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Today, while sitting and eating with my wife at a waffle house here in our city of Chongqing, China (of all places), God began to speak to my spirit and gave me a word for the new year. Here is what I hear in my spirit that we need to take into account.

2016 will be the year where lines will be drawn. These lines will be drawn politically, culturally, economically, and yes – spiritually. But it’s the drawing of the line in the sand spiritually God dealt with me more about than anything else, for it is the SPIRIT of man he is worried about, not only for the sinner, but for the believer. 2016 will be a year where those who have placed their faith in Christ and his work on the cross, those who have continued to pick up their cross and follow him, will have a greater manifestation of his power in their lives. Yet those who have, and continue to have a spirit of lukewarmness will not find solace in God’s favor. This is where I believe we will begin to see a genuine separation begin, from those who are determined to lose all to follow Christ and gain heaven, from those who continue to reject the call to come out from among them and be ye separate.

2016 will be a year where the line will be drawn from truth and fable, scriptural fact versus religious myth. The line will be drawn on the teaching of Jesus Christ and him crucified (the cross), and that which is based on false teachings which reward the flesh.

The lines will be drawn to determine whose truly in this life to see the great commission come to pass, and those who are in it for material gain. The lines will show us the truth of preachers, pastors, prophets and apostles, as well as evangelists and teachers who are either teaching truth, or determined to continue to teach their lies. But it’s those same lines which will be drawn where the believer will have to choose what teaching/message they truly desire, the false from the good.

This, I believe will be the year where God begins to really shake his people up from their spiritual slumber. Make no mistake, the lines must be drawn so that those with eyes to see can make their choices clearly, no false pretenses, no manipulation. If one desires the words of a wolf, they will find that line clearly drawn out before them so that they will cross, knowing the consequences of their actions.

I believe this is setting the stage for the great falling away which is coming in the near future, where a spirit of deception will come upon the land and devour those whom have placed their faith in something other than the cross of Christ.

Yes, 2016 will be a year of change – lines of change. But lines which must be drawn so that all will know where their heart truly is in these last days on planet earth.

“And if it is evil in your eyes to serve the LORD, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” (Joshua 24:15)



  1. clinton alexander says:

    I agree and politically I think gop is got bad news coming november 2016 things will get worse not better

  2. Good article Christopher. The great falling away has already started in America. As a Christian for 35 years now and with the connection with social media such Face Book. I am so amazed how many old Christians friends have become so timid and quiet in their faith. Allowing the enemy to step right in to take even more territory in our churches. I see a fallen away from the faith of those age 18-35. Their new banner is the grace message. I I understand the church needed to have more teaching in that area to balance out the religious teaching that has been passed on generation to generation.

  3. Richard H says:

    Yes, Yesterday I was early morning pondering the new year here in Beijing and had the same consideration: Choices.

    Many in the valley of decision. Oh, My!

  4. anonguy says:

    mmm,,, you gotta draw a bigger line, bigger than before or you just won’t be good enough for heaven. Hey, that Popey guy, old fishy hat, he says the same thing, you gotta do more, count more beads, draw more lines….yaaawn

    • Clinton says:

      Get saved

      • anonguy says:

        November 27 1981 at 8.30 pm. Saved by grace.

        get lost

      • clinton alexander says:

        nope I wont get lost you need Jesus after this I will not respond anymore to ur posts I will ignore you

      • anonguy says:

        Now, come the end of 2016 and all this talk of drawing lines:- quote “Make no mistake, the lines must be drawn” (works salvation, really) is forgotten, is not this gregory guy just another ranting internet phony? The gospel does not require drawing lines – once baptized into Christ, the believer is in a NEW World, the old world is crucified unto him by the act of faith and regeneration by the Lord, the Spirit. The believer is in the heavenly world, before the throne of the Lord – the world is at the mercy of the whore and beast. You don’t need to draw a line if your life (hid with Christ in God) is in another world altogether, the heavens. A city set on a hill does not need to draw boundary lines – it is the light of the heavenly realms shining in the earthly darkness. No need for drawing lines, the work of the flesh, the works salvation of Rome and many of her oh so religious daughters.

      • anonguy says:

        I was in the throne room this morning, among the cherubim. That is where the blood of JESUS avails for me. Don’t think it avails only to internet lackeys like yourself.

      • Clinton says:

        Im alreaady saved I just dont like some of ur comments glad ur not God cuz if ur were I would not have any hope

      • anonguy says:

        Psalm 99:2, Yahweh is great in Zion, and he is exalted over all the peoples.


      • Clinton says:

        Amen love scripture

      • anonguy says:

        You just need to learn not to say things like “get saved” to those who are.

      • Clinton says:

        The way you come across sometimes is not christian thats why I said it

      • Clinton says:

        Of course I have my sins im not perfect either

  5. clinton alexander says:

    let me ask you this whats ur view on works

  6. clinton alexander says:

    ur not a loving believer

  7. clinton alexander says:

    I asked you whats ur view on works regarding salvation, also you need to start watching Jimmy Swaggart on sbn for the truth of Jesus Christ and the message of the cross right here http://www.sonlifebroadcasting.com/watch

  8. Caleb says:

    I can say that this definitely applies to me. Since last fall, the Holy Spirit had been working on me. I was living a life of sin. Finally a few weeks ago I couldn’t take it anymore and I gave Him everything. I was miserable without God in my life, still holding on to my sin. Now I want nothing but to know Him more and follow Him with all my heart. And since this change, God has shown me much about false teachings and false ministers and false prophets. I was given a dream about one particular false teacher. All of this lines up with what you have said here. At this point I am reading the Bible all I can, teaching my family, and trying to take steps as God shows me what to do next.

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