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full moon


“People will be terrified at what they see coming upon the earth, for the powers in the heavens will be shaken.” (Luke 21:26)

I’ve mulled what I am about to post for most of the day, listening to the Spirit of God and seeking his path in understanding of what I would post would have upon people, namely the severity of the following glimpse into our future. Yet, I have to be obedient to the nature of the spirit of prophecy and what the Lord, as I believe, showed me in a night vision yesterday evening.

In the vision I stood outside the church, a church which I grew up most of my early childhood days as a young boy until my early 20’s. In the vision I was standing in the parking lot (it was night) and for whatever reason, I felt compelled to look up into the night sky. It was a beautiful clear night, when I noticed that the moon was full and very bright. Yet something in the spirit realm kept telling me “Pay attention” because I wanted to turn and look away, and within seconds, I saw a red image which looked like fire, it seemed to come from another direction, striking the moon from behind.

My spirit grew cold, fear overcame me as I watched the moon literally be torn into pieces. Then, seeing the explosion, the moon (at least most of it, or a large chunk of it) was gone. A bright flash of light flooded the night sky, turning the evening into day, then into night again. I immediately ran into the church and shouted “The moon, the moon is gone!” As we walked back outside, the sky was filled with dark or gray material which acted like snow. Then the dream ended.

When I awoke, I heard in my spirit this word, “What you saw was a shadow of things to come in the future.” Yet, even as I recount in this brief letter, I find it hard to fathom of what I saw, yet I know my spirit and I know the gifts when they are at work. The problem is, much of the church world has forsaken the end time events as something of folklore, in simple terms, we just cannot believe God would allow the world to experience things as this. Yet as I pointed out in Luke 21:26, fearful things, horrible events in the world above us and even below us will shake under such measures that men will literally die from what they see. This is why we must be ready.

Am I certain that I saw right? I am. Am I certain what I saw will come to pass? I do. Why? Because as hard as my human mind can fathom, things in this world, eventually are going to get worse to such a degree that millions will die. Even when I researched what like would be like with little to no moon, I was astonished to see that NASA right now is very worried about the stability of our moon and being hit by a great object, the consequences, although not extreme, would play significant roles in our every day life.

What I do know is this, whatever is coming, God has planned it, orchestrated it and will fulfill it in time. It’s all in the word of God if we just read it.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes I believe it will happen.waiting for the Rapture. God Bless

  2. Lana says:

    Hi Christopher,
    Thank you for sharing this. I believe that sometimes these dreams are given to help prepare our hearts and other Christians.

  3. Pat Birchen says:

    This confirms something I had felt only a couple of days ago.
    I found myself looking at the moon – it seems unusually bright and a little larger these days than usual – and as a dark cloud passed in front of it, blotting out its light, I felt cold suddenly within my spirit and began to feel a panic at the thought of losing its light.
    I found myself thinking how awful it would be not to have the moon to light the night sky.

    This is NOT like me!!
    I rarely give the moon a second thought (other than when I read about the blood moons), but for some reason I have been drawn to notice it particularly in these last few nights.

    I’m glad you have mentioned something similar also.
    I thought it was just me having a “strange” moment or something!!

  4. There is a large asteroid TX 68 coming March 5th, 2016 that will brush VERY CLOSE TO THE MOON and the earth. This could be the object that hits the moon!, there is a Total Solar Eclipse that will occur on March 9th!

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