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1 Samuel 18:1-3 – “After David had finished talking with Saul, he met Jonathan, the king’s son. There was an immediate bond between them, for Jonathan loved David. From that day on Saul kept David with him and wouldn’t let him return home. And Jonathan made a solemn pact with David, because he loved him as he loved himself.”

Have you ever met someone that you immediately knew you would become good friends with? Have you ever found yourself being drawn into a friendship where that very friendship was not only beneficial for that particular point and time in your life, but it served as a means to bring you into a deeper walk with God? Or maybe you found yourself seeking God’s will, and finding a bond with a person or group of people who not only became close, personal friends, but that very friendship was what God would use to fulfill the very call he had for your life? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you had what I call a God Connection – a divine appointment in your life.

I can point you to specific places in my life where God not only developed a deep friendship with a brother or sister in Christ, but used that individual to meet a particular need in my ministry to further his will for me for my life, and establish a friendship that would cross many periods of our lives. These were God connections, people in whom God placed in my life at a particular point in time for a future event. Several years ago I met a new friend in the southern states, it was an immediate bond, as we both quickly gleaned from each other our take on the word. But it didn’t start off that way, it started off with him being led to meet a particular financial need in my ministry at that particular time.

For several months I had been praying for specific needs, one in particular was to go further with my then tent ministry. This is where I began to seek direction. The Lord began to speak into my spirit of expanding my work as an evangelist and traveling further in my evangelistic work. I received an email from a friend whom I had just met, he asked if I had ever, or would ever consider coming to Louisiana to hold a revival in his area where he and his family lived. I said I would pray over the matter, again, we had only known each other via social media for a short time, so I didn’t have much information to go on, but a inner feeling that God was pressing me to go. So I explained my situation, that I was in fact seeking to broaden my scope and territory and that going to Louisiana seemed not only appealing, but one the Lord was drawing me to. We agreed on a time and month and I began to pray.

I told the Lord that if he wanted me to go to Louisiana, he would have to meet the need. I had just preached a one-week tent revival and saw little in finances when the revival was over with, yet I was undeterred. I had $200 and told the Lord that I would go, yet I remembered as I was praying that I should be very specific with the Lord in my request, since God desires us to seek him for all things. I pleaded my case before the Lord, asking him to give me $1,200 dollars as I told my heavenly Father that that was the amount I felt I needed to not only go to Louisiana, but to keep my stay in that area for the term of the revival. The next day, I received another $100 dollars from someone as a gift. That made me $300, and with that amount, I packed my car and headed south, trusting God for the rest.

There are times where we must trust God completely, even blindly. It is those times when our faith is put to the test, that we begin to see the glory of God beginning to develop in our life, but it all comes by faith. When we reach out by faith, God reaches out to us and begins the process of unfolding his eternal plan for our lives. But it has to come by faith. Shallow, or weak faith will never breed success in whatever God has called you to do if you yourself don’t believe it. It’s neither presumption nor arrogance to expect God to move, it’s simply trusting in the fact that if God has told you something, it’s believing it by faith that he will make a way where there seems to be no way. That is walking by faith. That is the only faith God will honor or bless. Anything less is arrogance.

By the time I arrived in Louisiana, I was met by my friend David, and as we greeted each other and shared the joy of meeting each other for the first time, I happened to place my hand upon my pant leg pocket to place my car keys inside, when I noticed my wallet, and my thoughts raced to the fact that I had only $100 left because of traveling expenses required to make the 17 hour drive. Needless to say I was walking by faith, but I trusted God. As I was unpacking my things from the car into the church cabin arranged for visiting ministers and guests, my friend told me he had something for me, something that the Lord had placed upon his heart to give me. Out of his pocket he began to lay out eleven one hundred dollar bills and then proceeded to place it into my hand. When I looked at the money, then it hit me, I had $1,200 dollars! Exactly the amount I had prayed to the Lord that I needed. God showed me favor through a divine appointment, a God Connection that not only met my financial need, but that very friendship has lasted for these many years now.

When we examine early relationships found in the Bible, we can see many divine appointments which I refer to as GOD CONNECTIONS. These are divinely inspired friendships which were birthed from a divine appointment which developed not only a mutual friendships, but a deep agape love for one another that saw that person through very difficult times. Some examples of divine appointments can be seen in the lives of the following people:

  • David and Jonathan
  • David and Abiathar
  • Ruth and Naomi
  • Rahab the harlot and the two spies
  • Elijah and Elisha
  • Paul and Barnabas
  • Paul, Priscilla and Aquila
  • Paul and Timothy

In each of these relationships, we see a divine appointment by God that served not only as the basis for a mutual friendship, but in some situations brought life changing events in their future. Rahab’s divine appointment with the two spies saved her entire family, Jonathan’s love for David saved him from the wrath of his Father Saul. Paul’s relationship with Barnabas was instrumental in Paul being eventually accepted by the early church who would not originally receive Paul, yet it was Barnabas who spoke of Paul’s preaching in the temple at the very risk of his own life. In each of these appointments – Connections, we can see God’s handiwork.

So how does one recognize a divine appointment?

Here are several ways of determining a divine appointment:

  1. By the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Being obedient to God’s will. (This opens up the door for God to use someone in your life.)
  3. Recognizing why that person or people are in your life.
  4. Learning to allow others to minister to you which then leads you into the next phase of your walk, or ministry.
  5. A genuine God Connection will come at a specific time in your life to help you through a current situation.

There have been many, many times in my life and ministry where God used a person or group of people to get me through a point in my life where I would have been lost had they not been there for me. This is an aspect of that divine appointment we must establish if we are to recognize and nurture that friendship. And while some relationships might fade to a lesser degree, it must be understood that in each and every Connection that God brings about, it is to serve as a reflection of his love toward us and to see us reach that place he has for us in our spiritual growth, but it our daily life, or our ministry. Whatever the case may be, recognizing and understanding a divine appointment – God Connection, will help you achieve the next plan God has for you. So don’t be too quick to brush off the next person that befriends you, but understand that God is a supreme God, and his desire is for you to grow and nurture in his perfect will, and that can only come by placing our complete trust in him and what he did on the cross, and recognizing those individuals he has placed in our lives to get us through our season of expectation. That is the God Connection.



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    this is first time I click on your website and I enjoyed it

  2. tashiram2 says:

    This was a blessing.

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