“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” (Matthew 24:14) [emphasis mine]


I believe in what Jesus referred to what is coming in the future as the end times, better known today as the “last days”, a time when God shall shake the world and reveal his judgment upon all who rejected his son, while Satan attempts to plague the earth one last time in his attempt to rule all men by his offspring – the antichrist. Yet the question continues to remain upon the heart and mind of believers for centuries, who is actually the generation which will see all these things take place? That is what has continued to cause problems with so many within the modern church, as well as cause divisions among God’s people, not to mention the many teachings and beliefs the end times have birthed. So whose right? Whose wrong? And what should be our focus if we are not in that period of time where all these things come to fulfillment?

There is no doubt that the #1 question which has caused many an argument within the body of Christ is, when is Jesus coming back? The #2 question that equally can cause the ruin of any good Sunday afternoon church dinner is, will the church go through the Tribulation? Nothing, be it water baptism, speaking in tongues, church attendance, or the occasional argument about drinking a glass of wine for dinner, can cause more heated exchange of words than the rapture of the church, and/or if someone is pre, mid or post tribulation. The truth is, I believe we’ve allowed past theologians who had a eschatology world view based on private interpretation to guide the mainline church, and thus rejecting the scriptures itself. In other words, man’s wisdom and intellect has been sought over the literal scriptures itself.

When we read the commentaries of well known bible teachers, tv preachers and pastoral personalities, we’ve simply allowed personality and charisma to guide our way of thinking, and instead of trusting in the word itself for truth, when over and over again, the written word of God, without the need for commentaries, should have been our guide post when it comes to the subject of the last days. Yet today, all it takes to sway a believer toward another point of view, especially when it comes to eschatology, is something either new, different, extreme, or traditional that is comforting. Such is why, when we see the world today as it is, compared to what has been written by numerous religious leaders, past and present, we need to take into account one simple question; Is it time we rethink the Last Days?

Many years ago, when I was around 13 years old, I read a book by the late Dr. Lester Sumrall, it was suggesting that by the end of 1989 (it was 1980 at this time) there would be significant reason to believe that either the rapture would occur, or, the antichrist would occur, or, World War 3 would occur. 1989 came…and went, and while I admire and greatly respect all of the work Dr. Sumrall had accomplished in his life and ministry, still, he was wrong on many things as it related to the end times and these last days. But such can be said of many a preacher, known or relatively unknown, who had wrote a book, seen a vision, dreamed a dream, yet nothing to what they suggested had, or has yet come to pass. Such is the continuing state of the modern church when predicting the future. This is why the word of God must be the final authority on all things, and every other idea, belief, vision or dream must bow to the final written word.

The truth of the matter is this, the world currently as we see it, does not yet resemble the days that neither Jesus, nor Paul, or even Peter forewarned about. Hal Lindsey’s book, “The Late, Great Planet Earth” published in 1970, had Christians alarmed, bewildered and in a religious panic at what they thought of Hal’s notion that the “end” was near, that was over 40 years ago, and still, to this day, nothing as its related to prophecy, or what was reported in Lindsey’s book has even remotely come to pass. The concept, like so many others before Hal, is centered on Israel and 1948. Yet since that time when Israel became recognized as a nation, has anything relative concerning biblical prophecy has occurred. That’s not to suggest they won’t, I believe they will, but I do not share in the belief that this current generation is the one who will see it.

The many failed prophecies, be it the Blood Moons of John Hagee, the Shemitah from Jonathan Cahn, the daily “prophetic” warnings by Jim Bakker and Rick Joyner (which never comes to pass), all of these extra-biblical revelations being propagated by the current mix of end time Pentecostal/Charismatic preachers, have become such a confusing issue, it makes one reconsider just what is relevant to the end times discussion, and what is simply fodder? The real problem is, that, while well meaning these men might be, the facts remain that none of their end times visions, dreams, words, books, DVD’s and prophecy conferences, have revealed anything to even remotely suggest that we are truly in the time which Jesus warned about, worse, as of the time of this writing (2016) there is not one major end time prophecy found in the word which shows that we are even near that point in time yet. Still, ask any Christian if they think the antichrist is about to arrive on the scene, or the rapture could happen at any moment, and you’ll quickly see that they think it’s all about to end by lunchtime. That is the real problem, scriptural illiteracy among the body of Christ.

Jesus gave us one major hint, actually, a much deeper understanding of the end times, and it’s found in his own words in Matthew 24:14, “And this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” The truth of the matter is this, as of this date (2016) nearly 4 billion people have yet to hear the gospel for the first time. China, which holds the world’s largest population (1.374 billion) 82% have never heard the gospel. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Burma, and many other nations, including Islamic nations, have yet to either open their doors to evangelism, or they have altogether banned the gospel from being mentioned. North Korea one will get the death sentence for even owning a bible, and by large accounts, the Christians in this part of the Asian world has been all but reduced to a small few thousand. The point is, the world is still not yet positioned for the events yet to be fulfilled, and to be quite honest, nor is the church ready for it either.

Yes, there are indeed tremblings occurring that we can see happening in our world, but can we say without a doubt that we are about to witness the greatest wave of end time prophecy the world, or the church has planned on seeing? I don’t believe we are. Not at this time. Jesus referred to the world resembling much like the days of Noah when he returns, yet the world now does not resemble that time, and what was occurring during that period of time? Genesis 6:1-4 makes it clear what in fact was happening, fallen angels were mingling with humanity, causing wickedness to swarm the earth. The planet, as well as the entire human race was becoming a direct reflection of the darkness Satan was offering, yet only Noah was found righteous. Yet many believe we are seeing those times today, but that would be a misguided, not to mention misapplied theological jump when it comes to scripture. The fact is, currently the church has hindered that point in time – so far. But things are progressing toward that day which is indeed coming.

So many things, so many ideas floating out in the open, but the fact remains that as of current time and date, we are no where near the time of the actual “end”, and yet Jesus gives us still a clue, and so does Paul, of what to look for when that time does arrive; the gospel is preached across the entire world (currently it’s not), Israel has no new temple, nor is it divided. There is no great, or grand deception occurring in the world (yet). Nor has the antichrist, nor even a false prophet (not the Pope) has even remotely made an entrance. So when we take into account all these things, the question needs to be asked once again; Is it time we rethink the last days?

I believe so. But then again, I could be wrong….







  1. diallady says:

    This post has been so timely as I just finished the Book of Revelation for the umpteenth time. During this reading I took ahold of things that apparently were missed before. Guess is was fresh revelation from the Holy Spirit. What I have to say is that this book in the bible has been used as a merchandising tool for gain and to promote various ministries. And I will vouch for this as I, too, in the past was personally caught up in theories and media personalities milking it for all its worth. Spiritual eyes have been opened to what was, what still is, and what will continue if the church doesn’t awaken from her slumber. These situations have definitely been the cause of much disunity among the brethren, not mentioning where and who the source is that is proliferating it. People, wake up because you too could miss the day of your visitation as the Jews did.

  2. I agree that the existing interpretations have been wrong. I also agree it is time to rethink the last days. God did not give us those prophecies so that they would never be understood. That is why God called me to interpret Bible prophecy when I was 9 or 10 years old. Long story short, decades of research, plus a God-given ability to figure things out and think outside the box, has resulted in 4 books on Bible prophecy that present a new interpretation, which is prewrath yet post trib. There will not be a revived Roman Empire, but there will be a revived Ottoman Empire to bring stability to the Middle East, but it will wage jihad. America will be nuked by Russia, China, as America is Babylon the Great. Christ returns 2-3 weeks after the nuking to save the world from nuclear winter. Just published book 4 May 1st.

    • China is not even able to control its own people, let alone wage a war on the U.S., so we can count China out of the coming war equation.

      • It is my understanding that they have lots of gold. Lots more than other governments. They also have a very modern military. They also have plenty of troops. So there is nothing that would stop them from being able to fight a war. Also, it will not be today, but a few years out yet, and they will not be alone. North Korea and many other America haters will join in.

      • I live in China, don’t believe everything you hear. China is facing some serious issues with its military, many men are leaving it to make money in the corporate field. China HATES North Korea and North Koreans HATE Chinese people, so they don’t get along. China is focused on becoming a well established nation, but for now, it is still a developing country, and much of China is still 100-200 years BEHIND the U.S.. Again, don’t believe everything you hear or read. Food for thought.

  3. endtimeepochs says:

    Well framed.
    Thanks for this!
    Much can be said about this topic.
    But has already been written throughout the scriptures.

    So much of the ” church prophetic” has been co- opted and contaminated.
    There are millions and millions of pure hearts who so love Jesus who still are subjected to doctrines of men.

    Four churches in scripture is what comes to mind and is clearly spelled out and defined in scripture.

    Dead, sleeping, sleep walking and Glorious Church.

    The glorious is arising!

  4. peggy says:

    People are confusing the denominations for the Bride of Jesus Christ….the church natural goes into tribulation because they refused the gospel brought by God’s Elijah End Time prophet….the Bride goes in the rapture….the natural types the spiritual….a man doesn’t put his bride through hardship….the wedding guests don’t go on the honeymoon! the whole bible has already been revealed and the only thing left is the Bride to receive their new bodies at the rapture…the rapture is a secret, the world will never know it happened….only the Bride knows the hour of it…can you imagine a woman getting married and doesn’t know the time? Bible says no man knoweth the time…didn’t say no woman….time has run out for the world….if you don’t read the signs correctly, you will never be able to the puzzle pieces together right.

  5. ray lyne says:

    I agree that it is time for the Church to awaken from its gazing at the doomsday clock and should be confessing victory because we the CHURCH are the greatest and most powerful organization on the planet. What we Christians speak is what we get. We are always told by the vast majority of Christian leaders that we are going to suffer persecution; ”
    Have a guess what?
    That is exactly what we are getting from western democratic governments that are being overtaken by hostile socialists Marxists.
    We have all Heavenly power at our disposal.
    Lets stop this negative dialog.

    • De Vos says:

      O boy ray lyne… There are so many things wrong with that list, it actually scares me.

      • ray lyne says:

        If the doctrine of Faith was applied before the Law of Moses then it would seem that Faith is the most important doctrinal pillar that God put in place for the restoration of relationship with Himself and man.
        The Law of Moses was unable to be obeyed by people and so Jesus came to fulfill the Law and reestablish the doctrine of faith.
        Hebrews 11 tells us that faith is what saves us and that without faith there is no salvation.
        The futurist view of the Millenium reign of Christ on earth completely nullifies faith because people will still be being born and living and dying. (1 Cor 15:26 Death is the last enemy to be defeated)They will be requiring salvation to be saved because they will be still sinners.
        With Jesus ruling in Jerusalem as King over all the earth that will mean people will know where Jesus is and they will see Him.
        If Jesus is physically viewed by people then this puts an end to the doctrine of Faith as described in the Bible. Heb 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Heb 11:6 Without faith it is impossible to please God.
        This is basic Sunday school theology that all Christians understand but for some reason has been completely overlooked. (Maybe because it seems so far into the future)
        With this revelation coming to light it means the whole futurist End-Time doctrine has collapsed.
        It is time for a Reformation in Eschatology so that the Church can be victorious as She is supposed to be.

      • De Vos says:

        The disciples that walked with Jesus had faith that he is the Son of YHWH, they saw him and spoke to him. Abraham spoke face to face with the pre-incarnate Angel of God, who many believe was Jesus. Jacob wrestled with The Angel of God, again believed to be Jesus. Seeing Him does not suddenly make him less. Faith can go much wider that we have it today.

      • ray lyne says:

        I have been blessed to have had very real physical and visual one on one encounters with God but it wasn’t that that saved me, it was an act of faith to believe and then act on that belief. I have also been blessed to lead hundreds of people to Christ and they were all saved by a step of faith first; many have since reported having physical encounters with God.
        I believe that forgetting faith as a the pillar of salvation during the Millenium can lead to other doctrinal problems.

  6. De Vos says:

    I think it is very interesting that Hollywood is now using the Word (in a very twisted way) to make movies. From Noah, to Exodus to the story of the Messiah. And China, with its population of billions… Unreached until now, will pirate and copy those precious films. So Satan himself knows he needs to get the Gospel out, to all nations, imminently.

  7. Benjamin Lazara Gurley says:

    It is what it is!!! The testimony of jesus is the spirit of the spirit of prophecy!!! Stay ready by staying prayed up and being obediant to the Lord Jesus Christ!!! When and wherever a person dies that is their last day we see evil being called good perversion is totally accepted. All is lining up to what god said will come the wise understand like the prophet daniel saw!!! Glory to God Almighty!!!

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