What I’m about to say I say NOT with the intent to condemn, but to encourage. That said, be very careful to what you allow in your spirit in these last days we’re living in. Let me be more clearer…..just because a movie might seem to be innocent, doesn’t mean that it is. Case in point – Star Wars, The Force Awakens. Folks, I woke up today feeling something strong in my spirit, and this verse kept running across my mind, “What fellowship does light have with darkness?” (2 Cor. 6:14)
I remain convinced that there is an underlying approach to what is being created, produced and ultimately marketed to this world, as well as to believers in general, that will ultimately force the believer to decide where he or she stands with Christ or this world. There is a consensus growing within the kingdom of darkness to do all it can to undermine the walk of the believer, and many today are compromising that walk. Folks, I believe 100% that we are nearing a point in time in the very near future that believers will no longer be allowed because of conviction, not to mention conscious, to partake in the things of this world because the nature of this world is growing steadily against the things of God. It’s come to a point in time where we, as believers, will have to simply no longer participate in anything which is not of God simply because the darkness is contaminating everything in its wake, it’s almost as if God is purposely allowing this to separate those who are truly his, and those who are in name only. Make no mistake, the tide is turning in this nation against the church.
Yet many will say they can do whatever they like because of grace, and while that is true (to a large degree) I remain convinced that eventually the things which we once could participate in, we won’t be able to simply because the atmosphere has muddied the water. It’s all fine to take a swim in the pool, even though one can see the mire toward the other end, but once other contaminants begin to form within that same pool, logic clearly says that you just can’t swim where you once did.
I believe what is happening is that Satan is taking his domain in this world to new heights, and because of this, we who are in Christ, can simply no longer can do the things we once did, simply because times have changed. But back to Star Wars.
When George Lucas made his epic piece, isn’t it strange that even today, 40 years later, this same movie has such a following? I believe – no, convinced, that it’s because of the SPIRIT behind this movie which has garnered such a place in our society. There is something working within the world of entertainment which is in fact revealing something very telling, and that is something rising. We see this in films such as Harry Potter, The Avengers, and even with Star Wars, I remain convinced that the world is being conditioned to accept the unacceptable, to believe the unbelievable, and embrace the impossible. Make no mistake, we are living in the last days, and I believe these films are conditioning NOT adults, although to some degree they are, but to children, because I am convinced that the children of this generation will in fact be the generation which will see supernatural events just as they have been seeing in movies, which will make them immune to natural understanding of Satanic events that are coming.
So I say this to every Christian who is about to pay homage to the god of this world and his displays of evil and perversion, be careful to what you allow in your spirit, because one day, if you live long enough, and God grants you the right to see those events come to pass, you won’t be persuaded to become deceived as millions will when they see such deception played out before them. It is in fact coming. In other words, don’t wait for the movie, it’s already here.
  1. JL says:

    What a cooky bag of nuts. A movie is just a movie, and your book is just a book. Not a very good one at that.

    The movie kicks ass. If you believe this man’s garbage please seek help. You are probably in an echo chamber of indoctrination, but seriously, break free. Find a way out. Find reason. There is no sense here, only the mad delusions of the desperate and fearful.

    • jesse says:

      Jesus loves u and died to take your place, which you deserve by the way. Jesus will save you if only you believe and trust in him. You too will see the spiritual side of the world, but until you accept Jesus you will be blind and stand before the King of kings to be judged to hell

    • Diane says:

      A movie is NOT JUST A MOVIE! How do you think Hollywood has shaped society ? Books are not just books, what you put in your mind us in your mind and that is who you are!

  2. kenzelsfire says:

    I find this post really interesting. In the last couple of days I shared an impromptu post with pictures related to this movie.

    I’m not sure what I think of “The Force Awakens” – I watched star wars as a youth & while I enjoyed it, this time around, something in my spirit is “on guard” for this release.

  3. Wisslewj says:

    There is a Spirit behind all these movies that garners its following….its the idea that good beats evil eventually. Its the idea that with some struggle we do come out on top and that evil does lose. That knowing is in everyone of our spirits so its no wonder that we like these movies. We were born to triumph over evil…and inside we know it and enjoy watching it.

    Sad thing is…where many can see the triumph of light…others…usually the religious…are too busy looking at the darkside and living in Fear of things. And…as Master Yoda says:

    Fear is the path to the dark side.
    Fear leads to anger.
    Anger leads to hate.
    Hate leads to suffering.

    Bible says we become what we behold. If we always see the dark and not the light..we will befome the dark. See the light in things and the dark will fade away.

    • anonguy says:

      “the fear (reverence) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”

      yoda aint gonna save you. Wisdom’s paths will.

      wiss says ” See the light in things and the dark will fade away.”

      The revelation says there will no longer be a candle left in babylon for to do anything

    • anonguy says:

      the apostle Paul, perhaps more authoritative than Wiss:-

      12, And what I am doing I will continue to do, in order to undermine the claim of those who would like to claim that in their boasted mission they work on the same terms as we do.
      13, For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.
      14, And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.
      15, So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.

      end quote

      there is a false light in the world and Wiss and many millions follow it. It is the broad road that leads to perdition, an easy road. Narrow is the way that leads to life and few find it, if truth be told.

    • Diane says:

      Hate leads to DEATH

  4. Christopher Martin says:

    You’re incorrect on so man levels Christopher. You don’t understand God’s grace. I challenge you to read grace preachers like Joseph Prince’s “Destined to Reign” with an open heart and I challenge you to prove Grace wrong. It might just change your life forever. But only do this if you consider yourself strong in faith.

  5. Rab says:

    I find that these so called “christians” who are always on the defensive and cannot or will not see the great deception engulfing our nation have been lulled to sleep by the god of this world. This is the end of days and the enemy wants us to be focused on arguing about senseless matters than to do what we are called to do. To be a witness and win souls into the kingdom. It isn’t just for the five fold ministry but for all of us to witness where the Lord has us planted. Co-workers, neighbors, friends, divine appointments at the store, etc. Matthew 24 states we have troubling times ahead and we need to be prepared. You defensive argumentaive christian or so called religious person have you even led one person to Christ? Our prayer should be Lord help me to take as many as I can into the kingdom because that is all that really matters.

  6. Michele Renecle says:

    Amen to every word you said. Thank you. Michele

  7. Massie says:

    So I guess you don’t believe in the Force…. Han used to be just like you…. It’s not real dude. It’s a movie. One with a simple theme of good versus evil and actually, redemption which is central to your belief If I remember. All over the world people are sitting around watching a movie and not killing one another for a few hours. If that’s not a threat to our way of life!!!!

  8. kirstin says:

    You are right. Thank you for the boldness to say this. This movie was originally founded on witchcraft and the occult. I believe its planned by the ruling elite to brainwash masses of people. I’m shocked by all the Christians I know who are mesmerized by this and Harry potter, and all the occult themed music and media. Many in The church are already infiltrated and mind controlled to accept these themes and looks with disdain at anyone who speaks out against it. Our society has been so saturated for so long, they think nothing of it, but even create bible studies to go along with it. There is a great need for repentance, maybe persecution will bring it, I hope we don’t wait for that. It will be Who do you choose, the Lord or the world(the devil). Peoples homes, their hearts (their temples) are filled with evil things. The Lord is merciful and long suffering, but Satan is a destroyer and is after Gods seed. We need to come under His protection, His covering and not play with the powers of darkness. They want blood. God wants to bless His people. He won’t bless darkness. We need to stay close to our Shepherd and touch not the unclean things.

    • anonguy says:

      Amen to that, kirstin. On more than one occasion I have nearly been killed by these evil powers that inhabit positions of authority at every strata of society and want every true believer dead. I have a way to go yet, your post re-awakens me to the dangers ahead which are surely in the wings. Lord Bless you.

  9. S Smith says:

    It is interesting that as I skimmed through the article I encountered the statement “It’s come to a point in time where we, as believers, will have to simply no longer participate in anything which is not of God simply because the darkness is contaminating everything in its wake…” because I have decided within minutes of reading that statement that I can no longer watch any programs on a Christian Network, also having recently learned that TBN is of satan, and those that are associated with TBN are puppets of the illuminati or satan. The reason I had to skim through this article is because I was going to continue reading an article titled “False Ministries (2): Occult Hand Signs – Part 2”. Even things that are supposed to be of GOD are saturated with the things of the devil. LORD JESUS is slowly revealing these things to me, and HE is obviously not going to overwhelm me with the entire falseness that exists within the church because every revelation that I receive I feel dejected. I have come to learn that some of those that I once esteemed are not true followers of MY JESUS, e.g., Sid Roth, Kirt Schneider, and Jonathan Bernis. I do not even think that I can trust “Refections” on Daystar, after all, it tends to quote scriptural verses from untrustworthy sources. Some Christians might want to say “don’t be so serious”, but they are the ones that are straddling the fence, and are more than likely going to fall over into satan’s trap.

  10. kenzelsfire says:

    @SSmith, very interesting what you mention. I’ve been watching gospel channels but recently something in my spirit has been off about doing so. The only reliable source of faith is what we’ll read in our Bible.
    I’m curious about the article you mentioned on False Ministies (P2)…
    On that note I saw something this week that took me by surprise. I don’t watch much tv but caught a McDonald’s ad: At the end the little girl flashes a hand signal. I guess most “think” it is a sign for cool, except it isn’t.

    • Anonymous says:

      I need to address some of these points. The time we are living in is definitely dark and its going to get darker as we go. We need to ask for that discernment to allow us to recognize the evil that surrounds us and to FLEE from it and NOT embrace it. I agree with the concept of this movie in addition to many others out there that are enticing the unknowing as well as the elect into dangerous waters. Without the help of the Holy Spirit many will be taken under.

      As far as the “Christian” TV matter is concerned, the Lord removed me from that scene about two years ago and I am very thankful for that. Things have been spiraling out of control. Again we need that discernment. The church HAS been lulled to sleep and they have fallen victim to the schemes of the devil and they don’t realize it. Lord Jesus open our spiritual eyes and ears and cleanse our hearts in this hour.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The force awakens is demonic. I knew somebody who was into Star Wars and woke up in the middle of the night screaming. I could FEEL a demon in the room, and I started worshiping, saying, “Jesus”. I felt it leave, mainly because my skin wasn’t crawling with uneasiness, plus, I felt something hit my back as it left. A whak.

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