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Then I saw another beast rising out of the earth. It had two horns like a lamb and it spoke like a dragon. ” Revelation 13:11

On July 27th, of 2010, I received this prophetic word in a dream (night vision) and I have desired to readdress now, 6 1/2 years later. Here is that dream:

I was walking toward my house and noticed that it was night and something caught my attention, I walked toward the open field that the house sits near and I saw men working. I noticed that they were tilling up the land with a great combine, this great machine was making the ground rich in soil as if they were going to plant something. Suddenly I saw what seemed to be a miniature city that sat on top of the fresh tilled soil, but it was on fire. The City blazed in fiery heat as I turned away from the ordeal and saw the men leave. The city and the fire then vanished and was no more.

I turned and walked back toward the house, when I heard someone speaking. I walked to a tree, next to the tree was Barack Obama, he was speaking, whether he was on television or he was in the flesh standing in front of me I do not know, either way, he was speaking directly in front of me and he was saying the most unusual statement. He spoke of being a christian, but that there was nothing to fear of a new world order, that this system would not hurt the church, but he kept repeating over and over that he was a christian and that what he was doing should not cause Christians to fear. Then, whether it was my spirit or the holy spirit, I do not know which, I heard something say, “He will not be the one to bring this to pass, it will be another after him.

I then saw a lamb laying down next to a tree trunk, it was dirty and old and feeble and all alone. I reached down and picked it up and brought it with me into the house and closed the door. I looked down and saw the lamb had changed from old to a healthy lamb, full of energy and vigor. But something was odd about the lamb, something was different about this particular lamb, and the dream ended.

UPDATE: It is now January 31st, 2017 and Donald Trump has won the White House. I find it interesting that in Revelation 13:11-12, we see a beast nation which resembles a lamb, yet speaks as a dragon rise, and as beasts in Revelation always refer to nations, it is quite possible that this nation is in fact The United States. Whatever is coming, it’s now clear that Obama did not fulfill the prophecy, which the Lord spoke and said as such, and it’s quite clear that a spiritual religion of another type of Christianity is rising in this nation, which seems to suggest that everything is being established in the last days.



  1. ajc says:

    This is from STUDIES IN AMOS by Kyle M. Yates, Jr. – Chapter 2 – For many people the mainspring of all prophecy is prediction. A true prophet, according to such a concept, is one who can foretell future events. Therefore, many interpreters of the Bible have sought for fulfillment of words never meant to be applied literally to the future, There are those today who read the writings of the prophets with an eye only to the signs of our time, in order to link up contemporary events and persons. While there are elements of prediction in the preaching of Amos, he was speaking to the people of his day. However, the first and foremost responsibility of Amos was to speak as a witness to the needs of God’s people in the eighth century B.C. This is such a good book and interesting. I am so glad I found it even though I don’t remember where. ajc

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