But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.” Galatians 1:8

Not since the stunning election of Donald Trump, have we experienced such a surge of surprises within the church as we are when it comes to false teachings and its messengers. Particularly in the case of the teachings regarding Dominionism. Dominion Theology found its birth through the teachings of one R. J. Rushdoony in the mid 1960s. An advocate for Calvinist, Rushdoony was the originator of the belief that says nations, particularly the United States, should forsake the Constitution as its foundation for rule of law, and instead impose the law of Moses in its place. Rushdoony was strongly hostile to the concept of grace alone for salvation, nor was he in favor of Christianity operating outside the spectrum of the cross, instead, Rushdoony believed and taught that the only true method by which the church could influence society was in fact through the injection of Christian law, via the law of Moses, into the political structure of American Government, thereby giving the church full control over every area of influence to impose Christian beliefs and doctrine. Under Rushdoony’s particular theological beliefs, men would not have freewill to live any which way he desired, this included any beliefs which ran counter to strict Calvinist theology, nor would the church operate by the gifts of the Holy Spirit as the early church did in the book of Acts. Obviously this would cause significant issues with mainline Calvinist theology and Pentecostal beliefs, yet Rushdoony believed that the central doctrine which would govern men in America would be Theocracy and not Democracy.

There are many branches to Dominion Theology; Christian Reconstructionism, Kingdom Now Theology, New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), The Latter Rain Movement; Joel’s Army; The 7 Mountain Mandate; Third Wave Revivalism; are all rooted by one foundation – Dominion Theology. These teachings have one common theme, that the church will take dominion over the earth, over all Governments, over all aspects of society, and begin to wield its own version of heaven-on-earth Christianity. No greater area of concern as it relates to Dominion Theology is in the area of politics.

When Trump was introduced to the world as a possible, but unlikely candidate for the Presidency, many scoffed at the idea that said he even had a remote chance of becoming the next President of the United States of America. Yet there were a few men (and women) who were voicing a different tone about Trump, and surprisingly, they were coming from well known evangelical circles. Pat Robertson, Paula White, Kim Clement, Lance Wallnau, Jim Bakker, Rick Joyner, David Jeremiah, Dr. James Dobson, and many more Charismatic/Pentecostal and Calvinist leaders were quick to align themselves with Mr. Trump. But why? Why Trump and why now?

While I cannot say with full knowledge at why Trump was elected, I can suggest that based on everything to date that I have seen, heard and witnessed, there is something spiritual at work here, but to suggest that God is the author of it would be wrong on my part, more so, I believe this movement of Dominion Theology is by itself part of the greater plan by the enemy to prepare the world, as well as the church, to some degree, for what he is creating, his final kingdom.

Dominion Theology is error, scriptural error. It portrays something different than what Christ told us in scripture, for it portrays the hope of the church not in the cross and our savior, but instead, it portrays its hope in restoration of this earthly kingdom – now. This is completely against the word. Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world…”(John 18:36).

Dominion Theology as well removes awareness of the Lords return. It denies scripture as it regards the end times, twisting it to instead reject end times preparedness, and instead, embraces a more peace centered, revivalist themed worldview. This is one of the reasons why we hear so much about a massive end time revival, or a great harvest, or a great awakening, it’s all part of a spiritual deception to reject the word of God in favor of a more relevant, universal religion which incorporates those of other faiths coming together under one banner – unity. The Apostle Paul said otherwise; “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days.” (2 Timothy 3:1)

Let me even more clear so there is no confusion on what Dominion Theology really is when we strip away the facade and see it for what it truly is – Religious Globalism under the guise of the spirit of Antichrist. This religious establishment, the people behind Donald Trump, the visions, the dreams, the call for unity among other faiths, the bridge being built between Protestantism and Roman Catholicism are in fact being led by the spirit of Antichrist. The church in America, and it’s embracing of Nationalism, its worship of Patriotism at the altar of Dominionism, is itself idolatry, and one the church needs to repent of.

Our mandate is the same as when Christ ascended until He returns: The Great Commission (Mark 16:15) and disciple believers from all the nations (Matt. 28:19).  We are NOT to overthrow the governments of the world, take over businesses, or desire Christian world domination by taking over everything. Our desire is to influence society with the gospel, not become part of it. We are to be light and salt (Matt. 5:13-15), working until the Lord comes (1 John 2:28).  What we are seeing however is a movement which is causing a spell within the body of Christ, and those who are under that spell have become convinced that what they are doing will be better for the world as well as for the church, the problem is, they are following the spirit of this world, and he and he alone has a greater agenda, to bring them under rule, for his name is Satan, and his son shall be Antichrist.

From my desk in China,




  1. ajc says:

    There is something at work here and I don’t believe it is from God. I am truly scared at times then sometimes I think it is o.k. because God can look after us even through this. I kind of don’t know what to think or how to pray. Did this unclean dictator get in as judgment or because true believers did not pray? I don’t know. The people that pushed for him that call themselves believers are some of the most immoral money grabbing people in the world. They are like Calvin. They want to tie Christianity in with government and put anybody in jail who doesn’t agree with them. All I can think of is to pray to find out what I should be asking for. The other option is to do nothing and take the stance that God is in control which doesn’t feel like the right thing. I think we should go to God on this one. All of us. ajc

    • clintonalexander2016 says:

      I dont believe trump realy won I think election was stolen and I reject trump as president I will not accept him as my president and it bothers me alott of believers are in favor of trumo

      • ajc says:

        Clinton He didn’t win the popular vote but he did get the electoral votes. Might need to change the system. All that tells us is the world is just as bad as Christ said it was. Who would have thought the people would have chosen Barrabus over Christ (can’t spell name but you know who I mean)? ajc

  2. clintonalexander2016 says:

    I do not agree with R. J. Rushdoony way of thinking his way of thinking his way of leadership is dictatorship also im not happy about trump winning I dont believe trump won anyway what bothers is me is many preachers endorsing trump infact brother christopher i have been a strong follower of jimmy swaggart and I believe swaggart and his ministry is of God but im upset swaggart ministries getting on bandwagon for trump swaggart ministries and that bothers me anyway brother Christopher whats ur view on what I said

    Ps I think churches and body of Christ should not come out in favor of trump

  3. ajc says:

    Clinton Where have you been? You were not aware of the Swaggert prostitute thing. He didn’t just want the poor pathetic prostitute to pose for unclean pictures. He tried to get her young daughter in on it. He was caught and then did the boo hooing crying thing about how he had sinned. Of course he’s for Trump. How many “preachers” who have committed adultery and have really questionable morals voted for Trump. All of them. ajc Look up Swaggert’s history. Maybe there is a video of his boo hooing. So fakey.

    • clintonalexander2016 says:

      Ajc let me ask you a question do you believe God forgives people that confess there sins and realy repent and realy want Gods forgiveness, sounds like to me ur being judgemental and mean

    • clintonalexander2016 says:

      Maybe ajc you have forgetton Matthew 6:19 if we dont forgive others sins God wont forgive us our sins, now I know swaggart did sin but I believe he repented and he preaches the message of the Cross which is the truth so I forgave brother Swaggart years ago im not God I cant the finger cuz I sin to anyway goodnite

    • clintonalexander2016 says:

      I dont like swaggarts support trump but I will not abandon the swaggarts cuz they do preach the message of the Cross which saves us

    • clintonalexander2016 says:

      Finally ajc I was aware years ago of Brother swaggarts sins when it broke on the news so im aware but I hold not bad feelings to swaggart he is my brother in Christ and I must forgive him which I did years ago

      • ajc says:

        Clinton I do not believe Swaggart was really sorry. I get that you like him. He only confessed because he was caught. Apparently, that was a life style for him. I believe that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He had been going to prostitutes for a long time and trying to involve a child. I understand sin and asking for forgiveness. But I also believe in discernment. I don’t think much of any “believer” who would vote for Trump. No I am not judging him and there are so many out there just like him. I just know there is something very unclean and wrong about them. Their Christianity does not resemble the Christianity that Christ spoke of. With Swaggart it is just words. No, I’m not mean or judgmental, just sick of the wolves leading people astray while taking and living off their money. It’s all about the money and living a rich lifestyle. If you knew me, you would know I am not judgmental – just sickened by the charade. ajc

  4. ajc says:

    I think Swaggart is a charlatan. ajc

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dominionism is pernicious because it inverts what the Bible teaches about how we are to live on the earth. It’s all about power, acquisition of wealth and though they won’t admit it, the utilisation of state violence to capture and dominate the culture. It’s the same impulse that drove the Roman Catholic Church and the Byzantine Empire to create ‘Christendom’… an earthly counterfeit of Christ’s Kingdom.

    Dominionism is also leading to ecumenicism betwixt R-Catholics and Evangelicals.

  6. Ray Lyne says:

    People do need to have law and order otherwise it will be chaos and I see no better law to live by than God’s Holy Law. We have seen the disaster of decades of winding back God’s law. I believe the fear of Church and government working together comes from a 1000 year rule of the Catholic Church through the Dark and Middle Ages. But that is a completely different to what is happening now.
    Maybe we need a hole new look at End-Time doctrine; a Reformation and move away from the current futurist view?
    Here is a series of videos that give just that.

  7. Jeff Parker says:

    Regarding Trump being elected, I have to ask: What choice did we have? The other party’s nominee was aligned with people who OPENLY pledged their loyalty to Satan. Were we to just not vote? How do we contend for the Faith if we just throw up our hands and do nothing? We are to oppose the dark forces of the world, are we not? And when we know for certain that the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, and Bushes of this world are avowed globalists with anti-Christian policies, are we supposed to not vote against them?

    • ray lyne says:

      The time of this election was the most critical in the last 100 years because if Clinton was elected then that would have meant full endorsement of all President Obama’s anti-Church policy. It must be remembered that a Christian woman was thrown in prison because she could not go against God’s word, and there have been several cases Christain business owners who have been taken to the cleaners because they refused to cater for homosexual weddings. The government has allowed different sexes to use the same bathrooms in schools and adopted extremely toxic and immoral sex ed at primary schools. All these policies that Obama put in place would have been added on at such a rate that it would have made our heads spin.
      All Christians must thank God that Donald Trump was elected president because it will slow the tsunami of evil that was released under the Obama administration.

    • Steve Bannon, Trumps right hand man is a firm believer in a New World Order. He believes and follows what is called as “The Fourth Cycle”, where he believes that America, as well as the world must align themselves up toward a more central form of Government, with America taking the lead to what he accepts as a better world Government. Now, are you really that cemented in your view that Trump is going to not take the U.S. down that path?

  8. ajc says:

    Obama did not have an anti church policy but if you are talking about Hinn, Hagee, Arthur Blessit, Jim Baker, Pat Robertson and the rest of the crooks – I too have an anti church policy. I’m sick of crooks using the Christian thing to steal from the gullible. Where did you get that ridiculous pledge to Satan thing. Sounds like a bad Halloween horror movie. If you read the bible you know that is not how Satan works. He is much trickier than that teenage horror stuff. If You work in a business in America, you are not supposed to discriminate against Americans. Yeah a lot of people don’t want to make a wedding cake for a gay couple but they would make a cake for Trump who is one of the vilest men around. His idea of hetro sex is probably just as offensive to God as homo sex – as Trump’s idea of sex is groping and molesting women and cheating on his wives. Maybe some day we will get to look at the video the Russians have of him with the prostitutes he had while he was visiting that country. Haven’t heard Obama use Trump’s favorite word – the F word. Haven’t heard him threaten to throw his opponents in jail as Trump, Putin and the whack job in North Korea do. Obama had one wife and I don’t believe he has cheated on her and then laugh about it as Trump did. Trump had three wives and he has cheated on all of them. Don’t think Obama’s wife did porn pictures for money as Trump’s wife did (and the porn co. also ran an escort service). Obama’s wife wrote her own speech. Trump’s wife copied it almost word for word. Obama’s wife was born here but Trump’s wife came in illegally. The KKK backed Trump. He paid them back by putting in a man that used to be associated with the KJKK. Facts. Oh, and that wonderful magazine The Enquirer backed Trump. I used to wonder why they always trashed the Clintons. And of course there is Trump’s friend Howard Stern. What believer would vote for Trump if they are familiar with the bible?? Obama was one of the smartest and most normal presidents we have ever had. His only fault with some is that he is half black. I guess lust and abusing sex is o.k. with the religious right just as long as it is only a man abusing a woman. So blind and deluded. This is for Ray and Jeff. There was nothing evil about Obama . He was a good husband and dad. Trump has been neither. You two must not ever read the bible. You are getting your religion from Fox????? And you are mistaking the corrupted church with true believers. You are deluded by the same thinking as Calvin and all the other bullies through out history. Using the same crazy superstition that caused the ignorant to burn sad old women as witches. ajc

    • ray lyne says:

      ajc President Obama did only one thing wrong as far as the true follower of Christ and that was the support of gay marriage which meant the persecution that I mentioned before. I care little for politics but do have a deep passion for God and His word.
      You see that decision had a very big impact on the world. That decision opened up the gates of hell and released a multitude of demonic influence around the world. By that, I mean a moral breakdown that we have not seen before.
      The Bible does prophesy this event in Luke 17:26-28 and we are witnesses to this.
      I have no doubt that President Obama was a good husband and a good man as far as men go but he was also the most powerful man on the earth for 8 years. Unfortunately, he used that power unwisely on this matter which has had a huge impact on the world and the Church.
      President Trump will not turn back these gay rights but it will slow down as they are too well established in our system that to the extremely powerful Gay Lobby has set up.
      I prophesied that President Trump would win and that his presidency will help prepare the world for a revival that will come upon the earth which should start before 2018. My web page has this information. Bless you!

  9. ajc says:

    The above was meant for Ray and Jeff. ajc

    • ray lyne says:

      Hi ajc, I have been called fundamentalist, Charismatic and Pentecostal before. I have never been called a dominionist I am not American and I don’t live in the USA so it would seem to miss the mark??

      • ajc says:

        Ray what kind of web site do you have I guess I will have to have a look I used to go to an Assembly of God church If you don’t live in the USA, why do you care who got in ajc

  10. ajc says:

    Jeff Went back and re read your comment. I don’t know that these people are avowed globalists. Where did you get that? If you mean that they want to get along with the rest of the world to avoid nuclear war, I don’t think that would make them the type of globalist that you are speaking of. We can’t cut ourselves off from the rest of the world even if we wanted to as it would just be impossible. As far as opposing the dark forces – you do that by trust in God and his Son. How can anyone speak of darkness and vote for Trump. Yeah all that stuff you mention is bad and things seem to be getting worse and crazier. Where were you when the filthy men’s magazines were put in stores and viewed by children and women as they walked by. Where were the filthy women’s magazines. Where were you when strip clubs were put up in every town with trashy marquees. Where were you when men came up with bikini car washes. Where were you when t.v. and movies started having so much nudity (women of course). Where were the Christians when all this snuck in. Yeah the bathroom thing is crazy. Maybe God put Trump in but if he did I don’t think it is for the reason you think it is. And if he did for what ever reason, I don’t think he used true believers to vote him in.

  11. ajc says:

    Ray I don’t care personally if gays get married. They are gay whether they marry or not. Yes God speaks against it. He also speaks against adultery and lust big time. I don’t know why Trump got in. To me it is unbelievable that Americans would vote someone so immoral and vulgar in for president. Just a personal opinion. Apparently, I was unaware of what the majority of Americans were really like. I used to think that the filth going on in our country was just there because of a few. Now I know I’m wrong. I’m glad I didn’t vote for him even if he got in. I just think that all the bad stuff you and the other commenter mentioned is still not as bad as Trump and his life style. I honestly don’t get how anyone who reads the bible could vote for Trump. I mean that sincerely. Does it not concern you that Jim Baker, Hagee, Hinn, Paula White, the KKK, the National Enquirer and Howard Stern backed Trump? All of them have committed adultery and the majority of the religious (yeah right) live off other people’s money (the gullible). Why is that not as bad as the bathroom thing? Why are their multiple marriages and divorces not as bad as two gays who want a commitment. Why are their terrible sins seen as whiter than gays. Thanks for commenting on my comment. ajc

    • ray lyne says:

      I don’t judge other ministries unless they preach a false Gospel like the liberal church. I absolutely agree that adultery is an abomination and is the curse of the west. Our government legalized adultery back in 1975 with the ‘No Blame Divorce Act of Parliment. However, the Bible calls homosexuality an abdominal act and for government to legalize it puts an enmity between Church and state. Our government has made it very clear that they are coming after churches that preach against homosexuality and this is done under the strong arm of political correctness.
      That’s when they come up with their tired old slogans of hate speech, bigot, nazi, fascist, homophobe and the like. It’s like they have a one-string violin and can’t play a different tune!!

  12. ray lyne says:

    Hi ajc. I live in Aussie and as the saying goes when America sneezes Australia gets a cold and that sure is the truth. So Americam politics are very important to us.

    • ajc says:

      Ray you are right I’m just glad I didn’t have any kids or grandkids I found your site I probably need to quit commenting It makes me bonkers It does no good Thinks are crazy but you know I think they have always been There did use to be a normal but to tell the truth I don’t know when it all disappeared The last 20 years over here seem to be when our country started the big slide downwards Of course if you were a black American you would think the reverse ajc

  13. ajc says:

    I think a lot of this stuff is set up by the enemy and then he taunts us with it. Because if we know and trust Christ – he is powerless. He wants to come between us and Christ so we will mess ourselves up. Wish I had a violet crumble and some ice cold orange corona. ajc

  14. ray lyne says:

    I have been campaigning against the safe schools sex ed that is now global as they are sexualizing children from the age of 5.This will affect these young minds in ways we can’t imagine. Like you say about being young these days is a problem

  15. ajc says:

    Did you ever hear of or go for Watchman Nee, Hagin or Derek Prince

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