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Let me start by stating that in no way, shape of form do I believe a Christian should (in a perfect world) celebrate, or allow their children to celebrate Halloween. By its very nature, this particular day has been marked (rooted) in the very bowels of hell. Having said that, we simply do not live in a perfect world environment where people will live 100% of their lives according to the word of God. Instead, we live in an imperfect society, filled with Christians who are imperfect, frail, weak and often times seduced by the cares of this world. But does that equate the loss of their salvation if they decorate, hand out treats for trick-o-treaters or dress their child up as the latest favorite fictional character? The answer is no. They will not lose their salvation.

We like to quickly judge whose saved and whose not. Whose living their life for Christ with impunity, and whose simply not living up to our measured standard of righteousness. Christians love to boast in their own self-worth and ridicule and demean others who we tend to believe are not saved simply because they might act or behave (or in this case celebrate) something which we proudly point out is spiritually wrong. Yet what of the things that we ourselves might tend to do that equally is just as bad, if not moreso, than someone celebrating a day which has its origins in the occult? Things like gossip? Being angry. Backbiting. Slandering another brother or sister in Christ. Or even gluttony? How many times have we, who are in Christ did one (or more) of these things and yet never once questioned whether or not we were saved (born again)? Yet how many so called “Christians” are going to use these next few weeks, and even the months following (November and December) as a rallying call to condemn others for taking part in festivities that they don’t agree with, and justify themselves by claiming perfection?

Here’s a general rule I happen to live by which time and spiritual maturity has brought me over the years, and that is sometimes it’s best to leave the spiritual condition of a fellow Christian to God and him alone, rather than use a situation or act one might not happen to agree with as a measuring stick to deciding if they are saved or not. The truth is, one is saved simply by placing their trust in what Christ did on the cross and keeping their faith planted firmly in him and him alone. This then justifies the person before God (Colossians 1:22-26) which is what justification by faith actually is, a person being justified (made righteous) simply by faith alone (Romans 5:1, Galatians 3:24). Being justified is neither earned thru a series of a works based system of religious creeds or dogmas, nor is it imputed upon us because of what church or Denomination we belong to. Justification is the initial result of having ones faith placed solely into Christ because of what he did on the cross.

So we go back to the argument some would claim that says if one uses this time of season by partaking in a festivity such as Halloween (or even Thanksgiving or even Christmas) aren’t they sinning against God and are condemned? The answer is once again a resounding no! Let us examine the word carefully before we execute those within the faith. The apostle Paul states in 2 Corinthians 4:7 something very important about the believer, “But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.” Paul is making it quite clear that the treasure Paul is speaking of is the power of God in the heart of the believer, but notice Paul reminding us that that same spirit of regeneration is embedded in jars of clay (the KJV says earthen) meaning, we are prone to error, we are people who are frail, imperfect in our lives before God, yet God loves us enough to see the heart, and that same love to those who place their faith in his son, covers a multitude of sins.

To suggest that a believer who would allow themselves to partake in this, or any other festivity which has its roots in early paganism will lose their salvation, negates the message of the cross. Unbelief is the only thing which will separate a person from Christ. But there must come a level of spirituality and maturity in the believer so that they would not desire to do those things which the world would do, Paul mentions this several times by stating that we are to be renewed in the spirit of God daily (Ephesians 4:23), allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us in all of lifes many challenges. Yet let’s be frank if we will, the truth is, people are people, no one is going to live perfectly in this life, even if they are a Christian, the simple fact is, some do not see this particular time as being anything other than a time where families enjoy the mood of the season, the fall colors, or the colorful lights on a tree, the fact is, they don’t see any genuine harm in any of these past holidays, and this yet brings up a point we must understand, that most people who are in Christ are immature and have not outgrown their desire for milk and instead, had a desire for meat. Yet we do not discount them, nor forsake them as one of our own, the simple truth is, people make mistakes all the time without celebrating Halloween, I have, you have – we all have. That is the plight of every believer, we live in an imperfect body in an imperfect world.

Some would argue using the law and God’s commandment toward Israel not to partake in the celebrations of the pagans of their time, but once again they would be thwarting the word of God by way of the cross. The fact is, the cross is the beginning of grace, not the end, it is not a place to sin willfully, but it is afforded to us by justification thru faith, that the believer is still made righteous before God, in other words, there is no sin that grace has not been afforded to us who are in Christ. For if God removed our candlestick for one minor action, he would have to remove all candlesticks for the greater actions which those in the past who walked in Christ committed. The truth is, not every action or deed done is sin, bad decisions (maybe) but sin? I do not believe so. If that is the case, then wearing wedding rings is a sin as the symbol of the marriage vow (wedding rings) was rooted in paganism. So too would be the use of birthdays, for the origins of birthdays were rooted in early paganism. Again, a slippery slope. But God’s grace is greater than sin, even those sins that we do not take into account daily that we might do that we have no knowledge of.

Of course this does not refer to clear, outright sinful accounts the word clearly states is wrong, however as John points out in 1 John 5:17 “All wrongdoing is sin, but there is sin that does not lead to death.” there are some sins which do not lead to spiritual death (eternal separation from God). But allow me to remind us all of Paul’s admonition to every believer in his own words found in 2 Corinthians 5:10 “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil.” Each person who is in Christ will stand before our Lord and give an account for every GOOD thing done in our own personal lifes walk, or BAD thing done, meaning evil (sin), not sin against God by unbelief, but by our actions while on this earth, where we will either lose rewards or gain them. But it must be understood that Paul makes it clear in this one verse that Christians will do bad things in this life which are not always good, but one day will have to answer for it, yet remember, But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound. (Romans 5:20)

While the dangers of Halloween are very real and have been proven over the course of time to be bad, still, we must exorcise caution how we deal with other believers who we might not agree with who, for whatever reason, chooses to celebrate this time of year. This is where we must not judge (Matthew 7:1) but allow grace to mature in the hopes they will grow and come to the truth, yet understanding God knows whose are his and those who are not.


  1. clinton alexander says:

    I do not believe any christian should celebrate halloween in any way, but a believer particapating in halloween is sinning so is a non believer but I believe the believer is still saved and I believe we as believers should not particapate in halloween

  2. S Smith says:

    “In a perfect world”…in no world should anyone who professes that he or she is a follower of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST should be celebrating Halloween. If anyone is a Christian and celebrates Halloween in any way, whether it is “just” giving out candies or allowing one’s child to wear costumes; it is a red flag that one is a fence straddling or luke warm Christian. “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God (Romans 12:2, KJV).” As far as one loosing one’s salvation that is determined and should be consulted with CHRIST, in other word’s, that is not for man to decide.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Since we are all in an imperfect world yeah let’s go ahead and join all the forces of darkness and revel in the wickedness if October 31! Ask ancient Israel how that worked for them? You would’ve done better to have not wrote this article. If you say oh well it’s not a salvation issue ( which it is not) but it is a heart issue! We are told to abstain from every form of ungodliness! You cheapen the work of the cross when you shake your fist in the face of the Almighty with observances of the pagan rituals of All Hallows’ Eve. God goives fall festivals whip are His Holy days (Lev 23) why not observe them, oh gee the world would rather have witches & jack-o-laterns let’s not be different. As for judging, you’d better be judging what you do, cause that’s exactly how you get your righteousness! I always pray for mercy, but we serve a just God who hates to see His people serving other Gods or making their owns forms of worship! Wake up, my bible says BE YE HOLY!

    • I think you missed the point of the article. Whether you want to admit it or not, there are no perfect Christians walking this earth. Religion is good at boasting of its self-righteousness, but the point I was trying to make, and still claim is that no two believers are the same. Yes, they should avoid this particular day, but let’s be honest, will they? The answer is no – they won’t. The fact is, people are people, and to suggest that we observe the feasts and festivals of the old days, why should I or anyone else? I’m not Jewish, nor claim to be. They are types and shadows of Christ, they have become fulfilled at the cross, now all I or any other believer has to do is keep their faith in Christ and what he did on the cross. That’s it.

      • AviG says:

        The feasts in scripture are not “Jewish” they belong to the Lord. The Jews just happen to have kept them. And during the millennium and in the kingdom everyone will observe them. There are many people who do not participate in this day of wickedness, I’d much rather speak the truth against the whole world if they are going the wrong way than go along with the whole world observing what Yahweh tells us not to do. Just to say they are gonna do it anyway, seems so easy, but that’s never been the message of the cross has it? Everyone should care more about what the Lord thinks than the world, ask him He’d love to show His people truth.

      • clinton alexander says:

        Jesus fullfilled all the law for us at the Cross, we do not have to keep the law

      • There are no spiritual reward for keeping the feasts, because the CROSS ended it all.

      • clinton alexander says:

        exactly brother christopher

  4. AviG says:

    While we are at it, let’s join with the celebration of the opening of the Satanic church in TX, and all the other s who KNOW this IS the high holy day for witches & satanists! How wrong that is! Don’t think the Father is either pleased nor will He bless those who partake in a satanic holy day! Lose your salvation? maybe those who observe Halloween should find their salvation, or at least do a heart relationship check. Who are you pleasing?

  5. pilgrim says:

    Yes, and they call it Samhene, it was a Pagan holiday, and they would go from house to house to get a willing, or not human sacrifice on that night. The home that was willing to give up a sacrifice to please the gods, was given a jack o’ lantern to signify to the “spirits” that they were not to harm this house for they had given a sacrifice already, insuring they would be kept safe. I am not sure why any “Christian ” would ever in their right mind give themselves ,or their children over to this holiday that is SO revered by witches and Satanists as tone of their high unholy days,not to mention Christmas eve uhhmn… BUT all they need to go is to the source. Jehovah God rebuked Israel for taking part in the pagan unholy days of the people that were intermingled amongst them!, so what makes us think WE ARE SMARTER THAN GOD? I have one word it is pride. We think that God does not care that we are flirting with the devil .do people have any idea that witches and satinists
    are actively pursuing, hunting down their children with almost unlimited resources that are at their disposal? through the tele–VISION, ,music industry,games,and pagan unholy days etc…
    Thank God, he has been defeated already, however he will attempt to make unwary Christians as ineffective as possible,IF they do not WATCH AND PRAY,LEST THEY FALL INTO TEMPTATION
    Please do not let your children be taken in by the enemys schemen.Oh,you say you are sounding a false alarm what harm is it if little Johnny dresses up as a ghost or a shepard boy? AND GETS CANDY TONIGHT?.. I AM begging you please take Gods word for what it says ,HE did in no way approve of I srael taking part in the pagan unholy days that seemed harmless to the Israelites even ! back then, OTHERWISE THEY WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN DECIEVED!

  6. clinton alexander says:

    we do not have to keep any feasts it all was taken care of at the Cross

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