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When influential Christian leaders and popular figures such as Hillsong United, Lecrae, Ravi Zacharias among others, begin to shift their tone toward false doctrines and teachings, it sends a signal we’ve reached a point where scriptural ignorance has reached new lows in the modern church today. Such is the case of the upcoming ecumenical love-fest called “Together 2016”, in which and estimated 1 million people are planning to come together, Christians, Catholic’s and Mormons, among other faiths, all bent on laying aside doctrine, even sound doctrine, in the hopes of celebrating Christ. This is nothing more than the spirit of Antichrist at work, and the players involved are either willfully planning our spiritual demise, or they are just that stupid.

Either way, it saddens me to see so many so called “leaders” within the modern church today succumb to the spirit of compromise. But then again, that’s what the spirit of antichrist does, it blinds and seduces, till all who would listen to its dangerous lullaby finds itself asleep, like Samson in the lap of Delilah, only until they wake up and find the anointing gone, they realize but all too late just how deadly the melody was to their spiritual well being. But such is always the case with sleeping with the enemy.

Together 2016’s motto is, “Imagine if one million people put aside their differences and gathered together on one day, around one man: Jesus.” My response is simple: I’ll be damned if I ever join hands with the Roman Catholic church. Ephesians 5:11 sets our directive, and I don’t care if Frances Chan, Jeremy Camp, Kirk Franklin or any other liberal progressive Christian SELL OUT likes it or not. (list of whose attending) I blame this whole evangelical mess of embracing the Roman Catholic church on past leaders such as Billy Graham and TBN founder Paul Crouch for what they did – sell out the movement to embrace Rome for relevancy.

Friend, Rome is not our friend, it is our enemy, it’s a system bent on elevating Mary over Christ, works over grace, and the established church over the body. Say what you will, but I’m right on this, and to those who would try to force me and any other preacher to bow and kiss the ring of the Pope, as so many have done, will be a cold day in hell before that ever happens, and it speaks volumes to their error than my political incorrectness. I hope their 30 pieces of silver they are getting from Rome was worth it. For it will cost us all down the road. “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” (Ephesians 5:11) “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?” (2 Corinthians 6:14)

From my desk in China,


  1. Judy says:

    I honestly don’t know anything more about this event than I read on the website, but I see nothing about “Christians, Catholics, and Mormans among other faiths, all bent on laying aside the hopes of celebrating Christ.” I am not supporting the event, just questioning your assumption that this is more than what it is promoting. What information do you have to offer proof?

  2. David Farlow says:

    Where to start…
    1. Inspired by the welsh revival – certainly not – This could not be more opposed to what God did in the welsh revival – no organisation of Man – Just the power of God – no man made efforts to gather numbers – reliance on God and secret fasting and prayer in humility – repentance and confession of Christ. May God send another true revival – where man doesn’t need to advertise to gather a big crowd. May God raise up another prophet like Evan Roberts in our generation. That the name and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ alone will be exalted!

    2. Uniting with Catholics? – Idolaters and in great darkness, not standing for Christ and His Word – No fellowship with such will ever be blessed by God – you dare to say God is calling me and other believers to fellowship with Catholics – He us calling us to preach the Word and show the Love of God by speaking the truth in Love – Christ died to save the Catholic – Are you going to confirm them, in their sins? – That is NOT LOVE! It is deluded at best and at worst satanic – they teach doctrines of DEMONS – not minor errors. May God open your eyes to what he is really calling the church to – 2 Chronicles 7:14 – God will have a people in this last hour, but it will be a separated people – separated to God and the Gospel – Then the power you seem to desire will really be unleashed as the Almighty comes to His temple once again – Malachi 3. A revival like the welsh revival and greater is coming, but it will not be manufactured by man. God is looking for a man who will give himself to prayer – Jeremiah 5 – He certainly doesn’t need 1 million people who fellowship with doctrines of demons. Oh please have real faith and humility and obey the Gospel. No longer will the exaltation of man and the exaltation of mammon go unresisted!

  3. Michele Renecle says:

    Amen to every word you said Christopher. The Church has fallen asleep. Keep up the excellent work and keep speaking the truth about Jesus and the Gospel . Thank you.

  4. Brad says:

    This “open letter” is a disgrace to the Godly leaders that want to proclaim Christ to everyone! Whoever wrote this is definitely not filled with the spirit!!!

  5. Charles Probert says:

    When the body becomes a business – it has become a prostitute because we cannot serve GOD and mammon! The whole church system has so been deceived into the system that is now being used and it is nothing like it used to be in the early church – if people want to mix their faiths as they call it it is fully part of the anti MESSIAH system as was said above come out from among them: be ye separate as it is written – there are many compromises that has tried to change what Scripture tells us and by us going along with them we grieve the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD – nothing to debate test the spirit whether it be of GOD -if it goes against the WORD of GOD come out of it ! Y’SHUA never died in vain – HE SAID I will build MY church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it… We the church have done more to grieve the heart of GOD than Israel ever did by the compromising of the WORD of GOD to meet their agendas.
    Jeremiah 23:-28; kjv; the prophet that has a dream, let him tell a dream; But he that has MY WORD ; let him speak MY WORD faithfully…
    If we cantor be faithful with a little who will give us charge of much?
    GOD is not mocked; not by any human being or fallen angels as lucifer and his cohorts their end is justified – by their actions. So we have to repent of any part where we have opened ourself to the one who comes as an angel of light to deceive – by not testing every spirit to see if it’s of GOD in the Name of Y’SHUA the LAMB of god Slain from the foundation of the world for the sins of all!!

  6. Advanced Research Technology says:

    You don’t know how much I can relate to this.


  8. SS says:

    WOW!!! Thanks, for the list of the attendants! I was blown away by who is on the list, and some, I was not surprised, but instead thought, “oh, of course”. The only person that I was disappointed to see on the list was Tony Evans…man, that’s sad. I will save the list as a PDF on my desktop, in order to reference it in the future because I like to be able to identify apostates because there were many on that list that I have never heard about. One might read your post and perhaps read this and some other comments and think or say, “what is the big deal” with being against this upcoming or any future (because there are going to be more) ecumenical “love-fest”. One who is spiritually asleep, and believe me, there are still many Christians who are asleep, spiritually, or not…will make such statements, and of course, it would be expected for a non-believer to also make such a statement. The problem with these types of events is that they are a precursor to indoctrinating Christians into the one-world religion, and of course, this is to lead many Christians into accepting the Antichrist when he is revealed…and no, Obama is not the Antichrist. I was not surprised that the following are on the list because they were never “sold-out” for LORD JESUS in the first place, Lecrae, Kirk Franklin, Matt Maher, Christine Caine, Ravi Zacharias, Crowder, Hillsong United, and, of course, Michael W. Smith. I had to google Lacey Sturm because I remembered that she was on a recent Billy Graham evangelical program called “My Hope America”. I did not notice then, several years ago, but now I notice that she is very much an apostate, like Lecrae, who wants to hold on to his/her past life in some way, and not completely surrendering one’s life to LORD JESUS. Apostates are not about taking up his/her cross and following LORD JESUS. I can tell that Sturm still has an appeal for darkness, and tries to mingle it with her so-called Christian beliefs…man, that is dangerous, and she is a perfect candidate for Satan to use, in order to appeal to those Christians that want to be on the fence about MY JESUS.

  9. waycross1948 says:

    I WILL NEVER JOIN HANDS WITH THE MORMON CHURCH (or many others)They believe that God has not always held the position of Supreme Being – that He gradually attained Godhood by living a perfect life. They believe that Jesus is the LITERAL brother of Lucifer! They believe that Jesus and Satan, were spirit brothers before Jesus was given a body by Mary. Mormons do NOT believe that Jesus was begotten of the Holy Spirit. They believe that what happened to Jesus may happen to any one of us -we can all become manifestations of the Divine.They believe that all human beings and spirits – including Jesus and Satan,existed as spirit beings before being born.
    Do you really think I could hold hands for even a day with Mormons who believe this nonsense?? They believe so many things that are completely contrary to the Holy Bible – and think nothing of lying about it as they go door to door witnessing. They lied to my aunt, telling her that they believed “PRETTY MUCH” what she believes! A COMPLETE LIE!!! Also, in the front of the Mormon Bible it states that they believe These words above all others to be true – and that includes the Holy Bible. So, NO! I would never hold hands with anyone who wants me to lay aside my beliefs even for a day. Will never happen.

  10. Charles Probert says:

    Hi Christopher; I shared your post last year when you posted it – I haven’t heard anything more about it – have you ?- it is vital for us to try every spirit as it is written for us to do…..
    I pray the BLOOD of Y’SHUA over all who are washed in the BLOOD OF Y’SHUA- that wherever they are and us included will overcome to the end that we be saved by HIS grace : HaleluYAH

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