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I’ve only seen the Howard Stern Show maybe once in my lifetime, and once was enough to know that it was nothing but trash radio/T.V. Yet the thought came to me the other day about this particular person and the Lord, which was this; If Jesus had come today, in our time instead of 2,000 years ago and started his ministry, would he sit and talk to Howard Stern on his program?

Today I am confused and bothered by the lack of commitment the church has for the lost. It seems that the only way we can reach the lost is supporting others who actively engage the areas where the lost are, yet refusing to go themselves. In other words, we seem (speaking about the American church culture) to have become settled, even safe in our own world of our securely built sanctuary walled cities. Yet is that were the church should be? Or should the church be active in the streets of our world?

So this goes back to my original question, Would Jesus go on the Howard Stern Show if he was here today beginning his ministry? I believe he would. Some would dare scoff at such a notion, claiming that Jesus Christ, the son of God would never sit in the same building, much less the same room with such likes of Howard Stern, a man who made a career out of sexual perversion. Yet it’s exactly the qualities by which Jesus himself would seek to reach. For Christ did not come for the healthy, who needed no savior, he came for the sick. (Mark 2:17)

Would Jesus really do that though? Would he really sit and talk to Howard Stern? Absolutely. Because God loves Howard Stern as much as he loves you and I. The problem is, the church has made it nearly impossible to reach the sinner where the sinner is, because the church continues to refrain from reaching the world with the gospel because it’s too busy either playing church, or condemning the lost to begin with.

Yet that is the nature of  Christ – loving others. Jesus in fact did do something in his day and time which we can directly relate to someone like Howard Stern, it was Publicans and a Samaritan woman. The rule of law set by the Jews concerning Publicans were strict – they (the Jews) hated Publicans because of their nature for taxes implemented by Rome. The Samaritan woman was part of the Samaritan sect, who were considered by Jews as dogs, worthless and reviled by every Jew alive during this period of time. For Jesus to actually sit and speak to this particular Samaritan woman was indeed shocking to his disciples, but equally enraged the Jewish leaders. Yet it proved that Christ came to save mankind, not condemn it.

If the church is going to reach the lost in this last period of time before the end comes, it must begin to unlearn the many hindrances it has built up over the many decades of religious intolerance to those whom it has selectively sought to refrain from connecting with, and begin to reach out to them in a genuine love which can only be demonstrated by telling them the reason why God loved them, why he died for them, and why he wants to have a relationship with them. Our message is not of condemnation, but of redemption. Our message is not one of intolerance for the stripper, the prostitute, the lesbian or the murderer or thief, it is one of love, by showing them the only solution to their sinful state – the cross. Yet too many times, we as believers, have demonstrated a resistance when desiring to reach the masses with the gospel. Yet the truth is, the lost are not in the church house, but in the clubs, the bars, the alleyways, the strip clubs and the inner cities. That is our mission field, be it the rice patties of Thailand, or the streets of Chicago, the gospel must be reached unto all nations as a witness, then shall the end come.

Until we stop doing church the way we’ve done it these past few decades, and begin to truly see the lost around us in every aspect of our lives, we will never reach them the way Jesus would have. They will continue on their blinded ways, enticed by the sin they so eagerly desire. But if we have the heart of the master, and see them as Christ sees them, then only can we reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is our mandate, and why Howard Stern matters, because his soul matters.

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  1. I love you brother!! I’ve had my ups and downs and ins and outs, however I am so thankful to get your newsletters and continually be blessed by a fellow laborer. I am absolutely irritated with America, however I am certainly glad that I’m called to the trenches out here. Christians here are afraid to go into bars and strip clubs and Vegas and… The Howard Stern Show….. How long are we going to sit around preaching to the same insecure Christians that are too mealy mouthed and weak to get out into the field? Why aren’t we making disciples? Why are we thinking we are doing something by going to church on Sundays then filling our bellies and stuff? THIS IS NOT CHRISTIANITY. THIS IS A SOCIAL CLUB!!! I don’t care if I met a Christian who doesn’t look the part or act all holy, but I’ll tell you this-I will always embrace a person of God full of the Spirit that acts on the unction of the Spirit. Gods timing is everything and while folks are sitting around wondering if they ought to apologize to someone and still trying to figure out who our neighbors are so we can love them, 5000 more souls have been swallowed up by the enlarged mouth of hell. Yeah I’m grieved but I know what I gotta do. I miss you and I love you!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Before reading all of the article, the Holy Spirit also reminded me of Zacchaeus, The Samaritan Woman and saving the sick. I have not be going to a local church because it’s like a social club indeed … none has accepted me. I feel the need to see more power and authority demonstrated. Jesus sent his disciples OUT into the world to do greater things than He did. People were immediately healed and set free. The church needs to get out of the pews and do the greater. Jesus loves the nations.

  3. Judy says:

    This is one article I can fully agree with you.

  4. Praise God we have divine power to demolish strongholds! Christ is our strength, if we but humble ourselves before Him, reckoning ourselves dead to sin (putting off the old self God has already crucified with Christ) but alive to God in Christ Jesus (putting on the new self one with God in Spirit). Bottom line: the Church overcomers are those who do not live their lives so much as to shrink from death to self; these are the few who find the narrow path, the wise virgins who will be seized up by the Bridegroom to rule and reign with Him, displacing the devil and his powers and principalities from the heavenly realms. These are those who have shared in Christ’s sufferings, and hence will share in His glory… (If so led, see https://thelordiswithus.com/2016/08/21/part-11-displacing-the-devil-from-the-heavenly-realms-operation-footstool/)

  5. Joy says:

    It’s good to see truth proclaimed about how we need to share God’s truth in love to the lost.

  6. ajc says:

    No I don’t think he would do the Howard Stern show. Howard Stern would probably toss him off his show. He might do it once but …..ajc Plus Howard has probably heard about Christ but then again maybe not. Someone making comments could attempt to tell Howard why Christ came. And I know a couple of strip clubs where the women and patrons might need to hear the word of God. I don’t know how to do it. I can’t get anyone even interested in going with me to give out Christmas bags to the homeless on orange blossom trail. Don’t even feel comfortable asking any of them. I probably won’t do it either but I do try to buy hamburgers from McDonalds for the street people when I can. Some of the homeless are so old and frail. Even a bag with a do nut and something else is a surprise for them

  7. Jesus is back and actually is a regular guest on The Howard Stern Show. My name is Gregory GOrDon and I have been told by a strang voice that “I shall Overcome.” As in the seven promises made to the angels in the first three chapters of the book of Revelation. The one who overcomes is one and the same as The Second Coming of Christ. I made war on the Antichrist Ronald Reagan and overcame him. For more Information see: http://RonaldReaganAntichrist.com

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