Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,” 2 Thessalonians 2:9


It seems to many of us that if we are to avoid the eventual catastrophic world conflict we must strengthen the United Nations as a first step toward a world government patterned after our own government with a legislature, executive and judiciary, and police to enforce its international laws and keep the peace,” he said. “To do that, of course, we Americans will have to yield up some of our sovereignty. That would be a bitter pill. It would take a lot of courage, a lot of faith in the new order. Pat Robertson has written in a book a few years ago that we should have a world government, but only when the Messiah arrives. He wrote, literally, any attempt to achieve world order before that time must be the work of the devil. Well, join me. I’m glad to sit here at the right hand of Satan.” — Walter Cronkite


How does one go from obscurity to enormous popularity within the span of only a few years? Equally, how can someone come from a vague, not to mention mysterious past and become the leader of the free world with little political experience? In a more realistic world none would have reached such vast heights both socially, as well as politically in such a short time, yet one did, and his name is Barack Obama.

Since time began, there has always been someone willing, even appointed, who would fulfill the will of Satan to bring about his plan for a global society. From the fallen angels mentioned in Genesis 6:1-3, who by their very will, caused mankind untold horror when these beings left their angelic state to then corrupt the world to such a degree that God had no choice but to destroy all of mankind, save Noah and his family. It was only a few hundred or more years later that Nimrod took his rightful place as the first global leader, and convinced the people to come together and build a great tower, which in turn would be opened to the heavens. God had to stop man, as well as Satan’s plan for world globalism, not because it was the wrong man (Nimrod), but it was the wrong time.

Century after century, certain men would rise up and declare their goal for world power. Nebuchannezar, Herod, The Pharoh’s, Nero, Hitler, Stalin and Mao. These men, among others throughout the course of time, all had one common theme by which they walked and ruled – to bring about world order. Yet none came close to fulfilling that desire, regardless how much they wanted it, globalism was never within their grasp.

Enter the 21st century and one Barack Obama.

Barack Obama was born August 4th, 1961. Raised by a single mother as well as his grandparents, Barack Obama grew up under not so normal circumstances. Moving to Indonesia, he studied and grew up surrounded by life in a moderate Muslim community. Moving back to Hawaii with his family in 1971, Barack began to once again become familiar with life in the States. Throughout the rest of his early formative years, Barack Obama began to grow, mature and go on to become our nations next President. Yet the question remains, but how?

How did a virtually unknown become one of the nations more popular Presidents of our time? How did a man who had little experience in the political process, had no significant accomplishments while a U.S. Senator, and one who had never managed to show any viable signs of being a true leader of the free world? Past Presidents, and their life’s work could openly be seen. Yet for one Barack Obama, who never had the type of life of past men who have graced the seal of the Oval office, his life, his childhood, education, and political experience reveals something other, and that is why I believe, when we look at the now end of the political life of President Barack Obama and his tenure as our 44th President of the United States, we can see through his own actions while President, of why he was selected, and that selection had nothing to do with his political ambitions, or his globalist worldview, but something more sinister which needs to be taken into account, and that is, who is really behind his rise as the world’s leader?

There is no question in my mind that in another time and another place, Barack Obama would never have become President. Yet, in 2016, after two past elections, insurmountable odds, even defeating the Clinton machine, Barack Obama has managed to do what no other could possibly do, and that is to be become elected as this nations President. Still, when we examine how the rise of Barack Obama took place, it’s imperative that we begin to look past the natural, and start examining the spiritual, for this is where I believe we will be able to understand that Barack Obama’s rise was anything but ordinary, but destined.

In the book, “Dreams From my Father”, a book written by Barack Obama, he begins to relate to the reader of an event which occurred several years before his entry into the world of politics. A dream that Barack had which reveals something very significant when we examine the spiritual matters of men, here is that dream from an excerpt from his book:

I finally fell asleep, and dreamed I was walking along a village road. Children, dressed only in strings of beads, played in front of the round huts, and several old men waved to me as I passed. But as I went farther along, I began to notice that people were looking behind me fearfully, rushing into their huts as I passed. I heard the growl of a leopard and started to run into the forest, tripping over roots and stumps and vines, until at least I couldn’t run any longer and fell to my knees in the middle of a bright clearing. Panting for breath, I turned around to see the day turned night, and a giant figure looming as tall as the trees, wearing only a loincloth and ghostly mask. The lifeless eyes bored into me, and I heard a thunderous voice saying only that it was time, and my entire body began to shake violently with the sound, as if I were breaking apart. …I jerked up in a sweat, hitting my head against the wall lamp that stuck out over the bunk. In the darkness, my heart slowly evened itself, but I couldn’t get back to sleep again”. [Dreams from My Father, 372.]

There is a multitude of information which could be examined in this one glimpse of what normally has been a very private life of one Barack Obama. Yet, with all his past secrecy’s, the limited private information about Barack Obama’s past, either past school records, or his tenure as editor of the Harvard Legal Review where nothing attributed to his time as editor was penned, let alone any thesis from his years at Columbia University, where none has ever been found, we see something extraordinary. We see for the first time someone open himself up, either on purpose or a miscalculated goof of a spiritual revelation by which a young Barack Obama has an encounter with Satan. It is in this moment that we can clearly see where Barack Obama has been chosen to set things into motion, and where Satan selectively appoints Obama on the road to political history, to which the world will never be the same. Sound far fetched? Not when we take into consideration that Satan, like God, selects those whom will follow him for greatness by promising them the world. It is here, in these pages of Barack Obama’s own words that he penned in his memoirs, that I believe Barack Obama sold his soul to fulfill prophetic destiny, and reveals to us, either by intention or simply an oversight, of how the kingdom of darkness works.

Either way, when we examine the dream that he had, there is no question that Satan had chosen this man for his own purpose. Yet, can we find any type of information which would tell us the how’s or why’s he was chosen? Sadly no. There are still some things that we as Christians are simply not privy to for what occurs between the veil that separates our world from the other side. However, we can say this though as it relates to how Satan works, he always uses those who seem to be conscious of the fact that they want something greater, not for merely themselves, but to satisfy their own lustful desires.

What little we do know of Barack’s ideas and opinions (what little there is) we can clearly see that his entire framework was crafted under the guise of globalism. I’ve written many articles in the past where I have stated without question that globalism is the key to building the foundation toward a centralized form of world Government. Yet it is globalism that he has devoted significant time to, and politically mastered that has made President Obama willing to go the distance in solving the world’s problems by giving the leaders of the world its only solution, a one world Government.

Globalism has been around for decades, even centuries, yet never until now was it even considered a remote possibility. Communism in the east and Russian fronts in the past made Globalism a dream that only futurists could perceive, but never realized. But fast forward to the 21st century and one can see that for the first time in world history, globalism has become the single most talked about event since man walked on the moon. Yet events, as well as patience had to work itself out. The fall of the Soviet Union, the fading of Communist China as a nation, only to be radically changed from the inside thru the reformation, have all but broken the barriers needed to bring the world closer to a one world system. Yet there are significant obstacles which stand in the way, and one of those obstacles happens to be a religion called Islam.

There is no question that right now across the world, Islam is on the minds of every nation on earth, and how to deal with Islam in this 21st century has become the sore spot of many a political maneuver. So how does Islam, with nearly 2 billion devotees to this sect become mingled under the umbrella of Globalist idealism, which goes strictly against the tenants of the teachings of Islam? Bring in one Barack Obama.

Isn’t it interesting that the one person who grew up as a young boy in Indonesia, who has stated many times over of his love for the sound of the call to prayer, who respects and even supports Islam and its many followers, isn’t it interesting that it is Barack Obama, the Globalist, who is the very one that is bridging the gap between the Muslim world and the modernized world? If there was ever a significant sign that someone has been called, even anointed to play a major part in the socialized order of the world, it is in fact Barack Obama.

This is why it is my opinion that President Obama was in fact selected, either through the channels of the most powerful elite, or he was by-passed altogether at the start by Satan himself, for whatever reason in Barack’s own personal life, and established to run this course to begin laying the foundations of the world for a coming world order. And he is succeeding.

I firmly believe that Barack was indeed called and chosen to set the world on the path toward a future one world Government. His past eight years as President have shown that his #1 agenda has always been (besides gay rights initiatives which take a close second) to bring about a globalization of all the world’s resources, which include its economic policies, its social welfare, and even religion – especially religion. And while I make no pretense to suggest that President Obama is the antichrist – he isn’t. I do believe, due to many attributes surrounding him, that Satan has, for whatever purpose and plan, chose this man to do what no other man (or woman) could do right now, successfully demonstrate that Globalism should not be rebuffed, but embraced, and the world is actually listening.

The truth is when we look at the character of President Obama – the man, he is a likeable person, people just simply like him. They find him charismatic, enjoyable and even intellectually sound, but the reality is, people like Barack Obama because he has a spirit of one who knows how to entice those who come into his presence. This is a significant trait of someone who could be used by God, or by Satan, and we can see, thru his own efforts, that God is not leading this man, but Satan is. Which is why I firmly believe President Obama knows exactly what he’s doing and why, because of the spirit that is leading him.

Still, when we examine him and his ideas, we see that in another time or another place, Barack Obama would never have gotten this far had it not been for a point in times past that Satan skillfully began the process of grooming this particular man for service, whether he was a willing participant or not is unknown, however, there is no question that by Barack’s own admission in his own writing, his very words suggest that Satan did in fact come to him, he did in fact tell him that it “was time”, and that somehow, in some political miracle, he overcame obstacles that seasoned Politicians could not overcome, yet he did, without any shot being fired, and without any major backers in Washington, Barack Obama did the impossible, and to that we need to consider the real possibility that he does in fact represent a terrible glimpse of what is coming – the leader of the entire world called antichrist.

“This will keep America on its toes. America is going to have to compete. There is going to be a tug-of-war within the US between those who see globalization as a threat and those who accept we live in a open integrated world, which has challenges and opportunities.” –President Barack Obama


From my desk in China,






  1. Anonymous says:

    I do believe obummer has the spirit of the antichrist. He is a wicked and evil person I every way. In fact I can not even look at him or listen to him.

  2. orangeclawhammer777 says:

    Well written but incorrect. Obama is indeed the antichrist. He just hasn’t yet morphed into his final form yet. its-connection-with-barack-obama/

    On Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 6:52 AM, thepropheticnews wrote:

    > christopher152 posted: ” “Even him, whose coming is after the working of > Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,” 2 Thessalonians 2:9 > “It seems to many of us that if we are to avoid the eventual catastrophic > world conflict we must strengthen the United Natio” >

    • ajc says:

      You are really simple and you must not read the bible. The anti Christ started in Christ’s day. It is anyone who takes the place of Christ or denies him as the people of that day did.

    • ajc says:

      Well the president only has a few more months to morph. So you are probably being ridiculous. I believe the scripture you quoted about signs and wonders was a pope or one of the rulers back then. They claimed to be God and claimed so many fake miracles.

    • ajc says:

      You wouldn’t know the antichrist if he took your orange hammer away from you and bonged you in the head with it. Find and listen to Sean Finnegan History of the church

  3. When We Choose a King
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Book #4 of In That Day Teachings
    Copyright 1/22/09

    When we choose a king,
    We get what we deserve,
    Lessons in gladness or sadness,
    For a king always serves.

    A king always serves,
    To prove right or wrong,
    In teaching it matters not,
    What side he belongs.

    If a fool, the king will be loved,
    By all his same kind,
    While proving a fool in power, showers,
    Insanity all around.

    The fool king proves wrong doctrines,
    Creates death eventually,
    Letting fools repent to great depths,
    Of fool insanity.

    A wise king is hated utterly,
    By all foolish crowds,
    His acts of wisdom provoke,
    Fools to stand proud.

    While the wise king brings life,
    Through sagacious acts,
    The death lovers will distort,
    Great matters of fact.

    The only way fools will change,
    And love a wise king,
    Is to first let a fool king,
    Up end everything.

    So let the fool king,
    Up end all he can,
    He’ll just prove what a fool believes,
    Not a wise man.

    The fool king’s subjects,
    Will finally want truth,
    Hard truths, brutal truths the crowds,
    Earlier forsoothed.

    Give us sane doctrines!
    They’ll cry in unison,
    A fool king is deadly!
    Forgive us, God’s Son.

    And God will forgive,
    Our foolish choices,
    When hard truth is honored,
    God rejoices.

    God rejoices and lets us,
    Choose our wise kings,
    First letting us suffer fools,
    To learn great things.

    How do I know this?
    I’ve been king of my life,
    Often fool, sometimes wise,
    Mostly in between strife.

    So let a fool be a fool,
    As good as it gets,
    This a wise man allows,
    How wisdom begets.

  4. ajc says:

    Let me guess, you are a republican. You are using the fear, conspiracy thing. I would be more concerned how Nixon, Bush Jr. and some of the others got in. Obama got in because he is smart and he has done so much for the poor and middle class. I bet you even dislike Jimmy Carter, who was a true believer. You live in fantasy land and mistake hate for discernment. There is nothing Mysterious about Obama. Maybe there are some old ladies you can drown or burn as witches. Or you can do like Calvin or the old time popes and burn the Americans who don’t see it your way. Really, you are a hate monger who tries to sway by innuendos, fear, slander and superstitions. You are a dime a dozen around election time. You must be a miserable person up there on your soapbox. I don’t imagine you will post this but I don’t care. You should just be honest and say you dislike democrats and Americans who like and use their freedom to vote for their choice of candidates (if their candidate is different than yours).

  5. ajc says:

    It would be more honest (really) if you just say you are a republican than to use all the slander, fear and conspiracy stuff. Seriously, more honest. This country has a fairly decent voting system. For people to try and undermine it because their candidate didn’t win is wrong. For the losing candidate to try and hurt America because they didn’t win is really bad. We have enough enemies outside of America. BUT to use fear, superstition and innuendos to try and sway people is really evil. It is what the communist countries, Hitler and the whack job ruling North Korea do. It comes from the flesh. ajc

    • ajc says:

      I just read your stuff again. Your stuff is just crazy and all fear and conspiracy. Are you sincere and just off or trying to sway the superstitious. You live in fantasy land. All that horror movie garbage you are spewing is just fantasy junk or you are simply an irate republican. No way can you spew this garbage if you are familiar with the word. If you really believe this stuff you have written then you are dangerous and mentally ill. Oh, the damage you do.

  6. ajc says:

    the above replies were meant for orange hammer and anonymous. Not too good at this

  7. Shi says:

    If Obama is being used by Satan, then Trump must be Satan himself! Lol, just kidding. Anyway, I’ve been skimming through some of your posts and its unfortunate that you write this and proclaim yourself a prophet of god. This is the problem with religion, anyone can interpret portions of the bible to justify any argument. However at the end of it call, God is love and Jesus died on the cross for our salvation. Your posts emanate hate, promotes the works of satan and makes out right judgement on the actions and beliefs of others. While I am aware that things in this world are influenced by satan…I choose to spread love, peace and joy. Everyday I choose to be a blessing to others in these hard times. Yes, the days outlined in revelations are upon us but in these days I choose to do the works of god and not the works of man or darkness- some of which is to sensationalize and condemn others. So, I hope that you find it within yourself to focus on the good works of god and appreciate the good actions of man. Good Bless


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