I read this…I remember it happened a few other times, just not so loud and disturbing as last night. Thank you for this…I know what to do.

  4. anonguy says:

    Ive been having a lot of dreams recently, for about 6 months or so, often every night at times. I wondered about the source of these dreams and did not rush to make a conclusion. After last nights dream/s, I have it nailed. The dreams had the quality of slander concerning my soul and thus the source is evident,,,diabolos, the slanderer. I expect things may get a little rough for a few days, have to see. It wont just be the dream sphere either, I suspect. Once the enemy has been pinpointed on the radar and he knows it, there is no telling what convulsions may occur.

  5. Caleb Cassel says:

    This is such a clear example of spiritual warfare. Thank you for this. It will help me recognize when it happens in my own life.

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