church silence

September has come and gone, and so with it all of the so called “prophets” who declared in their books, on the talk show circut and guests on Christian television that something “big” would occur following the Shemitah and/or the blood moons. From WW3 to Obama taking over, even the rapture, all of these events were supposed to happen during or right after one of the so called “prophetic” events. Yet, at the time of this writing (Saturday October 10th, 2015) nothing even remotely that should have happened – did. So why are these individuals getting a free pass as if they had their own personal “get out of jail” card when it came to their so called “prophecies” and/of predictions? The answer is simple, they are protected by the church under the guise of political correctness.

Under the old covenant, God made it abundantly clear for those who would, or suggested that they not only walked in the office of a prophet, but claimed to speak for God, a clear warning, if that man claimed to be sent from God and whatever dream or prophetic word they uttered did not come to pass as stated, that man, no matter how genuine he might claimed to have been in his own eyes, if that person’s prophecy failed to come to pass, he was to be put to death. No second chances, no forgiveness.

Some might suggest that God was being too harsh on those who might have “missed” it, but when one examines the seriousness of the calling of the prophet during and under the old covenant, they fail to understand that one word, one utterance to a nation that was or was not from God would have serious consequences for an entire nation. The prophet was the only source for the people to hear directly from God, there was, at this particular time before Saul, a King, nor a priest, there was simply the prophet. It was the prophet who led the people. It was the prophet who guided and instructed the nation toward the things of God, simply because the prophet was in tune with God throughout his message, to even miss one word, to get something wrong could have serious repercussions on the nation of Israel. This is why God stated that IF a man’s words did not come to pass, OR that man’s dream did come to pass, but he desired to lead the people astray to worship other god’s, that person was to immediately put to death.

Yet that was under the old law, today we have grace. But what should our stance be (as Christians) toward those who miss the mark as a prophet, claiming one thing and it never coming to pass? Or what of those who trumped up fear and worry over mystic omens and astronomical events which never panned out as factual, yet they claimed it was from God? Should we call them out for it? Or do we remain silent? What does the word say?

There are many particulars when it comes to prophecy that many fail to realize, mainly being that the difference between God’s instruction to Israel and Christ’ instruction to the church thru either his words or those of others such as Paul or Peter or James was simple, if what they were saying did not measure out, nor line up with the word of God, we are to mark that person and leave them alone. (Romans 16:17)

The issue today (unlike Israel’s day) is not so much of dealing with those who are clearly false in both words and teachings, instead, the issue with the modern church as it is right now in this particular day and time is, they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings to the point of falsely accuse someone of being wrong. The truth is. we’ve grown accustomed to being nice at the cost of the sheep. In other words, our feeble excuses of not calling out those who were clearly wrong, or holding them accountable not only sends the wrong message to those speaking falsely, it is allowing the sheep to be taken advantage of. This is the real problem for the church and why I believe most, if not all, are hard pressed not to rock the spiritual boat out of fear they will be seen as hurtful, or not understanding. When the fact is, if someone is claiming to be sent from God, not only do we as believers have a duty to test what they are saying with the word, but equally hold them accountable for when their specific words never come to pass.

Political correctness is not only an influence upon secular culture, but it is as well having a direct influence upon the church world in major areas of teachings, beliefs, doctrines and worship methods. It is this same liberal, antichrist spirit (political correctness) where Christians, good natured, bible believing people must endure week after week, revival after revival of men (and women) who fly in teaching and preaching falsehoods, uttering profane words all under the guise of “prophecy” and when they have collected their ill gotten gain (money) from the church, they fly back home and leaving behind a wake of spiritual casualties like an Oliver Stone movie. Yet the pastor remains silent.

How many times have I seen good pastors sat quietly in their seat, squirming inside with every crazy prophetic declaration, yet not being able to stand up in their own church, the very church God sent them to pastor, but because of political correctness within the body, they have to smile and struggle on simply because certain people like a particular preacher or prophet, or that particular person is the flavor of the month within the Christian media circus? Yet the silence continues.

There is one thing we can certainly learn from the whole Shemitah, blood moon craze and it is this, the church has proven, by allowing certain men who boldly stated with certainty that something was going to occur – but didn’t, that they (the church) have become more seduced by the spirit of this age than ever before. When we are no longer permitted to judge, or allowed to question the teachings of someone who claims to be of God, speaks for God, and writes their books declaring what God gave to them alone and never question it, or even line it up with the word, then we have reached a point in time where the church has become more sick than realized. The fact is, political correctness within the church is a doctrine of demons, it has cast a spell upon those who would otherwise be of sound mind, but because of outside, social influences, have become weak, tolerant, and even apathetic to the wolves who are swiftly making their way into the fold. Until the church gets back to calling out those who would divide the flock as Paul publicly did, then the body of Christ will continue to suffer violence. Yet I believe someone will begin the task of shaking themselves from the spirit of seduction that has come upon so many today, and begin to hold many accountable for their words said as from God. And I long for that day.


  1. Steve Sandoval says:

    Christopher, not sure what your angle is. But, you keep calling out Johnathan Cahn. It’s almost like you are attacking him and others from a pharasee religious spirit. First of all many things did happen in September that moved the prophecy ball foward. Everything going on in the middle east, the pope, the UN, the economy, stock market, Israel, Iran, Egypt, I can go on and on. When JC speaks and even in his books. He always says he is not putting dates and times. He is just reporting what the spirit of God is showing him. Unlike you he is very humble and kind. Either you are not paying attention what is going on in terms of the big picture or else you have anointed yourself in these last days to attack God’s prophets and leaders. At least you are consistent. I have not read his books and yet you are attacking him. Maybe I should call you out. Instead I will pray for you and pray You humble yourself before God. Gods word also speaka and warns us about those who attack God’s elect.

    • Steve, I’m consistent when it comes to Cahn because Cahn is part of the Hebraic roots movement, and attempt to draw men away from the cross and back to keeping aspects of the law. There are no Messanic Jews today, only saved and unsaved. Cahn teaches keeping the sabbath, the feasts, the torah, these types and shadows have become fulfilled at the cross. To even remotely use any of the past as a means to worship God is sin, plain and simple. We now have the cross. My “attack” is nothing personal, but biblical. For we are told to examine everything someone teachings, and his teachings are leaven.

    • S Smith says:

      Cahn is of satan, and he is still trying to milk the shemitah by recently appearing on “Sid Roth’s – It’s Supernatural” to expand on the shemitah, after September the 13th came and went. I am not trying to imply that I believe or do not believe in an impending American economic collapse because in the event that one does occurs or not, Cahn is not going to go away…perhaps anytime soon anyways.

      • Rose Pappas says:

        Jonathan Cahn is one of the most trustworthy, honest, obedient servants of the Lord in this generation. Those who are badmouthing and condemning him and telling lies about him will be judged by the Lord. to call the word of God the work of satan is the blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. to call the anointed messenger of the Lord of satan gets you onto thin ice cracking under your feet. you condemn
        Cahn, it is proof you know absolutely nothng, nothing, nothing, about the Holy Ghost your
        religion is .worse than an empty shell.

  2. clinton alexander says:

    steve another false prophet wolf in sheeps clothing

  3. clinton alexander says:

    brother Christopher is right, and you steve is wrong, nothing even big happended in september, but a group that calls themselves christian said on october 7 this month the world would be annihalted anyway october 7 came and gone so that group is wrong to, steve repent and stop spreading ur lies also here is two articles about that group that said the world would be annihalted on october 7 this month and did not now the same group said there adjusting there warning, my suggestion is ignore the group cuz there false prophets lyers

  4. clinton alexander says:

    below what the head of the group said about october 7 this month, the world did not be destroyed by fire on october 7 so I call Chris McCann out as a false prophet a lyer a wolf in sheeps clothing and I suggest the people that follow him leave him

    according to Chris McCann, head of the eBible fellowship, warned that the planet would be destroyed “with fire” on 7 October. This did not happen.

  5. clinton alexander says:

    steve yes there will be judgement from God as the Bible says but on Gods timing not cuz some idiots that are false prophets wolves in sheeps clothing that fleece the people of God and make money off there tapes and books cds, I go by the Bible only and I know we are in the last days but steve u need to get out from hebrewic movement

    • waycross1948 says:

      Did you “call him out” on his own site where he might see it? You are part of the problem – “God will deal with it”- WE are mandated by God to deal with these false prophets publically! If God mandated DEATH to them in the Old Testament, do you really think we are supposed to simply ignore them? They seriously do harm to the Body of Christ because these prophecies become a joke, then Christianity becomes a joke. They tear down the Church with these ridiculous false prophecies.

  6. waycross1948 says:

    How “nice” do we think God is going to be to these FALSE PROPHETS who are leading His sheep astray? These false prophesies are simply overlooked and the people who sit under their ministry continue to sit like “sheep” waiting for another “word” from these so-called Prophets of God. It goes right back to what we’ve discussed before – the old “judge not” mantra. These men MUST be righteously judged according to the Word. We owe it to the Body of Christ to not only call them out publically but to rebuke them for false teachings. Of course I’m not in favor of them being put to death but they must be reprimanded by the leadership of the Church and by the Body of Believers who recognize their wrongdoing and how it hurts both believers and non-believers alike. They damage the Christian message and make a joke of God’s Word by their actions. It’s time to take action against them.

  7. San Juan says:

    Excellent Points
    Again we see the true results of false ‘prophecies’ & ‘teachings, based on the occult, mysticism, superstitions, myths & man’s self-delusion religious traditions. But it creates a lot of Media/TV commentary, interviews, appearances & SELLS a lot of Books, CD’s, Bumper Stickers & merchandise.
    Kabbalism the ancient Jewish tradition of mystical interpretation of the Bible, that remains significant in Hasidism today & is the foundation of the current Hebraic roots movement (aka Messanic Jews) which is in opposition to the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  8. Natia says:

    Hello everyone…. As Im reading these comments I see where the problem lies… In the bible it state NO ONE SHOULD KNOW THE TIME NOR HOUR. As Born agians as soon as someone has any thing to say about the world ending with a date or time you know it is a lie. Jesus himself doesnt know, the angels dont know….. An Im pretty sure man has no clue. For God is not a man… An God does not lie

  9. Natia says:

    As well. We need to read the bible for ourselves. When our prechers an minister an pope do an start saying. Things that are not of God. You should know by reading your word and the holy spirit. It’s ok to correct.. It us wise to have correct. Then to be a fool…

  10. pwoeckener says:

    My problem is not really with false prophets, per se, but the political correctness within the church that silences any dissent, correction or discipline whatsoever. It’s a toxic atmosphere, where one must walk on egg shells around everyone, and smile pretty in front of everyone, while hiding any negative tone or comment from anything, as coming from satan. Meanwhile, we continue to “play church” and not moving forward in applying biblical truths to our lives. I’m actually surprised our church still exists considering the number of people who spend more time out of town on vacations 2 or 3 times a month, rather than be in attendance at church. And any old excuse will do for skipping church this week. While I am certainly no saint, I just tire of the complacency and the hypocrisy of those that call church home, to live out there lives partying away. Biblical truth is nowhere to be found.

  11. Dan Kana says:

    Why all the division? We are called to Love The Creator with everything we are then love one another. We are called to not Quench the Spirit test the spirits , make the most of our time stand up against the forces of evil.

  12. Ashok RKshok says:

    I am tempted to believe that the bottom line to all of these predictions is the money to be made from the sale of books and DVD’s. If you read Acts chapter 1, you will note that although the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was to occur 10 days later, Jesus only said that the disciples would be baptised with the Holy Spirit “not many days from now”. He refused to set a date for the baptism of the Holy Spirit although it was to occur just 10 days from then. He proceeds to say that it is not for us to know times and seasons that the Father has set by his own authority. It will be wise to follow his advice.

    • Actually that is wrong theology. The 120 people who were gathered were NOT all the disciples, but MANY who were gathered there that day, but continue to read the ENTIRE book of Acts and you will see MANY people were filled (baptized) with the Holy Spirit AFTER the upper room event.

      • Ashok RK says:

        Certainly. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is for today, for all who have repented, placed their faith in Jesus and have been baptised in water (Acts 2:38).
        The point I was trying to make is that we need not too concerned about times and seasons especially since Jesus himself did not set a date for the baptism of the Holy Spirit although it occurred 10 days after his ascension.

  13. April says:

    Form a relationship with our Father the creator He wanted a family so he created earth. He gave us a chance to choose him or to choose the world or the devil Satan. so now we have a choice to have a righteous walk Or an unrighteous walk We are responsible for our relationship with our Father in Heaven That means being obedient unto His Word And desiring to know him And to walk in that right just walk through knowing him surrender and submitting our will on to him So that when we are judged on that last day we know where we will be going back to heaven to ,to the other world whatever way you want to call it because it’s only the righteous that will get into that place The unrighteous will stay here And be judged and be sealed up in the pit of hell .get your heart right with your father today..

  14. james harrell says:

    April, God didn’t want a family, therefore He created earth, this is a church myth. Nor did God create man because He wanted a family. If I may introduce you to read “ALL RISE” by james harrell you will hear the God given truth, and see spiritually what God was doing , when He re- created(gen. 1v 2-24) the earth, and His purpose for making man.

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