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temple mount


“Let the work of this House of God alone; let the governor of the Jews and the elders of the Jews build this House of God in his place.” Ezra 6:7

Early this morning (July 3rd, 2016) while I was asleep, I received a dream from the Lord, in that dream I saw a large Bible appear before me, it opened up and white light came out of it, surrounding me to almost blindness. I then saw letters from the pages of the written word start to literally come alive as they began to come out of the Bible and stream their sentences in front of me. Then I heard a voice, the voice of the Holy Spirit, who began to whisper, “Ezra 6, 7 and 8”. It repeated three (3) times, “Ezra 6, 7 and 8” then the dream and images ended. I awoke, stumbling to reach my phone trying to find out what was said, but under a heavy sleep, fell back into REM. Yet the rest of the early morning I could literally hear that same voice repeat the words into my spirit, “Ezra 6, 7 and 8”.

That morning, I went into the word and began to investigate what the Lord was trying to tell me, what was he giving me? I’ve had many dreams and words, but this was the first of something of this magnitude, then, while I went into prayer to seek his answer, the Lord began to speak into my spirit the full meaning, for as I was reading Ezra, chapters 6, 7 and 8, I noticed one theme, it was the rebuilding of the temple by the King. As I began to pray for discernment, the Lord spoke these words to me, “Out of ruin, they shall rebuild the temple, out of ruin, shall they rebuild.” Immediately God was making it quite clear what was going on, that soon, (I do not know how long) but very soon, the nation of Israel will begin to rebuild its third temple.

Yes, some will say this is already prophecy – and I agree. However, sometimes God sends a prophetic word to REMIND us just how seriously close we are coming to the period known as the last days. I believe that soon, how long I do not, nor will not speculate. What I do know is, God seems to be moving quickly, more quicker than what I have imagined to what is coming to these last days. Whatever it is God has called you to do, you should be doing it. Yet I know this, early in the morning God gave me this word, confirmed it in the word itself, and thus I know that soon Israel will be making a huge announcement that they intend, at some pint in time, to bring about the third temple.

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  1. There has not been ruin yet. The ruin is WW3. There will not be a 3rd Temple before the return of Christ. It is absurd to believe that the Jews will be allowed access to the Temple Mount before the return of Christ, since the Muslims are the people of Antichrist.

    And then we are expected to believe that they will not do a complete archaeological investigation before the rebuild, no they will just build right on top of all the archaeological treasure. And they will even get all the building done in a mere 3.5 years! Ridiculous.

    There is not going to be a 7-year agreement with any Revived Roman Empire.

    “And just as you saw the iron mixed with baked clay, so the people will be a mixture and will not remain united, any more than iron mixes with clay.” (Daniel 2:42-43)

    How can a people that WILL NOT remain united become world rulers? They WON’T. It goes farther and says they will only be partly strong, the iron, but partly brittle, the bake clay (pottery).

    All proven in my books, sample chapters available: http://www.usbibleprophecy.com

    The big mistake was in assuming that the ten toes are the same as the ten horns of Revelation.

    • William says:

      They will reunite, but under a false pretense. Their unification will be behind the false prophets and the coming antichrist. They will rebuild the Temple so they can prostrate themselves before the antichrist. Their zeal and passion will draw the world to also acclaim him and thus prophecy will come to pass. The great whore,who prostrate herself before many foreign gods, never remaining faithful to her Groom, will commit her greatest folly,but prostrating herself and leading the world also, to prostrate before the one who will be the Abomination. Do not doubt God’s Word. Study His Word with His leading and you will see. May the Lord bless you in discerning Grace.

  2. Lori Pearson says:

    Amen! God is going to tell HIS SON JESUS CHRIST to go and bring home HIS children!
    Are you ready! Have you thrown away this notion that you have to be good, help the poor, join a church, be baptized, and continue helping others! Don’t mistake me, all those things are great but they WON’T get you into Heaven.
    GOD sent his son to this miserable and sinful world through a virgin named Mary. Mary was blessed to be apart of Gods wonderful plan of salvation but that is all she was- she CANNOT get you to Heaven nor does she sit in Heaven listening to your prayers for ANY reason. Mary had to do the same thing to get into Heaven just like you and I Have to do and that is understand that no matter who you are, you must realize that you, me, and every other person that was born, being born today, or will be born MUST understand and admit that we and you are ALL sinners! There was only one person and will always be this one person to EVER be sinless and perfect and that is GODS SON JESUS CHRIST! JESUS was born to a human woman who try to live for God as much possible; Jesus lived serving God , NOT other people or images, preaching of Gods love and forgiveness, telling people that HE would eventually die to be the one for you and I to trust in; who went to the cross, by people beatin him, mocking him saying that is he was the Son of GOD! JESUS could then stop all that was happening to HIM and guess what, Jesus could have called on HIS FATHER- GOD THE ALMIGHTY to stop what was happening to HIM but HE loved us more than can be said or written; JESUS willingly carried HIS cross to HIS crucifixion, allowed people to laugh at HIM, call HIM names, throw rocks at HIM, and even allowed a sword to be jammed into HIS side where ALL of HIS BLOOD came out! This is what you must believe in and ask JESUS to forgive you of your sins and admit that JESUS CHRIST IS THE TRUE SON OF GOD; JESUS died so that if you will CALL HIS name and tell HIM you are sorry for doing wrong and to please forgive you for your sins and admit that you or anyone else can do NOTHING to save your soul or to forgive you of your sins but JESUS CHRIST and acknowledged HIM by crying out ” forgive me LORD JESUS and I believe in you and your ability to forgive me and when I die, or you come back first, for you to take me to Heaven! I know that NO ONE or THING can forgive me or talk to me LORD or walk with me through this wicked world but YOU dear LORD! I admit I am a sinner deserving HELL but you died for me so that ALL I have to do is to call upon YOUR NAME to go to HEAVEN!
    Don’t wait! GOD is getting ready to send JESUS down into the clouds and bring us back with HIM to HEAVEN!
    I may have seemed to be rambling but this is the ONLY WAY to HEAVEN through CHRIST JESUS!!!!!!!
    Please don’t wait or put it off any longer. JESUS CHRIST IS REAL! He IS coming back to take HIS brothers and sisters home! You can decide and not believe in JESUS CHRIST and then go to HELL when you die but please DON’T do that! When you die your decision cannot be changed and you will end up in HEAVEN or HELL!
    JESUS IS COMING BACK VERY SOON! Are YOU ready to go to HEAVEN! I pray so!

    • missafricapr says:

      Lori Pearson: you are RIGHT:

      Mary was blessed to be apart of Gods wonderful plan of salvation but that is all she was- she CANNOT get you to Heaven nor does she sit in Heaven listening to your prayers for ANY reason.

  3. On June 9, 2015 Rabbi Amran Vaknin was in the cave of Elijah to lead a prayer service, suddenly, he fell to the floor of the cave in a trance. He was given a word from the Lord that Israel would soon be at war within its borders. It would start in the south and move north. Many, Many people would die. There are reports that in the last couple days, rockets have been fired into southern Israel with the destruction of a home. Also there is an ISIS group out of Sinai that has threatened to attack Israel. I believe this war will be very destructive and thus “out of the ruins” the Third Temple will arise.


  5. peggy says:

    the third temple is Jesus Christ…red heifer….144,000 Jews will be preached the same message that God gave his 20th century prophet…William marrion branham…..his messages reveal all things!

  6. revelationunveiled says:

    What temple? see: http://wp.me/P1pAjl-fz

  7. ajc says:

    The temples were until Christ. We no longer need temples or sacrifices. We are the temples. The old way of worship ended in 70 AD as Christ foretold. We worship in spirit now. Who would want to go back to the old way? ajc

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