95 theses

“For my people have committed two evils; they have forsake me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can old no water.” (Jeremiah 2:13)

I’m tried. Sick and tired. Not physically mind you, no, this kind of tired is about what I see occurring in the modern church world today and why I’m simply sick and tired of what I’m seeing.

The church is literally drunk on success, be it personal success, business success, success in marriage, life in general and a better “you”. You will be hell bent to find one major ministry today who tackles on a daily basis about sin, persecution, troubles and the coming tribulation against the church. Why is that? It’s because I believe Satan has rocked the church asleep with the cares of this life to such a degree that many in the church today are not one bit concerned about Christians being beheaded in the middle east, or the past persecutions against the church in China, or the rise of militant Islam.

We can prove this by simply doing a random examination of every major evangelical conference under the sun today and see that the churches focus is no longer about world or global evangelism, but about materialism. It’s the seduction for having wealth, having fun, having a nice house or nice car that we care about these days. And this is what is caused the church, in my estimation, on becoming a non-issue as it relates to the world today. Because we have become drunk on excess. We have become drunk on ego and pride, we have become drunk on self that we no longer care about the state of the world, the state of sinners, the state of God’s righteousness. We are drunk and we refuse to wake up while the rest of the world, including Christians in other nations suffer. But the American church simply does not care.

When Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses at the door of the church, he did so with the understanding that it would might well cost him his life – and he was right, it did. The fact is, Luther had it right then and I have it right now, the American church, for whatever one might one to call it, is drunk, drunk on sin, drunk on worldliness, drunk on self, drunk on the cares of this life. We are drinking in the bed of the harlot and we want it so. Simply turn on any major Christian (entertainment) channel and you’ll see exactly what I am referring to, a gospel of greed, excess, vanity, lucre, self, gross entertainment of all sorts and least but not forgotten – false doctrine. It’s like the church has openly and willingly embraced idolatry – and still we claim supremacy to scripture over other nations. But we would be wrong – dead wrong.

Right now there is a Christian revival happening in Russia, China, India, Burma, Africa and even in parts of Muslim controlled nations such as Turkey and Iran. Even in North Korea, where carrying a bible will either get you an immediate death sentence, or a trip to the death camp for forced labor, either way, it’s a death sentence. Yet Christians are still praying, still seeking God in this last hour – but does the American church care? Not at all. We’re too busy asking God for more money, more stuff, more “glory” when we are not willing to pray 5 minutes let alone seek his word. Yet we still boast in our numbers at church Sunday morning and our shout Sunday night. It is a strange fire the modern church in America is offering at the altar of many popular churches and God wants nothing to do with it.

Yet many today claim revival is happening in our nation – really? Where? The truth is, what is being passed off as “revival” is nothing more than built up emotionalism by a mixture of secularism and false worship. The truth is, if you want to see revival come to China where I am and you won’t see a light show or rock music blaring, but men and women, boys and girls crying out to God in a small house church, their hearts desiring for more to come into the fold.

What I hear in my spirit, from the Ecumenical movement by some in the Charismatic church (Copeland) and the sign seekers and omen watchers of the blood moon hype, to the more heretical teachers such as Jonathan Cahn, who is leading many astray with a return back to law and keeping to shadows of the past such as The Shemitah, and other Hebrew Roots foolishness, is a shaking is coming. Yet I also hear the word ICHABOD. Still, God has a remnant of faithful believers. Yet I know something is coming to the American church and one which I fear will send many into error.

it is time to hold the false prophets accountable for their false words. It is time to hold popular pastors who manipulate the people of their money claiming supernatural blessings if they sow a generous seed (God does not require a seed, just faith). It is time to call the state of the modern American church what it is – pagan. Because it has replaced the cross with another god, a false god. It is time to render judgment and a time to expose the falsehood of so many who are weighing the people down by their greed and desire for control. It is time for a second reformation and one which is long overdue. May it come quickly.



  1. Tammy says:

    Luther did not have it completely right I am sorry to say he still had the catholic religion garbage down pat.

    here is a fellow named Torben Sondergaard. The Lord has shown him correctly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdzZv-XMXPU&list=PL62F7NXKqmsvSmr4KtvYyiNSd0bGazjtV

    I found Torben after the Lord told me to study the book of Acts diligently, when i asked him Father show me how to be and how to make real disciples like the first Disciples were! I studied it like crazy and still am, and i found that none not one person on this earth has it correctly as of yet.

    The formula according to Jesus and the apostles is one repent, two be baptized in water unto death of self and out of the water into the life of Christ, then be prayed over for the Holy Spirit.

    Sometimes when our repentance is so deep and so right the Power of the Holy Spirit comes upon you, even before being prayed over for Him to come upon you, and or before baptism. But notice herein Acts 10:44-48, 44 While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit came down on all those who were listening to his speech. 45 The Jewish believers who came with Peter were amazed that the Holy Spirit had been poured out as a gift also to people who were not Jews. 46 They heard them speaking different languages and praising God. Then Peter said, 47 “How can anyone object to these people being baptized in water? They have received the Holy Spirit the same as we did!” 48 So Peter told them to baptize Cornelius and his relatives and friends in the name of Jesus Christ. Then they asked Peter to stay with them for a few days.

    notice even though the Holy Spirit had already come down upon them they were still baptized? No one has a right to say that the baptism of the believer is not exactly a part and parcel of being saved!

    Then Paul in Acts 19 came across some men who had been baptized in water but had not received the power from on High, and Paul did the whole formula over again to make very sure they had it all correctly, repent baptism in water and baptism of the Holy Spirit.

    I hope you will enjoy Torben’s great pioneer school. He is now traveling the world the Lord’s doing always, and making disciples all over the globe!

    • Caleb says:

      I love Torben! Hearing and seeing him really showed me what the book of Acts looks like. It was a real eye opener for me. Glad to see others here have heard of him.

  2. clinton alexander says:

    excellant brother christopher

  3. pwoeckener says:

    I am glad I am not alone in saying exactly what you have said above. Truth for sure.

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