Recently it was announced that a popular Christian singer who had been battling cancer, was now on her last journey upon this Earth and is (at the time of this article) saying goodbye to her friends and family, as well as the countless fans across the world who share in her family’s grief that death is coming to take hold of this young woman’s life. Yet it begs the question many have asked, and will be asking in the future, not just for this particular woman, but for all who never see healing come in their life – why?

I do not know as to why not everyone who asks to be healed is never healed, I do not, nor would I ever perceive to know the mind of God. However, that being said, I can give my opinion backed by the word as to why God does want to heal us, and why healing is for all and not just for some. When we look into the word of God, it is clear from the past (old testament) to the present (new covenant) that God does indeed heal his people when they call out to him. In Exodus 15:26 God specifically tells Moses the following as it regards healing, “He said, “If you will listen carefully to the voice of the LORD your God and do what is right in his sight, obeying his commands and keeping all his decrees, then I will not make you suffer any of the diseases I sent on the Egyptians; for I am the LORD who heals you.” God specifically tells the people of Israel that not only would they not suffer from any disease, but God will heal the sick among them. Yet God firmly reminds his people through his prophet that the people had to do one thing and one thing only – obey. They were to simply obey God’s commandments, keep his decrees and do what was right in his sight. But God doesn’t end his promises with only one particular verse.

In Exodus 23:25 the Lord says, “You shall serve the LORD your God, and he will bless your bread and your water, and I will take sickness away from among you.” Once again, God tells his people by the mouth of the prophet that if the people serve the Lord with gladness, he will keep sickness away from them. Another specific promise. Notice that in just these two verses alone, not once does God ever say “If it is my will…”? Nor does God imply that he might heal his people (as some preachers like to imply). No, God specifically addresses two things as it regards to healing, 1. That God wants to heal his people and 2. God only asks that his people serve him with their whole heart, that includes keeping to his word.

Throughout the entire Old Testament, God not only reminds us of his love for his people, but when sickness came, God made a way for people to be made whole. One is the cleansing offering (Leviticus 14:10-32) that was made for someone who had leprosy. When a person who had this particular skin disease was sick, a lamb was offered and slain, the blood was applied to the right ear and right toe, signifying Christ and restoration. The offering was burnt to ashes, which signified Christ’s work on the cross being completed. The priest would then lay hands upon the sick man and declare him clean – and he was healed.

Now, if God did not want that man clean, or anyone else, then why go through an entire ritual to become clean?

When we go into the New Covenant, it is clear, based on the teachings found in the old (Isaiah 53, 4-5, Isaiah 59, 1-2) that by the finished work of the cross, God has afforded us healing. The problem when it comes to healing and what is being taught is not because of the word, or a genuine lack of understanding the word, the problem comes directly from man himself, namely religious man. Let it be understand by all, that some men who hold the title of “preacher, pastor or bishop” do not want people healed. We can see this clearly in the word when Jesus healed a blind man and the religious leaders were upset by the actions of Christ. Still, it proved that religion does not want people free, but people to remain bound to a system of fools folly. In other words, only a select few can receive healing at the discretion of those who are in control. Yet many never see that healing come – so why not?

Is it still the will of God, as in the past, to heal all who have need of healing, and to fulfill the number of their days? I believe the answer is – yes.

The greatest barrier to the faith of many seeking bodily healing in our day is the uncertainty in their minds as to it being the will of God to heal ALL. Nearly every one knows that God does heal some, but there is much in modern theology that keeps people from knowing what the Bible clearly teaches – that healing is provided for all. Some attempt to add the words “If it be thy will” but that is adding to scripture. If God did not want us healed, then why did God in the past, provide a sacrificial ritual for those who were needing healing for leprosy? If God is the same yesterday, today and forever, if Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever, did not want us healed, then why did the apostle Paul, under direct inspiration by the Holy Spirit, write in 1 Corinthians chapter 12 of the nine gifts, one of which is the gifts of healings? It is impossible to boldly claim, by faith, a blessing that we are not sure God offers. The power of God can be claimed only where the will of God is known.

If it was not God’s perfect will for us to be healed, then It would be next to impossible to get a sinner to “believe unto righteousness” before you had fully convinced him that it was God’s will to save him. Faith begins where the will of God is known. If it is God’s will to heal only some of those who need healing, then none have any basis for faith unless they have a special revelation that they are among the favored ones. Faith must rest on the will of God alone, not on our desires or wishes. Appropriating faith is not believing that God can but that God will.

Some would say that if God heals us each and every time we ask for every sickness and disease, then we will never die. Really, what thought process came up with that sort of idea? Divine healing goes no further than the promise of God. He does NOT promise that we shall never die, but he says: “I will take sickness away from the midst of thee, the number of thy days I will fulfill.” (Exodus 23:25-26) “The days of our years are threescore years and ten.” (Ps. 90:10)

Truth is, God specifically has a time and place where all of us will pass from this life to eternal life. We are going to die, unless Christ returns and how God chooses this is simple, God stops the beating of the heart. It is God’s original purpose that man die NATURALLY! It is NOT God’s will that people die sick, diseased and reeking of vile infections. This is not God’s design nor plan for us. The reason though many do die from sickness and disease and infections, who are born again in the faith, is because they truly never understood the promises of healing.

Regarding dying, have you noticed that those people whom Christ brought back from the dead were YOUNG people? Who had not lived out their fulness of years; and in that fact we may see Christ’s own protest against premature death. The truth is, if our allotted time has not been spent, then we have the right to claim God’s gift of health.

The early church took Christ at his word and prayed unitedly for signs and wonders of healing until the place was shaken where they were assembled together. Then people were brought forth and ALL manner of sicknesses and diseases were healed. We now end up back at the problem as to why some are not healed, and I believe it has more to with teachings of men and less to do with the promises of God.

If we examine many of the popular ministries today, we will find many who advocate a less than promising belief, nor even hope, in the healing promises of God. They hold to the view which says that healing, miracles and the like which was clearly evidenced during the time of the Apostles have ended, that God does not, nor will not move in such a way with his people today. In other words, to these men who hold power over many, one is simply out of luck if they get sick. To these men behind many of today’s pulpits across America and the rest of the world, it would be far better for the sick to die than to ask them to pray according to Mark 16:17-18, than to seek healing. Why? Because it is their religious teachings and reputation that is at stake and not the genuine concern for those who are coming in desperate need of prayer.

Then, there is the other aspect of healing which we cannot explain, the ones who die without never seeing God’s promises. Yet I must go back to my original point that says we have a written promise found in the word which we can lay claim to, that declares because Christ bore the stripes upon his back, because he shed his blood at the cross, I and every believer who trusts in the word of God, has a right to stand before the throne room of God and demand healing for our body. Some might never be healed because of sin – personal sin, or rebellion (they don’t want to do what is right), but Christ says if we keep his commandments (faith in the cross) he will answer us when we pray. That my friend is why healing must and will come when we declare the legal and spiritual right given to us found in the word of God.

Why are you not healed then? I would ask, why have you not simply trusted and believed God and keep him at his word? No one ever said faith would be easy to cling too, even in the face of certain death. Yet I know God works thru our faith, and our level of faith, and if we have the faith, even as small as mustard grain, we can claim perfect healing for our body, even defying nature itself, so that not only will we be healed, but we will see the healing on this side of eternity and not on the other side. God never gets glory from your sickness and ultimate death, he gets glory from those who trust him at his word to deliver us, even when we don’t understand, we trust him completely, for the age of miracles and gifts of healing have not ended, but are alive and remain. We just need to believe it and accept it.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Well written and based on the Word! God gave me the revelation of Exodus 23:25 2 yrs ago and I was healed from my gluten and dairy intolerance. That grew my belief , faith and trust to recieve other healings and to heal my husband of things. God is Good. He has given us the blueprint for health if we would only read his Word and believe.

  2. Tammy says:

    So very well said dear Christopher! I was just going through all of this and more this week, about this same thing. God is amazing and only waiting for us to believe, obey and trust Him at His word!

  3. Great article! -As you know Christopher, – I do challenge you from time to time even though you do not respond back to me. But just have to say best Article I have seen you write! Will share it with others! Thank you brother


    • Hi Steve,
      I don’t usually respond to different points of view simply because I use the word as my foundation in what I believe is truth, it’s the word people disagree with, not my opinion. So I tend to let my position speak for itself. But then there are the more clear statements by others who, for their own agenda that I end up responding to (yours is not one of them). I simply state my position and people choose to either agree or disagree. I live in China and for the most part, my time is equally limited these days with our work here, which does not afford me the time to respond to every comment either.
      Be blessed,

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