“The wicked go down to the realm of the dead, all the nations that forget God.” (Psalm 9:17)

There is no question that in the past, America was influenced greatly by the gospel, to be more precise – the church. Whether or not our leaders (past or present) were believers in Christ and had a personal relationship with the Lord is irrelevant, yet the fact remains that down through history, our foundation as a nation itself was guided upon the principles of the Christian faith. This, for the most part, due to the nature of America’s earliest beginnings, we were a “Christian nation”. That does not suggest that America was a nation which had a covenant with God – it didn’t. It simply means that there were believers in every aspect of society which influenced the early beginnings of the United States, from political to educational, Christians had great influence in early America. But over time that influence began to drift with each passing decade to such a degree that now our influence has become void in the direction of the nation, and worse, we have drifted away from the principles of the cross. In short, America is no more a ‘Christian’ nation.

The rise of immorality, perversion, violence, and social issues such as gay marriage and other issues which clearly have signaled a drastic change in the direction this nation is heading, is a clear signal that something has happened in America. I desire not to go into each and every reason for what I am about to post, the truth is, any bible believing believer who believes that there has been a significant change in the spirit of this land, can point to one thing and one thing only as to why things are progressively gotten worse in this country, and it’s because of what I have heard in my spirit 1 month ago, which I feel the time is now to release such a word. Here is what I heard in my spirit for both the church, as well as for the nation itself.

The glory has departed the nation.

There was a time where God greatly blessed America. Even when this nation did horrible things, the church still remained vital in the direction of the nation, and that glory rested, I believe for a period of time, and throughout history God’s glory shrouded the nation. But that glory has been lifted. As a result, the nation is now facing one of its greatest challenges, and it’s only getting worse.

The nation that forgets God shall come to ruin. It is the end of a Christian nation.

Any nation which has been given great spiritual light, which the United States has, from the past to the present, and ultimately turns to a spiritual whore, which this nation has ultimately done, then that nation, regardless of its past, will come to ruin. We are witnessing this now.

The hand of God has been removed.

For decades, America’s enemies have tried (and failed) to invade this nation. Throughout the past centuries since the founding of this nation, America has had a special protection upon it, but we can see from September 11th, 2001, that this nation has suffered great hostility from its enemies. We now live in a world of terror that threatens our very way of life, and there seems to be no end to those who would wreck havoc upon the land. The reason is simple, whatever protection we had, has been lifted.

Darkness has crept over the land.

When President Obama went on national television and declared his position which was in favor of same sex marriage, the first of any sitting U.S. to begin the shape of this nation by incorporating the idea of perversion. Since 2009, the rise of same sex marriage, followed by the U.S. Supreme Court in its declaration that gay marriage was indeed constitutional, changed the very fabric of this nation. Yet it’s not just gay marriage, spiritual darkness has crept over the land, from lawlessness, to rioting, to a spirit of apathy within the church, it is all a blinding spirit of darkness which has fallen over the nation.

The spirit of antichrist now reigns.

We can clearly see that the spirit of antichrist has appeared. Even now, spiritual leaders such as Pope Francis, and other spiritual leaders such as Rick Warren (among others) are pressing the issue of coming under the banner of a one world system, followed by a one world religion. This is the spirit of antichrist.

The nation shall not repent.

I know that many within the church has desired, and even declared that America shall be “saved”. But the reality is this – it won’t. It is going the way every other nation is going, the way of the beast. It shall not repent, but get worse.

It is the hour of selective judgments.

From water droughts in the west, to massive winter storms in the midwest and east coast, to warm/hot summer days, not to mention the rise of earthquakes in the midwest, there is a series of shakings which have captured the land. Even the past economic shakings have came to the land, all of which is due to God removing his hand from the land of plenty, turning it over to the spirit of the age.

The beginning of a beast kingdom is coming.

I don’t believe this needs any explanation, nor do I believe the Lord requires me to explain it in any great detail. We see this currently in our world.

They will do away with the Constitution and walk in agreement with the European nations.

This is one of the more surprising aspects of the word which came into my spirit. It is no question that the Constitution, which has been the central form of Government that gives men their freedom, is currently being shredded by past and present leaders. The reason is simple, the nation, like every other nation, must return back to a form of control and rule, maybe not as dramatic as past tyrannies such as Mao or Stalin, but suffice it to say, Satan is undermining the Constitution for one purpose, to bring about a world Government, which will be under his rule.

The nation shall not be used in such a way again.

No question that when we think about the United States, the image that comes to mind is the American flag waving, or the statue of Liberty shining brightly. This nation has fought wars, set many men free across the globe, and more importantly, God has used the modern church in America to reach the world for Christ. But that period of use is ending. It shall never come again. Whatever we once was in the past, and currently, to some degree, still are, it is coming to an end. Even countries such as China no longer fear us. That should tell us something has indeed changed.

The hope of the world lies in the cross through the move of the church – his remnant.

There is no question that there is a clear and growing separation in the modern church today, from that which is focused on self, money, materialism and spiritual encounters (such as angel feathers, gold dust and strange prophetic utterings) and less for the things of Christ. The teaching of the cross, the preaching of righteousness, the call to repent and the desire to crucify the flesh has all been forgotten in much of what is called the modern church. God is separating the wheat from the tare right before our eyes, and it is that group, the remnant, which will do great exploits for the kingdom of Christ. For it is the preaching of the cross which sets the sinner free, and brings freedom to those who are bound in religion.

That is what I heard in my spirit that I believe God would have me declare.



  1. Sam Elbonias says:

    There is a single, significant reason that America has sunk so low as to have become the de facto ‘poster gayboy’ for the world; and that is, that, the vast majority of us believers do nothing about the power of money or, ‘the money power.’ The love of money is fostered by those in power, specifically, the false Jews and the Synagogue of Satan, to the point that America is now so indebted to these thieves that the average Christian has no chance of avoiding service to Mammon, in one form or another. No matter which way you look, money is the god of Americans and — deny it all you want — the vast majority of American Christians and, Christians all over the world. Unfortunately, i include myself in this indictment, because i am helplessly in servitude to my mortgage; and must work to pay it off. Yet, is the service of debt for our entire lives, debt created by false Jews out of absolutely nothing, REALLY what God intended for us?

  2. Evangeline Y Velez says:

    Sam, I do agree with you, but what has also happened is that: Christians have become very comfortable by going to church & coming home. They are very happy just going to church. Very feww of them will speak to a neighbor about Yeshua (Jesus) they are very happy in their own little world, while everything around them was falling apart, prayers removed from schools, from states, the filth that is shown on TV many see nothing wrong with it – giving these program air time is giving tthem money, many of them watch The Ellen show-I banned any show that goes against my personal relationnship with Yeshua, we need to ban shows that are not pleasing to Yeshua. We need to voice in our chldren’s school, remove the from classes that take away your values,, like sex education classes etc. no they do NOTHING. this is a good part of why the world is the way it is, we have lost the love of witnessing to others. I could go on & on.

  3. clinton alexander says:

    amen bro christopher

  4. Anonymous says:

    Since the beginning of time there have been famines, floods, earthquakes, ice ages, and wars. Bad things happen to good and evil alike. Why would a loving God create man knowing from the beginning he would sin. (Since God is all knowing, all powerful, etc.) And why would he give a fallen angle any power or sway over his creation!!!!!!

  5. Kris Galbraith says:

    All I can say is that this is right on and very timely. America and “the church” need to strongly take heed and turn from their wicked ways. Much of what is seen these days in the pews is greatly of the flesh and holiness is not acquainted nor associated with any of it. People wake up and see reality for what it really is and pray without ceasing for the hearts of man to be convicted and changed. On Jan 25, 2016 8:38 PM, “thepropheticnews” wrote:

    > christopher152 posted: ” “The wicked go down to the realm of the dead, all > the nations that forget God.” (Psalm 9:17) There is no question that in the > past, America was influenced greatly by the gospel, to be more precise – > the church. Whether or not our leaders (past or pres” >

  6. Thomas says:

    i am gay i had sex before marrage i hate god i hate the kkk i hate the westbro church i hate pedos i
    hate religion i hate you i hate the fucking church

    • Lori the Child of the ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD! says:

      I am sorry that Satan has already deceived you to the point that you don’t believe in Christ or His saving blood he shed on calvary! I will pray for you whether you want me to or not and whether you believe in prayer or not. Unless you do accept Christ as your Saviour, you will find out at the last moment that God is real and what Jesus did on the cross for you that you just threw away your eternity of love, peace, and best of all being in Heaven with God the father, Jesus Christ our Saviour and you will find yourself on your knees claiming that Jesus is God’s son just as God says in HIS word the BIBLE! And after your judgment you will be thrown into the lake of fire where there is nothing but pain beyond anything on this world or any where else. God says the pain will be so bad that the ones who are there will be crying out for mercy but mercy will not come and those who are in the lake of fire will be so much in pain that they will be clamping their teeth tighter and as the Bible says “gnashing of teeth”! Please do not let Satan keep you in the dark and in a lie for,whether anyone or not believes, JESUS CHRIST IS COMING BACK TO TAKE THOSE OF US WHO BELIEVE HOME TO HEAVEN TO SPEND ETERNITY WITH HIM and it is just around the corner. Do me just one favor and then if you still do not believe then you can feel secure that your beliefs were correct. take the King James Version Bible and start in the book of John and read it very slowly and carefully and before,you start ask God that if he is real to open your eyes to the truth. What do you have to lose. You already say that you don’t believe so it won’t hurt for you to read just the one little Ole chapter of John now would it. Make sure,you read the King James Version or you will not be reading the true WORD OF GOD AND OF HIS SON JESUS CHRIST!

  7. Michael says:

    America was not as “wholesome” as many of the conservatives described the country. There had been issues with morality, such as drug abuse, homosexuality, and racism since the foundation of America. We must have faith in God, not in American “Christian” morality, values, and/or political party ( John 14:6; John 18:36).

  8. Diana Kate says:

    The Lord kept saying to me over the past month: Harbinger Down, Harbinger Down and I kept thinking “why is the Lord mentioning this stupid B movie to me” So I looked it up. Its a fortelling of some kind. Then after thinking about it I realized my life was sort of an example of what America is about to go through. In 2006 the Lord healed me of several illnesses and then one day my bible was on my bed and He said “Read it” (very sternly). And it said “you are arrogant and full of pride, I am going to reduce you to nothing and rebuild you the way I want you” I went through hell. I had brain damage in my frontal lobe, over 50 lesions -I had to relearn everything. I was attacked by so many illnesses I don’t think an organ has been missed. My reputation was ruined, my nursing career almost ended. I almost lost my house and car and lost all savings – today I have no credit cards and buy everything in cash. The Lord told me to quit eating for pleasure but eat for nutrition. I lost my friends, family,dogs,cats. I came close to dying from septic shock and no one would help me recover. i had to go on food stamps and disability. Last winter my furnace broke and my sewer backed up and I had no money to fix it, then of all things I had mice. Aughhhh! It goes on and on But today I have a great job and have gotten back a lot of what was taken. During those hard times God always meet my needs when I humbled myself to Him. God showed me a great darkness coming over the land and the only praising Him did flashes of light occur. Praise the Lord,trust in Him. He will take care of His people.

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