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Can Satan heal? The answer might surprise you.
I have a friend, brother Hong who, along with his wife, are now presiding over a church in another province that my wife and I support, who was once a powerful Buddhist priest. His level of martial arts as a master was only aided by demonic spirits, especially in the art of Kung Fu (originated in China). He would explain how that NO ONE reaches the level 6 and then into a higher plane of Buddhist training in the temple other than through demonic power. As he explained to me in great detail, every priest of this art who is considered a “master” does in fact work with spirits. (This is also part of the legend of Bruce Lee and who gained his powers of speed and accuracy through demonic possession)
Brother Hong explained how that one of the “powers” he and others received through the method of spirit contact was the ability to heal. At first I was very off taken by such a comment, after all, we’re taught over and over in western churches that Satan cannot heal, nor does he have any power to do anything, even take life, Satan, as many pastors have boldly claimed, is a whipped puppy dog. Yet, here was a man who, for 28 years was a Buddhist priest, skilled in the art of magic, skilled in the ability to kill, skilled in the ability to heal under demonic powers until Christ saved him.
In China, Buddhism is very strong here. Almost every hour someone goes into a temple to pray toward an idol, hoping that their prayers will be heard and granted. Some of these prayers consist of asking for special requests such as love, money and even health, and many seek prayers from their gods for special healing. It was then that brother Hong explained to me how that one particular time, a woman, sick and afflicted, came into the temple and sought healing for her body. I listened intently as he explained how the priest asked her what she needed, and she said healing for her body, as she knelt down to the golden god, brother Hong said something came over her (spirit) and immediately she began to feel different, everything changed, and when she left the temple, she was healed! He was there, he saw it. The woman was healed of her sickness. But the strangest part of the story was what Hong told me next, how that three days later she was dead. There was no evidence the sickness had come back, instead, she died mysteriously. Hong believed that the very same demonic forces she sought in her effort to seek healing from, not only granted it temporarily, but in the end, they took her life as well. How ironic it was three days later.
So the question has been raised; Can Satan heal? The answer is – YES! But to what extent we simply do not know. We do know this however, Satan is a powerful high ranking archangel. Satan was skilled not only in wisdom and knowledge at the moment of his creation, but he was covered in beauty as well as musical talent. We know that Satan is a master manipulator as he convinced 1/3 of the entire heavenly host to follow him in his rebellion, and for reasons we do not fully understand, Satan has been granted insight, even prophetic insight into the future. Yet to what degree we do not know. Still, we know this much, Peter described him as a lion (1 Peter 5:8), Paul warned of his skill to outwit us (2 Corinthians 2:11) and John said he was our accuser before God (Revelation 12:10).
So why can Satan heal? I believe the reason Satan can heal or even take life (as he has done many, many times throughout history) is because God has allowed it under certain situations, mainly to cause judgment, or, as John says in John 10:10 “To kill, steal and destroy”. The fact that Satan can heal might upset a few traditional believers, but the truth is, if we look to the word of God, we will see clearly that most, if not all of the time, Satan does what he does to deceive.
Jesus warned us in his word, along with the words and warnings of both Paul, as well as Peter, that there would come a day in which Satan would bring all of his full power and weight as the evil one to this world, not only deceiving thru words, but thru action as well. All of this through the means of his two servants, the false prophet, and the man of sin – antichrist. It is here that we see the full weight of deception Satan will do, all to cause men to worship him and him alone. That is the reason Satan desires worship, for he cannot stand to allow God to receive glory, when he himself wants that honor, and he will use every skill and deception, including the working of miracles (Revelation 13:14) as well as healing (Revelation 16:14, Revelation 19:20) to do so. Even the ability to raise someone from the dead. All of this is why Satan can, at times, heal. To bring about deception. This is why Buddhism throughout Asia is such a stronghold, because for centuries men and women, even children, have sought the aid of demons to gain their trust, but they are only receiving a limited promise.
The only true promise is thru Jesus Christ. Again, Satan is not willing, nor is he able to heal people at will, only to suit his own selfish purposes, this is why many times the prayers of loved ones are never answered in the temples throughout China, because they seek only the lies of the enemy. Yet we know of one who now only has the power to heal, but to save, to change a heart and change a life, even raise them from the dead – Jesus! Satan has no desire to create life, for he cannot create, he can only destroy. Yet Christ has the power to not only create life, but to heal life, to save life and to redeem life. This is why the gospel must be given to the Buddhist, so that they too can understand why Satan is a liar, and why Jesus Christ has come to set at liberty the captive, because of the cross. Satan hates the cross, he despises the cross, for it is the cross which continues to stand as a testimony against the enemy of mankind, as it stands to show once and for where Satan was defeated – at the cross.
Can Satan heal? Yes, but we know that there is one who is greater than Satan who not only heals the body, but heals the soul, that in itself is far greater than healing this temporary body, for it is the soul of man which will live forever, and why Satan desires to deceive, because he desires none to be set free, but to be damned for eternity in a place called Hell. That is the difference, and why we must be vigilant in these last days of deception which is coming upon this world, for it will captivate the hearts of many, even the elect if possible if we are not careful. Don’t look at the miracles, or the sign of healing as much as we should look to the one who can both save AND heal – Jesus Christ.
From my desk in China,
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  1. I am surprised that the author of this article did not notice what really happened. Satan did not heal anyone, the disease in this case, was not a natural disease but was caused by a demon spirit. That should have been clear because she felt better AFTER a demon left her.

    Therefore, Satan did not heal, a more powerful demon merely ordered a lower demon to leave her body that was causing the sickness. And since she did not have the protection of God, the demon came back with others, as we are told about in the Bible. This is why she later died.

  2. Margco says:

    Hello Pastor Christopher,

    God loves the Buddhists all over the world! I have been preaching good news of Jesus Christ at the shopping mall to the Chinese who just arrived recently from the Mainland China. Praise God for your faithfulness to do His work during this end-time hour. I will intercede for your ministry in China. I ask God to appoint heavenly hosts to partner with you, to bring assistance, walk in Open Heaven! I also pray for the Open Door ministry who does good work among the monks and the Buddhist community in Tibet.

    Each day I declare Heaven is Open! God loves the Buddhists, the New Age, the Hindu etc. The Lord will set up divine connections for us if we ask God to send angels of harvest to assist us. I have been reading Book of Psalm 103. Bless the Lord, ye His angel, excel in His strength, do the command of the Lord. It is exciting to walk in open heaven, to have supernatural living under His guidance . Angels are being assigned to carry out the assignments of God. Angels are here to bring about the fulfillment of our dreams and goal, to help to achieve destiny. Each day I thank God for my guiding angels, and I have been experience miracles, signs and wonders.

    God bless,

    Margaret Lee


  3. Scarlett says:

    Reblogged this on Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary and commented:
    It may be that Satan only appears to heal, when in actuality he is simply removing demonic affliction from the person which gives the illusion they have been healed. This is what I believe happens in Reiki, that has participants convinced they are receiving healing. Nevertheless, Satan never does anything that seems to be beneficial without the intent to impart something far worse to his victim. We are not to be ignorant of his devices of which he has many.

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