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“The time is coming when everything that is covered up will be revealed, and all that is secret will be made known to all.” Luke 12:2

This is a significant departure for me when or as it relates to prophecy and revelation as it concerns issues within the church, but this has been in my spirit since the vision came several days ago to which I will reveal now. Understand, I do not deal with issues for the most part with subjects like music (although I have in the past), I typically only deal with issues that relate directly to the church as a whole as it relates to the last days. However, a few nights ago the Lord gave me a dream which was so shocking, so disturbing that at first I thought it had to be the enemy, but as I began to test the spirit, I understood more that the Lord himself was showing me something that he was about to do. It was only because of the images that I saw, the perversion, the lewdness, the blatant sins which stood in occurred in front of me that I at first thought how is this possible that God would show me this? But then it hit me, that sin and perversion has no barriers, and is moving throughout Christian circles. This is the night vision I was given.

I stood in a large auditorium that was filled with people numbering well into the hundreds, maybe a little over 1,000 in attendance. It was obvious that the majority were associated with Christian music, and it was obvious to me that this was a southern gospel event as many well known people and singing groups were shown on the stage. The dream changed rather quickly, as I stood near the end of the stage next to the curtain that seemed to open before me in that I would be able to see the following occur. I saw a young woman come up onto the stage, she was an attractive girl and very sensual in dress, and acted like a prostitute in her behavior. I watched as she began to dance in front of the men on stage, well known gospel singers, as the crowd in the audience did not seem to be moved at all by what was happening. The young woman began to undress herself and then proceeded to have sex with several of the high profile men on stage. I wanted to look away, but something in my spirit said “Don’t turn away, look!” and I watched as more sexual perversion began to occur with others on stage. What stunned me more, besides the individuals who participated in this perversion, was the level of applause coming from the audience itself, seemingly encouraging the orgy that was happening before me. Then as it it did before, the curtain closed and the dream ended.

I believe the Lord was showing me that there is significant sin and perversion within this industry and that eventually all will be revealed. But even more so, there is a level of wickedness that is beginning to seduce and even change the very nature of the music of Southern Gospel itself to be more a reflection of the changing times, and less to do with the foundation from which it came. Ecumenical movements, liberal, progressive Christianity and the desire for money and fame are all changing many aspects of those who utilize these types of platforms, and they are doing so at the cost of their souls.

Please understand, I live in China, I have very little access to what’s going on in many circles due to my work within this Communist nation. Yet when God reveals certain things to me, I take them serious as a message as well as a word of warning that things will be shaken in these last days as we move further into the period of time which Christ warned us about. However, let it be known that God will reveal, expose what he sees as a threat to his people, and if people do not repent, then his only option is to show the entire world what needs to be shown. This is why I used an image such as Hee Haw, Hee Haw was a provocative television show in the late 1960’s-1980 that was set in the south which featured large breasted women, sexual enticements, off color humor and to hook Christians, southern gospel music as a lure to seduce believers. Hee Haw is an example of the world infiltrating the church, much to what is happening today. That is what God was showing me, the world and its influence is changing everything when it comes to traditional Christian principles.

These are the last days just before Christ returns, and it’s beginning to show how far we are straying from the truth, and subscribing to the false in this last hour.

From my desk in China,



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  1. Ray Lyne says:

    It has come to my notice how many Churches seem to be indifferent and care about the moral decline of western civilization.
    I have been warning Churches here in Australia and Canada for the past 7 years and very few people are interested and some are even hostile. I am talking about Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches. We are witnessing the Laodicea church in the west which is wretched, pitiful, blind and naked.
    They are more interested in grace than what they are about turning people away from sin.
    They are more interested in looking good in the eyes of the world rather than the eyes of God.
    They are more interested in pleasing the world by not speaking out against sin.
    They are more interested in their money and possessions than what they are of the Kingdom of Heaven.
    They are more interested in the coming football match than what they the coming of the Lord.
    This problem stems from a leadership that is either too scared to speak the truth or been taught a false doctrine.
    It is time to awaken to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    The good news is it will not be an act of man or the Church that will see the great revival start; it will be a sovereign act of God as was the Welsh Revival back at the beginning of last century

  2. ajc says:

    My only thought is this. Who can mistake any of what goes on in most churches with the risen Christ. I didn’t sing in church because most of the songs have nothing to do with the risen Christ and why he came. The world is so foul now and what people call the churches are so unclean, deceived and dead. Going to church over the last 40 years has been one of the most confusing things I have experienced. This sex thing and money thing and being famous thing is rampant. Adultery in the church. You know a person by their fruit. I tried another church last sunday. It is good to be connected but already the republican thing. I don’t care as much now – that he is in office, even though I do think he is immoral and an idiot but I do seriously question the discernment of people who (church people) voted him in. I understand why the KKK backed him and the rest (Jim Baker etc.) but not common church people. I guess they think he is just a normal guy. One of them. And I guess he is. It is difficult to be a believer when there is no fellowship. It is one of the most difficult things for me to get past that the churches are not what I thought they were or supposed to be. I don’t need a vision to see what is going on. It is so obvious. Sin can only be so foul, it can only go so far and be done so many times but the real thing is not letting the enemy discourage us and tell us his version of the story. No, the ones that are sinning are not happy. Sin is enticing but it soon exposes itself for what it really is. I wish I could have just one real Christian friend but then I realize the only one is the living word. Satan tries to take people. The only weapon we have is to trust Christ. Maybe people are really deceived and need an Amos. Would they listen. Would he be allowed in the churches or scorned? I think things in America spiritually have turned a corner. Down the wrong street. I try to intellectually understand why people voted for Trump. Then I remember that he wouldn’t be in if it was not for the electoral college. Most people voted for Clinton. Then on sites, I read the comments made by the Trump supporters. Most of the comments were almost illiterate. Same old childish gibberish fueled by hate and bigotry. Then there are the false religious wolves like Jim Baker and Paula White. And I realize , my thinking is right on this one. The most important thing is (and the most difficult) is to not believe the lies the enemy is telling us – that he has the victory. Yes, he has the world and always has. Nothing new there. We have the enemy to contend with and now a government that will hurt the poor. Maybe God allowed him in for a reason. What it is I don’t understand – I hope not for judgment. I think true believers will be o.k. AJC We must not let stuff like this get us distracted, lose our peace and trust. Things were must worse in Christ’s day.

  3. ajc says:

    It would be nice to have a study on prayer, answered prayer, hope and etc. and get our eyes off the bad stuff. Get away from fear which the enemy promotes and uses as his weapon. Be a light to other believers. That is the only way. So believers can be strong. ajc I have dreams now (unpleasant ones) because I was on medication.

  4. ajc says:

    I want to hear about Christ (risen one in authority), hope, ANSWERED prayer, prayer and trust in Christ. The ugly sin stuff I can see on t.v. and in the world everyday. I know who is behind it but I also know who was sent to give us the victory. Yeah the world is wicked and so are the false leaders and churches. So what, we have Christ. ajc

  5. Pam says:

    If you want to discuss southern gospel music, please email me. I know some things about secret societies, most people wouldn’t believe me but it’s true.

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